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What a fascinating bonus interview this is!  Our very own Irene Weinberg of Grief and Rebirth Podcast was interviewed by Kelly Dillon on the Warrior of Truth Podcast. During this special episode, Irene shares her inspiring story of healing from devastating loss and what led her to make it her mission to help others heal from grief. Kelly and Irene discuss Kelly’s new, ground-breaking plasma-level healing work, Kelly reveals what karmic miasmic imprints are and the importance of healing from simultaneous life trauma. They also had a wonderful conversation about aging gracefully and shifting the societal standards that have been imprinted on the elderly. You’ll also want to hear Kelly describe what it’s really like to have “psychic abilities” and how each of us can tap into our own divine gifts. Be sure to tune in to this enlightening bonus episode with its uplifting new insights!

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Bonus Episode: Healing From Grief and Finding Joy in Life with Irene Weinberg






I am joined by Irene Weinberg. She is a public speaker, author and host of the popular podcast Grief and Rebirth: Finding The Joy In Life. Two months before during and after her husband died next to her in a tragic car accident, Irene received profound messages that led to a spiritual awakening in her book They Serve Bagels In Heaven.

She learned to pay attention when seemingly out of the blue messages dropped into her head. Her sole mission is to educate Enlighten and provide healing choices through her interviews with grief and trauma specialists, healers, mediums and people who have inspiring stories of transformation and rebirth. Both her book and show, help people to see how each life matters and encourage healing with love and kindness at its core. Welcome, Irene. How are you?

This is such a pleasure to join you.

I am excited to have you on my show. We met through a mutual friend and had a lovely dinner together. I said, “You’re coming on the podcast. You have an incredible story to share,” and here you are.

Here I am. When we were talking about this, I thought, “I like everyone in my world to know you too.” I think this is going to be a wonderful thing because we’re going to share this on both of our shows so that everyone can know Kelly and in your world, know Irene.

I’m so appreciative. That is beautiful and you, but it is spreading the love, lights and support. I’ll do a little intro about me so your audience can learn a little bit more of my work. In simple layman’s terms, I would be considered a psychic medium, but I do much more than just that. I do exorcism, and stark energy extraction work. I work with the level of internal creation called Plasmas. I use plasma healing with the work I do. I can shift timelines for people, get them onto the timeline of their choosing, get them to their desired destinies much quicker.

I do a lot of healing work with the plasmas, clearing out blockages and allowing people to open up to their own divine gifts. I’m also a broadcaster. I’ve been in the news industry in New York City for almost twenty years, it is wild to think that I’ve done TV and radio throughout the tri-state area, the New York City area for almost twenty years. I’ve been a news reporter for a long time. I launched this show on December 12. It’s sharing stories of truth in different ways, but there’s always a spiritual basis to the stories I’m sharing. I’m honored to have you on today and to be on your show in a way as well. I’m blessed and honored.

What Is Plasma Healing Work

The first question I would ask you since we’re going back and forth with this is so that people in my world don’t understand. What is plasma you are talking about you are working with people with plasma.

Plasma healing. Most people have heard of Reiki. It’s good and all but it’s a lower level healing modality. We’re in a fifteen-dimensional time matrix structure. There are pieces of consciousness up and down the dimensional scale. Reiki mainly uses dimensions 3, 4 and 5. There’s a level of creation above the fifteen-dimensional time matrix called Internal Creation, then there’s eternal creation where God sources, all of us come from and all sparks. There is a lot of energy from God’s Source. We’re all one at the end of the day.

This level of internal creation Is higher than the fifteen-dimensional time matrix. That’s where this plasma frequency level is coming from. My soul happens to be old. I came down here to help and this level of frequency is called plasma level internal creation frequency. We’re being blessed. The planets are blessed with this level of frequency and healing. Normally, a reality field in this time matrix would never receive this level of healing but times are dire. We are going through a lot collectively and people need to heal. They need to start seeing the truth. This plasma level frequency provides an expedited level of healing, not only energetically but, it will manifest in the physical sense.

I’m helping people shrink tumors with this level of feeling, shrink cysts, clear out energies from bone structures and quite literally reconfigure bones with the plasma-level frequency. Honestly, it’s a miracle. I’m not the only one working with this level of frequency. I know there are others around the world. They may label it as something different per se, but I know it as a plasma-level frequency. I guess they call it plasma to me because it looks like plasma energy in the human language. That’s the best way to identify it, but I see it as these beautiful colors of gold, pink, purple and turquoise. It’s a lovely frequency. It’s very soft and light, but it packs a punch. It can clear out things like that.

It’s a higher frequency than a lot of other healers.

I meant to instill this level of frequency in many souls in my lifetime, teach them how to do it for themselves so they can help others as well who aren’t quite ready yet to receive that level of frequency because it’s all about clearing out your own physical vessel and body to allow the frequencies to come in. That’s what I’ve been working on early on in my life clearing out, doing my inner healing work and allowing these levels of frequency to come in, allowing me to embody them and then utilize them on others. It’s special and unique. I’m honored and grateful that I’m able to share this gift with other people.

