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Author, medium, intuitive coach, and spirit-minded musician Heidi Connolly, known as the Celestial Professor, has written a terrific new book titled Playing With Your Higher Self, which guides you every step of the way to practice intuitive development in your daily life. Whether you’re a novice or advanced, the interesting, fun games Heidi provides invite you to connect more deeply with your intuition. Be sure to tune in to enjoy Irene and Heidi’s chat about this fun, fabulous new book that can surely be helpful in your life! 


  • What Heidi’s latest book is all about
  • Using a pendulum to ask questions to your spiritual self
  • The process of Activation-Calibration-Validation
  • Heidi’s self-publishing consultancy


  • When is the right time for a person to flex his or her intuitive muscle?
  • What would you like to share with us about the 16 fun, psychic games you feature in Playing With Your Higher Self?
  • In what ways does your book invite a person to stop, reflect, consider, question, feel, sense, listen, and act?

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Bonus Episode: When Is It Time to Flex Your Intuitive Muscle?






I could not be more delighted to once again have the opportunity to interview author, medium, intuitive coach, and spirit-minded musician, Heidi Connolly. She is also known as The Celestial Professor who will be speaking to us today from Boston, Massachusetts. Heidi is a highly creative and inspiring author. Her first book was co-authored with her husband Randy, who transitioned in 2012 titled, From Your Lips to God’s Ear.

It encourages singles to align their conscious and unconscious minds with the energies of the universe to bring them together with their ideal love. I interviewed Heidi about her second book titled Crossing the Rubicon, which is about two lovers who are separated through loss of life on the physical plane, but come to the realization that there truly is life after death, both sides of the veil.

I also had the pleasure of interviewing Heidi about her endearing and magical third book titled The Gateway Cafe, which is based on the concept that we are all vacationing angels in each lifetime. Also, we greatly enjoyed both discussing and relating to the benefits of being a highly sensitive person, which is the subject of Heidi’s transformative fourth book Elevating Your HSP-ness: How to Live a High-Frequency Life that Amplifies Your Vibration, Celebrates Your Sensitivities, & Uplifts the World!

In this episode, Heidi and I will be speaking about her new fun fifth book, cleverly and aptly titled Playing With Your HIGHER Self. Wonderful Heidi, a loving, loving welcome to this special bonus episode about your new stress-free guide to connecting with a person’s higher self and developing intuition.

Thank you, Irene. It’s so interesting to hear a description and the context of my work because when you do that, you know how much I love you. Everything you say resonates with me on a very deep level, especially because I met you right after both our husbands died, and we had both written our first books about that. I hold a very special place in my heart for every conversation that we have. My life has changed so much since Randy died.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Heidi Connolly | Intuitive Muscle


As hard as it was to accept his passing as it was for you and Saul, we both know that we’ve been offered a new lease on life. That we got to go in a new direction that neither of us could have ever experienced in a million years. I see now this evolution of the books, none of which I expected to write, none of them. I see how it was through mediumship because after I heard from him and wrote Crossing the Rubicon with him about processing grief, developing a relationship, and connecting with spirit. He encouraged me to write The Gateway Café, a novel, which I never expected to do either.

The first one is connecting with the spirit. The second book is about connecting with your true self through the eyes of a teenager who travels inter-dimensionally. The HSP book is all about being highly perceptive as opposed to sensitive was about connecting with your higher self to understand that you are gifted and that sensitivity and perceptivity are not a negative thing. As a matter of fact, it’s a brilliant thing if you know how to use it, apply it, and understand it. You feel empowered and no longer a victim of these so-called sensitivities, which so many people see as a weakness.

It’s so true what you’re saying because as I’ve accepted myself more and more with what you call perceptiveness, I realize that I’m now much more conscious about how much it’s helping me in my life in ways.

Also, people have thought of sensitivity as a weakness, and my perception ability is so high. You’ll hear me talk about it in a minute, but it’s what I call intuitive logic. It’s an intuitive logic system, and when you think of it like that, you no longer see it as a detriment, only a benefit.

It helps you in your life.

