In his interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner – famous athlete, Olympian and reality TV star – identified being a transgender as his soul purpose with God.

A lot of people may have taken this as a strange statement, but I totally identified with it. In my book, They Serve Bagels in Heaven: one couple’s story of love, eternity and the cosmic importance of everyday life, my husband Saul defines the soul purpose as “the gift you came here to share with the human race, no matter how simple or grand it may seem. It also involves the personal relationship lessons you came here to learn this time around. Even when you don’t consciously remember your soul purpose, you know it in the fiber of your being.”


Credit: Tony Duffy/Allsport

It appears that Bruce Jenner would whole heartedly agree. “What I am doing is going to do some good,” Jenner said,“and we‘re going to change the world. I really firmly believe that.”

It took a lot of inner fortitude and courage to speak my truth by coming out with my book. There were people who were literally hostile to me when they first heard my story, but today, there is a widespread, growing acceptance and belief in life after death. What a comfort that more and more people are accepting not only that our lives do not end with the death of our physical bodies, but that we will be with our deceased loved ones again when it is our time to Cross Over.

Spreading this message is a significant part of my soul purpose.

In like fashion, Bruce Jenner is being incredibly brave to come out with his story. In my mind, he has courageously begun planting seeds of acceptance and inspiration that can be change agents, not only in the world of public opinion, but also in the minds of other less famous transgender personalities who might be considering something drastic like suicide to end their misery….yet now, miraculously, they have a new, famous “champion” to look to and identify with.

Thanks to Bruce, hope will now begin to bloom for the many people who are probably tremendously conflicted about their transgender inclinations. This new door of hope may eventually grow into acceptance, not only for them within their communities, but even more important, within themselves.

Like Jenner said, “I would like to think that we could save some lives here.”

Another interesting correlation with my book, They Serve Bagels in Heaven, is the notion of Divine Timing. Sometimes when we look back, our lives seem to have some sort of theme; events in our lives therefore begin to make sense, enabling us to understand when certain things happened – or are now happening – in our lives. In the interview with Diane, Bruce Jenner talked about taking hormones years ago to begin his transition but then losing his nerve and stopping the hormones. Could it be that that particular timing was simply not the Divine “right” time for Bruce? Perhaps he had to become even more famous so that much more attention would be paid to him, his message, and his journey to healing.

And could it also be that the famous Kardashians are actually helping Bruce to accomplish his Soul Purpose? Remember, a person’s Soul Purpose can often involve personal relationship lessons a person came to learn this time around. The Kardashians are teaching the world tolerance and unconditional love by being transparent about their own struggles and limitations to accept Bruce. By accepting Bruce’s feelings and choices, they have begun the journey to acceptance, love and kindness, not only for him but also for themselves.

Kanye West had it right when he explained to Kim, “I’m nothing if I can’t be me.” Bravo Kanye for empowering and supporting Bruce in front of the world, helping him to accomplish his Soul Purpose.

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