I’m honored and grateful that I can share you with all these other people in the audience and with me.

I’m appreciative because a lot of people don’t know what plasma-level healing is. It’s not out there. Part of my mission is to spread this knowledge to as many people as I can reach. I’m grateful for you sharing this with your audience.

Vice versa.

I’m going to get back into reporter mode because I need to learn all about your story. Personally, I know your story. We’ve been up to eat. You told me everything, but it’s time for my audience to get to know you a bit better. I have found most people have a spiritual awakening, usually after losing a loved one that was my case.

My father and best friend both passed away within six months of each other and that prompted me to seek out mediums and healers. Sure enough, they all said to me, “You’re a healer. You’re a medium. Very naturally, you’ll be doing this yourself,” and that prompted my spiritual awakening. I find on the flip side another way people awaken is through a near-death experience and that was how you awakened. You sadly lost your husband Saul, who I feel like I know so well because he’s always around whenever I’m with you.

Where do you see him in my field? Do you see him like behind me?

He’s right next to you. He is hanging around.

He’s probably smiling and hanging.

Losing Saul

When we went out to dinner, he was right there sitting with us and joining in the fun the whole dinner three-hour dinner. He’s a lovely soul. You did lose him in a tragic car accident. Tell us more about this story because you started receiving messages before this accident even happened telling you this was going to happen.

I want to tell your audience, Saul and I completely were skeptics. We did not believe in spirituality. We thought it was Baloney for people who were crazy. I even had a sister-in-law who was spiritual and at the time of the accident and I’ll tell everyone about the accident, we were hardly talking to her because we thought that she was a little out there. Guess what? Now, it’s me.

First of all, let me give you a little backup. We were second marriage. We were married for about eighteen years. I brought up Saul. We got custody of both of our children, a total of 3 together, his 2 and my 1. We both had uncomfortable backgrounds with our former spouses and all. I guess we were brought together to do this wonderful work and find each other. We were surrounded by issues, people and problems but between us we had an amazing marriage.

We’ve been married for about eighteen years and one day I’m at my kitchen sink and I’m washing some dishes which I guess someone would say is a little meditative. I don’t know, but all of a sudden, because I don’t get messages like that. This message came into my head and it felt like a thought, but it was not my thought and it said to me, “Saul has to go. Many lessons will be learned from his death.” I literally paused at my kitchen sink and I was like, “What am I thinking?”

I thought about it for a second. I put it right out of my head. I pulled a glass of water. I took it over to him. He was watching a Jets game on TV. I kissed the top of his head, gave him a glass of water and proceeded to push it out of my mind, but you never forget something like that. Two months later, we had a ski house in the Catskill. We were driving up to the ski house in Catskill. Saul was very tired. He had a tough week at work. I said, “Do you want me to drive?” He said okay. I drove up to our ski house and Something told me, “Make this the best weekend he ever had.”

On a conscious level, I had no idea that was going to be our last weekend together, but I had this feeling to make it the best weekend. I thought, “Even if he wants to go to lunch with people, I don’t care for him. I’m going to go I whatever he wants.” I had this feeling. I have two things to say about that. The night before the accident happened, we were talking. One of the things Saul said to me which was another indicator, but at the time I didn’t recognize it, “I am lucky and thankful to have you in my life.” It’s the night before he passed.

The following day, we stopped at my stepdaughter for Hanukkah. She lived in the area. We said goodbye. We got on the road. We’re driving about an hour and a half on the New York State Thruway. At 72 miles an hour and I suddenly felt our car going to a huge swerve. I looked over Saul. He was sound asleep at the wheel. I called, “Saul.” He woke up and he saw what was happening. He went to pull the car out of the swerve but instead of writing itself, the car started to jump up into the air like I was on a roller coaster. We flipped four times.

Everything was on the right side. I had four surgeries on my right side from the accident. We flipped the first time, landed hard and flipped back up in the air. As we flipped the second time, another message came into my head said, “He’s not going to make it, you are.” We continue to flip. If you were looking at a clock the 10 of to the 10 after mark, I left my body. It was very black. I was been told that I was seated with what was going to be happening now in my life and I was given Amnesia.

You might know more. They gave me Amnesia. All I remember is this black space. I knew that I left my body. I only reentered my body. I could feel that shift and then we hit again a 3rd and 4th time. We landed upside down in a ravine by the side of the Thruway. We held up traffic for two and a half hours. It was such a bad accident. I suddenly saw a helicopter land in front of us and these three EMTs jumped out of the helicopter and start to bounce the car on the road.

As they are doing this, I’m looking over Saul. I’m going, “Are you okay?” I see that he’s gone. I suddenly get in that moment. I was told that he was good to go. He’s gone. I got in the moment that he was still with me. I knew that it was not over because I got those messages. As these EMTs right at the car one of them put his hands to the shattered window of my car, I put on my seat belt and started to turn me around to pull me through the window of my car. I was sliding through the window of my car, and I was told it might have been Archangel Archangel Gabriel, a male voice came into my head and said, “Be loving and kind to everyone,” as I’m sliding through the window of my car and they’re laying me on the side of the road.