It runs by life, basically. Fast forward, I’m thinking, I wrote this book on being a highly sensitive person. I didn’t know there was another book in the works. My friend Helen Lang in Texas, and I have always played these kinds of intuitive games with each other and she said, “Why don’t we write this book about developing your intuitive muscle?” This is how playing with your higher self with psychic games to develop your intuitive muscle came about. It’s all about connecting.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Heidi Connolly | Intuitive Muscle


You went from connecting to self. Now we’re connecting on a deeper basis with self and spirit, your higher self. The important part is with a whole new level of ease, satisfaction, and joy, because isn’t that what life is about? I didn’t have enough joy in my life for so many years, Irene. My sensitivities made me unhappy as opposed to, “I can use my perception and be happier.”


It makes life simpler because I know one of the games you’re going to be talking to everybody about, which I self-relate to because I do it using a pendulum. When I have to ask a question, my angels, my spirit guides, Saul and my mom come through and they each have their own way of letting me know they’re there. I ask them questions.

Of course, I protect myself and I have to do all that but I ask them questions and I get terrific answers. It helps steer me and saves time because when I’m in doubt or I don’t know which way I’m going to go, I can pick up that pendulum and say, “Committee, what’s going on?” I get some help. They weigh in and they’re right. They have a viewpoint that is much grander than mine.

It’s because it’s unconditional and they’re doing what’s in the best interest of all concerned, which not only means you and me, but the universe. They have all that to take into account and you have brought up the most perfect thing because of this idea of the key though, people say, “How do you develop your intuition?” I never knew what the real key was. The key is that I know how to feel it in my body. I have learned the indicators of the somatics. How does my body feel when I’m in my authentic aligned self? When I’m aligned with my committee, as you call it, my counsel, my spirit guides, I know what that feels like in my body.

What we’re trying to teach people is to know what your alignment feels like by teaching you what it feels like and then once you’re in it, how to stay in it. Once you’re staying in it, the messages you get come through in a way that is indicated in your body. If my heart pounds, I know I’m out of alignment. Let’s say I’m online trying to make a ticket fly out here.



If my computer shuts, if the payment doesn’t go through for the third time, do I fight it? Do I say, “I’ll never get that ticket at that price?” No. Now I say, “How did that feel?” “My heart was pounding. I was upset. Shut down. Go away. Look at it a different way. That’s what this book is about. It’s practicing through games that are fun and that are no risk.

Higher Self

It’s a wonderful little book. I want to ask you about that because you talk about the fact that it’s about playing with our higher self and developing our intuition. For the people who don’t know, what exactly is that higher self that we’re playing with? You say he’s tripping over itself to get each of us to pay attention to the messages it’s sending. Is the higher self our soul? Are we talking to our soul?

I think a lot of people would separate spirit, soul, and higher self, but I think that when you are in alignment, you feel parcel to all that. I feel aligned with my soul’s intention. I feel aligned with my higher self. I feel my authentic self, my true self, and my human true self. I feel like it’s all part of one thing. I think people find angels or spirit guides and all that has relevance for sure but for me, my higher self is that space that I’m in when I’m in alignment.



Also, it gives me messages and it tells me anxiety, depression, and fear, what do they cause for people? They cause very similar symptoms. I get the heart pounding, I get the dry mouth, and I break glasses. I have all these things that happen that are indicating to me when I’m out of alignment. What we’re trying to learn and show in this book is how easy it can be to gain a new perspective. We call it activation, calibration, and validation.

We want to step into activating our connection with our higher self. It means flipping that switch. It means mind plus gut equals intuitive logic. You’re developing your connection to your higher self, spirit, or whatever, and it changes the way you get to respond to all the curves that life throws you. You realize that the thread you are spinning is opening up a new space and ways to respond that feel easier, kinder, sweeter, and gentler. Does that make sense?

By developing a connection to your higher self and spirit, you can respond to all the curses life throws at you. Share on X

Yeah, it makes sense. I think you’re saying you’re getting your ego out of the way. It’s a pure connection to your soul, to your highest good, and to all of that. Is this book for both the novice and spiritually evolved, spiritually advanced person, Heidi? If someone’s been in the spiritual world and they think they do connect with their intuition and they’re pretty clear, this hones your skills even more.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Heidi Connolly | Intuitive Muscle


It’s because the activation is the mind. I’m choosing it, I intend to activate it. Calibrating means using the mechanism of a play. I call it the work-play dynamic or clorking. When you’re clorking, you are connecting with your higher self and your intuitive nature, but you’re doing it in a fun way. Tic-Tac Telepathy is one game. The Parking Angel is one game. They’re very simple ways to engage with your higher self and get direct information. You feel it, you act on it, and then you activate, you calibrate, and then you receive validation. The parking space shows up.