This would tend to change your cells are multiplying. All of a sudden I get in that moment. My husband is gone next to me. I would say he’s transitioned, but I knew he was gone. I don’t recognize that I’ve had this out-of-body experience. It’s all like coming together. I’ve been told to be loving and kind to everyone. I know I got a director from heaven. Instead of screaming for myself and carrying on, I knew that there was something this was meant. I knew that there was something up but I didn’t know what it was. When they came to help load me into the helicopter and put the Emergency Trauma Center instead of screaming for myself, I said, “God bless you. Thank you for coming out.” I’m grateful that they got me to the Emergency Trauma Center.

Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Kelly Dillon | Healing From Grief

Instead of carrying on, I was all about, “Thank you so much.” The nurses came to help me. I’m grateful. When the doctor came to tell me Saul was gone, I said to him, “I know and I’m the luckiest woman in the world because I had this man.” I was conscious. It threw me into being completely conscious so much so that I got a call from the assistant to the surgeon who put nineteen stitches in an artery in the bottle of my right foot that night. I had two blood transfusions.

She called me about three months after the accident. She said, “I have to tell you that you changed lives in the emergency room that night. We have seen everything. We had never seen anyone react with love and kindness to everyone who came near you the way you did.” I said to her, “Trish, I had a spiritual awakening. It’s changed me.” “I needed to tell you it was unbelievable the impact you had on everyone.” I said, “Thank you.” That was three months later.

Six weeks after the accident, I’m in a grieving hell like everybody else. I’ve lost the love of my life. I’m dealing with all these financial stuff that he left, step-children things, kids and everything. I am very upset, but I know something is up and I’m still in a wheelchair. I have a cast on my leg. I had a series of poor surgery. There was a lot going on in that department. I can see now when I look backward how spirit orchestrated this because six weeks after the accident I got a call from my dry cleaner because as you know, I talked to everybody. I’m very friendly.

I got a call from my dry cleaner and he said, “I would normally tell anybody this.I feel like you’re very open-minded and I’m supposed to share this with you. Eight years ago my wife and I lost her son to a drug overdose. We were beside ourselves. We went to grief counselors, social workers and all kinds of people. No one could help us, and then someone told us that there are people who communicate with the soul of someone on the other side and we found our son.” He started to tell me about the experiences that they had.

He said, “In two weeks, we’re going to be seeing someone who’s going to be very famous. He’s amazing. He’s done this and this for us. This is how we know our son is on the other side.” I had no idea what he was talking about, but I knew something was up. He invited me to go with him. I was driving Saul’s car at the time. I’m going to tell you a reason why I’m saying that because my car was totaled. There were pieces of it still on the throughway six months after the accident and he invited me to come to his home which was five kilometers away from where I lived. I would get into his car. We would leave Saul’s car in his home. I would get into his car and he would drive me another five kilometers and another direction to where this medium who was the world- famousJohn Edward before he was famous.

What year was this?

This was 1998. John Edward greets me. When I tell you how he wasn’t known yet, there were 35 people in this little gallery for him. It happened that we’re taking notes because that was before voice recorders. They were taking notes for the people they came with. I should say something else about how spirit works. When I got the invitation from my dry cleaner, I had no idea what was up, but I had never been there but there was a spiritual bookstore in my world. I walked in and right smack in front of me was James Van Praagh’s new book Talking To Heaven.

I bought that. I’m going to how that mixed into everything. I’m reading that and saying, “Really? Okay.” I walked into this hotel with my dry cleaner and John Edward looked at me and says, “I don’t even want to know your name. Go upstairs with all these other people.” He greets my dry cleaner. I go upstairs and I’m watching for about 1 hour and 40 minutes. I was waiting for me to acclimate myself. I’m watching these amazing messages come through for people. I’m getting a message from someone whose father shot himself in the head with a pistol. That’s not like coincidental information like “It’s my father. Your mother says she saw you hanging a picture for Christmas or whatever.”

All of a sudden, he says, “I’m getting a soul on the other side.” He’s talking about Dr. Pepper, “Does anyone relate to Dr. Pepper?” I elbowed my dry cleaner. His name was Joel. I said, “Joe, start writing,” because fifteen years before he met me, Saul’s brother who was an advertising executive on Madison Avenue, but Saul’s name in a Dr. Pepper commercial because they were representing Dr. Pepper. The ad was hilarious. I used to laugh about it all the time.

Dr. Pepper is coming east from California, “Let’s talk to the man in the street Saul Weinberg about what he thinks about Dr. Pepper,” not Joe Smith or John Doe. He put his brother’s name in the end. I had no way of having personally experienced that. John Edward had no way of knowing what that was. That was an absolute identifier for Saul. He proceeded to come through for 40 minutes. One of the messages was he was telling me, “You’re driving his favorite car with Soulsy on the lights.”

That was five towns away. There was no way he could know that. Kids used to call him Uncle Soulsy because Saul was a real estate developer and when he sold them condos, they loved calling him Uncle Soulsy. That came through. There was there were all kinds of other amazing messages that he knew, the kids’ names and all this information. He’s telling me he died in a different state than where we live, on and on. He’s telling me, “You were reading an important book to prepare yourself before you came here.” It was Saul. At the end of 40 minutes, Saul was talking. He was only gone two months. John Edward literally said, “How long is this guy on the other side?” I said, “Two months.” He said, “This is an old soul this guy,” which I don’t think John Edward would say nowadays.

He said, “This guy has been around the block a lot. I can’t even get over how he’s communicating with me shortly after he passed and all that.” Who can I tell about this because I used to think it was wooh-oo nuts, now I’m woohoo nuts. I heard from my husband. I called my mother who said, “I hope it’s true.” I called my sister-in-law who we thought was crazy because she was spiritual. She said to me thank God because two weeks after Saul died, I got messages for you and I did not know how to tell you.

There were four messages. One was about business that was right on the money with what I was dealing with and the others were about the kids. It was like now I know. I started opening up to this world. I can’t tell anyone in my world about it because they would think I was a cuckoo. I thought that my sister was cuckoo. I start going to these different mediums and people. Saul keeps coming through. He describes his toes through someone, the first meal I ever made him and the first way we ever kissed. I mean, you name it, “Honey, it’s me. I’m here.”

They Serve Bagels In Heaven

I started getting a message from people. 2, 3 or 4 them saying, “He’s saying there’s a divine plan. He was supposed to go with this time and you are supposed to work together from across the veil.” I’m like, “Huh?” I know it’s him. I would do anything for him. I know something is up. One thing led to another. My sister-in-law introduced me to this woman who was able to channel Saul. She could hear him amazingly. I said, “I’m getting messages. I’m supposed to write a book.” I started asking him questions and she would get the answers.

It was unbelievable. They come right through her. She’d be sitting at her keyboard. This is 1999 or whatever. How I knew this was real because she was Methodist. She had never heard a word of Hebrew in her life. One day she is sitting at her keyboard. She’s saying, “He’s telling me about these past lives you had. One of them was you were a little boy and ancient Israel, he was your Rabbi.” We were not always Jewish. I’ve had past lives where I was Catholic and different things, but this was another Jewish path. He’s telling me that, “You were such a good little boy. I’m asking him what your name was and they don’t understand what he’s saying to me. It’s a weird name.” I said, “It is Hebrew for a good little boy. There was no way that she knew what that was. That would be what he probably called me in that lifetime.

I got our names in that lifetime and all that thing. Now I’m going on and on. I come out with the book. I take all my courage to do it because in my world people still think I’m real, but I know that it’s what I’m supposed to do and I started meeting people and going to book clubs and book signings and all. People love the book. I asked him all these amazing things, “What do they do about evil there? Are you in a healing space? You know are we truly soulmates? What’s the deal with soulmates all these? What was it like for you to cross over? Tell me about your experience.”

One of the things that he told me is that when you cross over, you are given a life review. Before your life review, they acclimate you. They make you comfortable with the life you live. What happened to him was his mother met him. They had bagels in heaven together. He got this whole visual experience. He talked about it for the book about what he had experienced. If you want to find out more about that, it’s page eight of the book.

When you cross over, you are given a life review. Share on X

Did he like Bagels a lot when he was here?

Absolutely. When you’re on the other side, if you want locks, cream cheese and coffee, it’s there for you.

You’re going to have anything you want.

Grief And Rebirth

I got the book. I’m getting all this information. I’m out there. One day I’m sitting here and I don’t get all these messages like this. I got three messages around the accident. All of a sudden, the word podcast came into my head. I am a Baby Boomer. I was working with someone. I had no idea what that meant. I knew it was a message from the other side. I said to her, “What’s a podcast?” She said, “I can help you do that.”

I thought, “They’re telling me I’m supposed to do a podcast.” It’s my next step and I did everything because I had gotten the direct of the way I did. I totally believed that something was up with me and this was real. I knew that this was my next step. I thought, “What am I going to call it?” I decided because my grief had been devastating and I was recreating myself and I’m passionate about healing so I was working with healers and all of that thing, energy healers, I had a transition coach and all that, I said, “I’m going to call Grief And Rebirth because you can have a devastating loss and stay stuck in the loss or you can use it to propel you on because you’re meant to live longer and make your mark in other ways.”

I thought, “Who am I going to interview?” I worked with a life transition coach, a spiritual healer and I got medium saved my life. The other thing that happened to me was when they pulled me out of the car, I thought to myself and this is my Earthbound thought, “I have to get through this somehow because I have to show my son that you can get hit by a grenade in life and still keep going.” That’s always right. Saul is always buried on my son’s 21st birthday.

One of the things my son has said to me about four years after the accident, “There’s been nothing worse than seeing you in total despair and nothing better than seeing you’ll be able to have joy again.” I thought, “Grief and Trauma specialists, healers, mediums and people who have amazing stories of coming through tremendous challenges to find joy again.” That is what I decided was going to do. The podcast now is in the top 2% of 3 million podcasts.

That’s beyond incredible.