Psychic Games

Here’s the parking angel. I have used the parking angel that you talked about in your book and the pendulum thing that you talked about. You’ve got some adorable names for these psychic games also. Do you want to tell us about that?

In the whole book, Irene is so focused on play. We do emphasize it’s not about winning. Winning means you had fun. If you won, you had fun. That’s the whole thing. It’s not about judging your experience because if you judge it, then right away you’re turning back around from the attention where it needs to be which is all about the psychic stockbrokers, one of the leveled-up games.

I love that. Describe that to us.

I did this, Irene, for three months. I got a ticker symbol. It came to me one day in the meditation and I looked it up to make sure it was a real ticker symbol. I did not look up what the company was. I did not look up any of the technical or anything. All I knew was the ticker symbol. For three months, I plotted a chart every day, the end of the market. I intuited whether the stock had gone up, gone down, or stayed the same. Over the three months, I only got it wrong twice.

I then put my money where my intuition was. I put some money in the market and ended up in over three months making almost $500. I never looked at anything. I never went online and looked at anything except whether it went up and down that day. To this day, I don’t remember what the company was. That may be a more advanced game but only in the sense that I feel like all the games in here, there’s no risk at all.

If you were going to tell someone for the first game that they’re curious to do this and to learn, what would be the first game that you’d tell them to practice when they get on the game?

The least amount of risk at all is Tic-Tac Telepathy.

Tell us about that.

We’re all talking about energy here. If I’m thinking about you, instead of saying, “I’m thinking about, Irene. I hope she calls me.” What I’m doing is I’m thinking about the energy of Irene and I’m thinking about how that energy feels in my body and directing my energy to connect energetically with you. I’m sending a message of connection because we know from all the research that’s been done, that energy travels. It could travel all over the world. I’m saying, “Irene’s on the East Coast, and I’m on the West Coast. I’m feeling the energy of Irene and sending out that connective device. Sure enough, Irene is going to send me an email or call. That has happened to you and me so many times.

That’s to me all the time.

That’s the kind of game that people think, “It’s a coincidence,” but what we’re doing is we’re taking it to the point of validation where we say, “I’m directing this energy. I’m seeing how it feels in my body. I’m recognizing that sensation. I’m recognizing the indicator that goes along with that energetic play in order that I will see something different happen in my world.”

Also with a game the Parking Angel, that’s about asking that parking angel to connect with you, get your ego out of the way, find you that parking spot, and hear you.

Yes, because I know for me when I’m driving around, “That’s where I should park. There will never be a space there.” There’s the Procession of the Species in Olympia, Washington and there’s lots and lots and lots of people. I don’t like crowds. I was thinking, “Where am I going to park? This is going to be so hard.” I thought, “Heidi, didn’t you just write a book about this? Maybe you should play the parking angel,” and I did. Instead of going left, I went where I felt I should go.

I ended up going in a circuitous route, but I found the most parking space ever even though there are thousands of people there. I use my own games. I use them because they’re fun. I use them because they’re validating. I use them because psychologically and emotionally, I don’t get threatened. I use them because they’ve changed the way I walk through the world. That’s basically the bottom line, Irene. They have changed the world.

Color Brush

Do me a favor. Tell everybody about your game called Color Crush.

This is one of my favorites.

It’s one of my favorites too.

Tell me why it’s one of your favorites.

It’s because the colors have such a vibration and they have an indication to you in it. I find myself very sensitive to that. Tell everybody about that one.

I wanted to find a really simple game that didn’t threaten me because I was scared of being wrong. That’s the basis of not following your intuition when you’re scared of being wrong. I made five little cards with the word red on them and five with the word black. I put them in a little bowl. I would put my hand in and pull one out and think, “Is this red, or is this black?”

The basis of not following your intuition is being scared of making mistakes. Share on X

At first, 50% of the time you’re going to be right so that makes it pretty easy but then I realized that when I got it wrong, it was because I was just guessing. This is where we’re trying to calibrate what’s the difference? When am I guessing and when does it feel? I noticed that the energy of red felt different from the energy of black.

It’s like when someone puts on clothing. When you get dressed in the morning, don’t you feel different if you’re wearing a bright blue than if you’re wearing black, red, or yellow?