I’m in 40 countries with it. It is not about my ego. It is truly a Divine. It’s helping many people. I’m interviewing healers like you and all kinds of people to educate people which is what we’re doing right now to educate and enlighten people that there is more than meets our neighbor’s eyes. There are plans. My passion as happened with me is to encourage people to heal because why do you want to go through the same stuff with the same people over and over again lifetime after lifetime?

I am done after this life. I’m clear in my karma out. I’m doing my mission. Bye. Have fun.

Life was hard. There have been many challenges, but I’m cleaning it up. I’m letting things go. I tell people, “It’s hard. It’s not easy. It takes a lot of courage to meet yourself when what you’re trying to heal, but if you are able to do it, it’s like you drop this huge backpack full of worries, distress, trauma, stories and drama, you drop it.” Now I feel so much freer. I’m not carrying that backpack of horror, trauma, sadness or whatever with me everywhere I go. It’s what happened to me. it informs me as to where I am now. It doesn’t cripple me as to where I am now.

It cripples many people. You look around the world right now. Many people are crippled by their karmic imprints and these stuck stacking energies. When you drop that baggage, you feel free and clear. You feel wonderful. Let me know how you feel. I don’t have any worries. I don’t worry about anything anymore. I have such trust in the divine. I have such faith in my destiny and what I am meant to be doing. I have such trust with my divine guidance. I don’t worry about anything. There’s a lot I could be worried about absolutely, but I don’t sweat anything. I don’t sweat the small stuff and the big stuff. It’s freeing.

I go step by step, but I’m lead step by step so I don’t have to obsess about what’s coming up. That’s faith that the next step is coming up and I will walk through that door and knowing that I have discernment because sometimes some things are not always pristine and things can get in the way. I know that I need to discern a clean path as opposed to when people come and their motives are not.

Discernment is key. I believe that very strongly. You and Saul chose this timeline, path and mission together. You chose to go through that grief, have that loss and lose your husband, which still cry. I know death is not real. I know we’re eternal beings, but when I hear stories like that, I can’t help but get all emotional. You lost your husband of eighteen years. That’s devastating. That’s such a huge tough loss. Your soul chose to experience that and to have that experience so you could therefore help others who are dealing with grief in their lives and many people around all of us.

I’m sure if you’re reading this, you know at least one person who is struggling with grief and overcoming that sense of loss from losing a loved one. It’s not easy. Sometimes people get stuck in grief for years and years. I know from channeling loved ones in the astral plain for people, they don’t want us to suffer, sad, live our lives, have fun and enjoy our experiences here. That’s the last thing they want us to do is to mourn them and be stuck in that stagnant energy.

I know your soul chose a very tough mission and Saul well. I feel like the two of you are tag-teaming it. He’s tag teaming and helping energetically from a higher dimensional field. He is a very old soul and very strong. I connected with him during dinner. He is strong. As John Edward said he is a very old soul. Both of you are quite ancient, which I think I told you and your tag teaming it, as above, so below, you got the below. He’s got the above. He’s been guiding you every step of the way. You are helping many people because you can’t truly help someone going through something like grief unless you’ve been through it yourself and you’ve come out on the other side. You don’t do tremendous healing and you are offering such tremendous support to many of the readers of your books.

You can't truly help someone going through something like grief unless you've been through it yourself and you've come out on the other side. Share on X

I feel so blessed. This is nothing to do with my ego. People, “Look what you are doing.” I go, “No, this podcast is on the wings of angels because it’s helping many people. I’m happy to serve and get this healing to people, and to give people choices.” I make all these wonderful people available on my website and I interview them. You check them out, see and determine who’s right for you. Maybe a few of them are right for you. Maybe there’s a medium, a different healer or whatever, but healing is my whole thing. I even think you have to write most of the road rage and everything that we find. People are driving with your issues.

They can’t even drive down the street without getting furious because the person cut them off or whatever. If you don’t carry that backpack full of issues you go, “Cut me off. I’ll slow down and let them do this thing.” If you’re carrying your bag of issues, what do you do? “Let me get my gun and shoot the sky. You’re beat him up or whatever because you’re displacing to my mind.” You’re displacing all of your fury, rage and trauma onto that person. That’s my whole thing. Heals please with love. Heal your stuff. That’s what I’m doing.

I want to share something that happened on the podcast. I’m humbled by what’s going on. One woman was nearing retirement and she was learning to be a brief coach. She wasn’t sure exactly where she was going with it or whatever. She loves my podcast. She doesn’t miss an episode. This was a few years ago. She’s driving. She says to her husband, “I love listening to this podcast. Let’s listen to it as we’re driving.” As she’s driving this podcast episode I had with a woman named Sherokee Ilse, she specializes in infant death.

Sherokee counsels people who have lost infants, fetuses or whatever. She feels that people grieve that and there’s not enough attention or it’s like a specialty to help people who have that loss. She developed a certification for this and the amazing work she’s done. This woman happened to be listening to that interview. She said to her husband, “We hadn’t lost and we never dealt with it. I feel that I need to work with Sherokee. I am going to not only become this grief coach, but I’m going to take that specialty.” This woman opened up a department in a hospital in New Jersey specializing and instant loss. She said, “This all came from your podcast.” I feel so blessed to be a part of that and to pass that along and help people like that. This is what is happening.

Modalities Of Healing

It’s beyond incredible. It’s wonderful. There are many different modalities of healing. There’s something out there for everyone. I want to know what worked for you. What modalities did you utilize during your healing process?

I’ve done a ton of them. I have been passionate about it. What I need to tell the audience is part of my dysfunction was my family abandoned me for 23 years. I had a very abusive father and all of that thing. I had lots and lots of trauma. I’ve worked with a therapist and a life transition coach. After the accident, I opened up the energy healing. I worked with a woman who was able to, through prayer and other modalities, help me with past life issues which at the time, I did not even know that this is coming form past lives.

There were some issues that I had in my body and all that we were able to address. Later on, I worked with Raynew Chang.  I have an interview coming up with Raynew. Raynew is an akashic record specialist, and she also does another type of healing. Through the akashic records, I thought I had spinal stenosis at one point and the beings of light said I did not. I was in at terrible accident in 1280 AD. It’s very precise when a horse draws an undercarriage with a canopy. I was a little girl of seven and there was a big fat man next to me. They said to me, “The horse tripped. The Carriage fell over on its left side. The man fell over on my right side. I had a horrible death in that lifetime.” This was the weirdest thing.

We left off you were telling this story about the past life in 1280 AD. What happened on your end? Computer just boomed.

I was like, “Where did everything go?”

“All the energy, I think we did something.” We’re both so confused. We’re like, “What is going on?” You’re back now. We’ll continue where we left off. You were talking about the spinal injury from my past life.

I was under the turned out to be misconception that I had my mother’s final stenosis because for ten years I’ve been having pain in my back and all. The beings of light during the akashic record session said to me, “No. It’s because of this accident you’re carrying an energetic throughout your lifetimes.” It’s interesting because everything in the accident happened on my right side.” Supposedly in this accident in 1280 AD, the man fell on top of my right side. With this energy healer, my back cleared up. It was amazing. I did not have spinal stenosis.

I want to add to talking about the past life clearings. That’s part of the work.I do with people. We have something called a morphogenetic template that every piece of our consciousness up and down the time matrix is stationed upon as well as our physical bodies. Something that happens to us in a past life, although it’s not a past life. It’s a simultaneous life because time is not linear. It is simultaneous. Everything’s happening at once.

It’s not really a past life. It's a simultaneous life because time is not linear. It is simultaneous, so everything's happening at once. Share on X

A horrible tragic death like that, we feel it in these physical bodies in this present moment, and I’m able to see that for people similar to how that healer helped you. I’m able to clear it out. It’s called a karmic myasmic imprint. I’m able to clear that out energetically of people, clearing that karma for good once you clear karma in this present moment. The past and future versions of you also are cleared as a result and that can help the pain. If you were experiencing say spinal pain, that would help clear that pain out. People don’t realize how these other lifetimes affect us deeply in this present life and moment. You were able to start that healing modality.

As I healed, one thing led to another. I keep shedding and letting go. One of the more profound things that happened is 25 years after he passed, my father who I never ever wanted to hear from my father coming through. He is coming through 2 or 3 people saying, “I’m sorry.” He said to me through somebody, “When I went to the other side and I had a Life review it was like I was getting pistol-whipped because I was experiencing what I did to others. I never realized.” He explained to me that he had ancestral pain. He was perpetrating the legacy.

He didn’t understand. He said that he’s been healing on the other side. He’s asked me over and over to please leave what happened with us, “Let it propel you into the future. Let it be a stepping stone. I’m sorry. Look what you’re doing now.” I truly believe that all this trauma and what I’ve gone through and all the healing were all preparing me for being able to talk to someone like you, being, on my end, bringing you out to the world and what you can do because I would not understand it if I hadn’t done it myself.

Aging Gracefully Across Life’s Chapters

You had to experience it yourself. You went through all these experiences, the trauma from when you were younger and the loss of your husband. You had these experiences to bring you to this present moment and therefore, to help others who need this help. That’s the whole world right now. The whole world needs to heal collectively and individually. There are many unhealed people, and it breaks my heart.

Many people are not open. I think you’re doing such a service by spreading this knowledge wealth of knowledge to your huge audience. I’m going to make a prediction here. I’m hearing this very clearly and it’s coming from Saul I feel very strongly. He’s saying, “You’re going to one million, baby.” I believe it. Between your podcasts and you have a new book. Talk about that.

I’m writing a book. I’m in my seventh decade which shocks a lot of people.

You look like you’re in your 40s or 50s. I said, “There’s no way she’s in her 70s.” You don’t have any wrinkles.

I don’t have any botox.