Yes. The room is painted a different color and they know all these things. How they affect us psychologically and emotionally. For me, I wanted to start that small so now when I do a class, sometimes I’ll bring jelly beans or I’ll bring M&Ms. I’ll say, “Hold this in your hand and tell me what color it feels like. Does it feel like blue? Does it feel like yellow?”

You then get to eat the M&M’s so you’re not threatened by it. You just get to be there. There are lots of them. I play with The Food Network all the time. I love the Food Network games because I watch when they come on, whether it’s twelve people in the English Great Britain Baking Show or Chopped. I watch the people come on, I pause it, I don’t look, and I don’t listen to what the people are going to say about themselves. How they’re so great and why they want to win. I wait until I get the sensation of fireworks over one of the people. That’s going to be the winner.

I can then go to who’s going to go first, who’s going to go second, or who’s going to go third? When I’m not right, I ask myself what I was feeling that was a misguided sensation. That’s what this is all about. It’s about the calibration that you can maneuver on more and more subtle levels throughout your life’s decisions, whether it’s to go right or left or whether it’s to buy something. Are you going to buy those shoes online? How many shoes have we returned online? If I knew whether to buy the 8 or 8.5 because I followed my guidance, I wouldn’t have that problem.

New Book

Heidi, where can people find your new book and what else would you want to share with us about it? Is there anything else you want to tell us about the world of Heidi that you want to fill people in while we’ve got you here?



I do. The whole point of having it look like this is it’s fun. Please have more fun in your life. It is a saving grace. They can get it on my website at They can get it on Amazon and all those ways. I am offering a class on playing psychic games. We’re going to have a lot of participation, talking about the games, and talking about what we can do for more fun.

Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Heidi Connolly | Intuitive Muscle

Playing With Your HIGHER Self: Psychic Games For Your Intuitive Muscle


Will that be on Zoom so that people can have fun and get on?


Can they find out about that through your site?

Yes. It’s on my events page and they can register. Right now, for the people who are reading, they’re going to get it for half price.

Let me know because even if they don’t make this workshop, I’ll do another one so that they can get that special pricing. That would be great.

Also, we can let people know when you’re doing that too. We can attach a link when we send this out.

Self-Publishing Consultancy

We were talking before we started my business before I ever became a medium, and my coach is Harvard Girl Word Services, which is a self-publishing consultancy and an editing business. Right now, my focus in that business, although it’s decreased as this work has increased, I am still helping people self-publish books that are in this field. I want to do more metaphysical, more spiritual, and higher calling books because there are so many of us who are writing great books and don’t know how to get them published. I’m enjoying both facets of that as well as writing my own books. I don’t know what will come next. I can’t even imagine what will come next.

Who knows but I’m sure I’ll be interviewing you about it and we’ll be bringing it out to the world.

I couldn’t do it without you, Irene.

Closing Words

Heidi, in closing, this is the special bonus interview that we’re doing this episode and it’s in honor of our relationship and how terrific I think you are. In closing, I feel that your unique blend of down-to-earth wisdom, which is who you are, and your celestial insights make you a rare gem girl filled with equal parts of brilliance and heart. You are indeed a remarkable celestial professor.

Irene, thank you.

You’re so welcome. I thank you once again for another fun and fascinating time together. I highly encourage everyone who is interested in practicing their intuitive development to get your new book Playing With Your Higher Self. Make sure to follow us and like us on social, @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Heidi, as I like to say, to be continued in this lifetime and other lifetime. Much love and many blessings, everyone. Bye for now.


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Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Heidi Connolly | Intuitive MuscleHeidi Connolly is an author, book shepherd, intuitive medium, life coach, and musician whose books include Crossing the Rubicon, The Gateway Café, and Elevating Your HSP-ness: How to Live a High-Frequency Life that Amplifies Your Vibration, Celebrates Your Sensitivities, & Uplifts the World! Heidi’s mediumship skill connects clients with their loved ones on the other side to receive messages of love and guidance; her work with Highly Sensitive People (“HyPerceptives”) focuses on helping them develop their own brilliant gifts through conscious awareness and authenticity.

A spirit-guided musician, Heidi’s flute recordings are renowned for the healing power of their encoded frequencies. Her new 8-module video course, The HSP Treatment Breakthrough, guides participants through unique, powerful developmental tools and techniques, while her newest book, Playing With Your Higher Self: Psychic Games to Develop Your Intuitive Muscle, offers the most engaging way ever to dip your intuitive toe into the water—or thrash about with abandon in the deep end!



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