What I think is because I’ve unloaded so much. The other thing that happened was when I got the message when they laid me on the side of the road and it said, “Be loving and kind to everyone.” One of the big messages I have is, “This includes you too.” I took that as being loving and kind to everyone including me. I’m out of my way for me and not in a narcissistic way but to take care of myself. I take care of my skin. I take care of my diet. I exercise. I’ve chosen a path of Health in a lot of different ways the other thing that’s happened to me is I’m now conscious. I am very aware of the messages. I’m putting out, the signals I’m putting out and how I treat people in my life.

When I got beloved and kind to everyone, that means that when I talk to people or I’m that way, I live to love and kindness now as a behavior. It’s not phony. It’s conscious. If something bothers me, I know I have a choice of how I’m going to handle it and all that I can discern is, “Is that person open? Do I need to protect myself and back away a little bit?” or whatever that is.

Talking about the new the new book coming, because I’m such a role model for getting older with purpose, which I think is important to have meaning and purpose in your life, which gives you fuel to keep going, put it together you’re taking care of yourself. It’s not that I don’t get take some pains and I’m not older, but I’m consciously taking care of myself and going to a healer if I need to or whatever.

Many people let themselves go especially as they get older. Why do we do that? You could feel good and look great still at any age and you are living proof of that.

At my age, I don’t know. Saul died at 58. He thought he was going to live forever on a conscious level. How many years have I got? I don’t know, but I’m living my life consciously. I’m very aware of the impact and the legacy I’m leaving to people. I wanted to be a legacy of love, kindness and understanding, no, “She was a big PIA as you carry her issues around with her all the time.” I’m writing a book and it’s an anthology of people’s third chapters of what they’re doing in the third chapter of their life. I love this. You’re in your second chapter.

I started my second chapter. I turned 40 in January.

The first is we’re kids. We’re growing up. We’re getting ourselves established. We’re going to school, maybe we’re getting married and all that. The second chapter is the midlife. The third chapter is decent 70s forward. What are you doing in your third chapter? I’m not criticizing people who are doing nothing and not taking care of themselves, but there is another way. 22 or 23 people wanted to contribute their stories to what they are doing to make their lives vibrant and meaningful to the good to the last drop. It’s going to be coming out  It’s going to help a lot of people. A lot of people will draw inspiration from it.

It’s never too late to heal or better yourself. At any age, you can have a spiritual awakening. You can do your inner healing. It can start at any point in life. You could start fresh at any point in time. I always say, how they do like that Forbes 20 under 20 list of the best 20 young kids doing big things? I want to see a list of the best 60 over 60 to hear about stories of people older and age who have started anew, fresh, healed themself, cleared themselves, started at new life, chapters and new businesses.

Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Kelly Dillon | Healing From Grief

I think that’s more inspiring personally because as a society, we’ve been taught, “You just retire and that’s it, then you die,” but absolutely not. I think we’re going to be living longer and longer. I think the human lifespan is definitely lengthening. Why should we just drop dead in our 70s and our 80s? There’s so much life to live. There’s so much to experience here. You can have a wonderful fulfilling life in your older age. I love this idea.

You know many people I know even who live around me who are bored. They’re talking about each other and are creating drama. They’re doing all these things, “How about volunteering and making a difference somewhere?” There are a million ways you can help and recreate yourself. One of the people started a grief support group for men. That’s what he is doing. When we come out, it’s going to be a big launch on the podcast. Each story is amazing with what they are doing. One person is working with climate change and environmental issues. He is in a wheelchair. He’s had some health problems and all but he lives vibrant and fully alive every day because he is motivated with what he is doing until his last breath.

This book is going to help a lot of people. You’re here to help.

Creating A Beautiful New Earth

I am happy and fulfilled because it is making a difference in many lives and in my life. I am very fulfilled. I am never bored. I cherish all of my relationships. I am grateful. I am totally buy into the idea that this lifetime is a classroom. We come to Earth to learn. I’m hoping I’m learning my lessons so that the next time around that there is one or if we stay there, “I don’t know how it’s going to work,” will be an even better life with less karma and let fewer things to deal with.

This lifetime is a classroom. We come to Earth to learn. Share on X

The planet as a consciousness, I was shown has decided it’s done with the negative energy. It’s been on this planet for far too long. It’s been a lesson. It’s been a learning planet for many of us here, and the planet itself. Now the planet is purging the darkness and we are creating a beautiful new Earth. Part of your work is to inspire people, teach and encourage them to heal to better themselves so they can raise their frequency to continue with the planet as the planet journeys as it goes higher with its frequency and sheds the darkness into pure light. This planet’s becoming pure light. We’re creating a brand new Earth right now. We’re in the beginning stage of it right now. We’re starting it.

People living in it this year are seeing all the chaos everywhere. Is this the Earth growing up quiet and perjuring all the negativity? Technically, we have a better 2025 to look forward to.

I see a great 2025 and beyond, a beautiful future. We are starting it. The future generations are going to continue the work that we’re beginning. There’s going to be growing pains. Probably, some chaos. It’s the Earth purging out the darkness. In the news, you can see a lot of chaos happening around the world. I mean everywhere around the world. There’s craziness right now, to put it very simply. Even with natural disasters, you’re seeing that. That’s part of the purge of the planet as well, but it’s going to lead to a beautiful new planet or Earth full of so much love, support and happiness.

People are going to come together and killing each other.

It’s hard to believe I know but it’s not going to happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s in an end in a day similar. It’s going to take time to get to that level but baby steps. We’re beginning it now. People like you and like myself, that’s why our souls came down during this time period to have an experience but to help others remember that we’re collectively all one. We all come from the same source. I’m you. You are me and vice versa. We’re all one at the end of the day and we have to start treating one another like we’re talking to ourselves. Be kind to ourselves and to others.

I’ll share this story. It’s a silly story but not really. I always try and be kind to everybody. I’m not perfect. I have my moments. I have my days where I’m having a bad day. We’re only human still, but I truly try and be kind to everyone I encounter. I was getting gas and in New Jersey, if you’re not from Jersey, there’s a gas station attendant. We don’t pump our own gas here. We have these gas station attendants. People aren’t always very nice to them. It’s a rough job.

I went and got gas. All I said to the guy was, “How are you today? Thank you so much for helping me.” Before I said goodbye, he gave me that credit card. He said to me, “No one ever asks how I am. Thank you for asking how I’m doing.” Something as simple as that, asking how someone’s doing. I energetically sent him an abundance of love and plasma healing and tell him I did. Something as simple as asking how someone’s day is going can make such a profound impact in that person’s day or even in their life. It’s important to remember, try, be kind, be nice and ask someone how they’re doing.

It’s important. It is simple as you see them. I have a story to contribute. For a while, after Saul died and I was getting into this world, I was working with a medium. I was his business manager. I had her coming from Chicago. We would be meeting and going different places. To know my personality, you know that we start developing territories and she started having a people waiting for her to come. We opened up a territory in Vermont.

Someone invited us to do a gallery which is a bunch of people who come together with a medium and like what I did with John Edward, they bring fourth messages from your deceased loved ones. We walk into this room in Vermont in a hotel. We do not even know the person who invited us. He invited us through someone else and we came. As we walk into this gallery, there was a young girl in the first row waiting for us. Maybe there were 35 or 40 people in the room. She was crying hysterically.

As the medium approached her in the front of the room, the medium said to her, “I’m seeing a male figure. It feels like a father figure right by you and he’s telling me that the night before he unexpectedly died you had a horrible fight. The two of you said terrible things to each other and then he was gone. He’s coming through to apologize to you. He loves you. He is so sorry,” and the session went on. The difference in this young woman from when she was hysterical to at the end of this gallery walking out with such relief and a big smile.

Her father had come through to acknowledge, apologize and all of that. I consciously realized to be careful what you say to people. What Saul said to me, “I’m lucky and thankful to have you in my life,” will stick with me for the rest of my life. That was saying before he died. I try to be conscious of how I talk to people because that imprint will follow me to the other side. That becomes Karma that you need to deal with later on.

That means you have to keep coming back. You don’t want to do that right now.

It’s like when you are having a fight with your kid, spouse or whatever, what are you saying to them? What are you doing out there?

Be aware. Awareness is key. Be consciously aware of the words. Words are important. I’ve learned that as a broadcaster. It’s been embedded in me, but we have to be careful and conscious of the words that we use. Words can hurt and you have to be very careful when you’re speaking. I’m not perfect. I’ve said nasty things to loved ones before to family. I think we’re all guilty of that at some point in our lifetimes, getting in fights with friends and family, saying things that we regret.

Now that I’ve done my inner work, clearing and healing, I’m much more aware and conscious. I sometimes slip up. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I’m a saint over here, but I’ve come to a point in my journey where I am very cautious of how I say things and the exact wording I use because we don’t want to hurt anybody. We don’t want to get hurt ourselves. You know what it’s like to be hurt. Why would you want to instill that in anyone else? It’s unnecessary.

When they are really toxic for you, there are different ways that you can separate out from them. I don’t know people where I separate them with love. I said, “I love you, but you’re toxic for me. It’s not a healthy relationship.” There are different things that you can do, like this man, whatever he said to his daughter what a horrible thing then he was gone.

That’s beautifu she got to have that closure through the medium. Mediumship could be very healing. When I do sessions with people connecting them with their loved ones who’ve passed over, I find it to be tremendously healing for them in that way. Sometimes it’s getting that extra message they never received before that person passed over that makes such a difference in their lives.

It changes their lives.  When I had that session with John Edward, that was like, “Saul is still here.” I knew it but that validation that I am going to see him again or be with him again. Grief is terrible and painful, but it’s a comfort if you know that you will reunite with that person. You need to do your work on this side.

They’re always watching. They’re always around. I know that because I can see them over the most part.

Mediumship And Psychic Abilities

Let’s explain to my audience what that’s like. What are you seeing around me?

It’s like that movie. I see dead people. It’s fanged. sometimes I can see a full body diaperation. That’s rare, but that has happened to me. I’ll have I’ll see someone walk into my room in the middle of the night at 3:00 in the morning. That’s a little creepy sometimes. I have to put my boundaries up. It’s like a lighthouse. I feel like I’m a lighthouse sometimes.

They’ll find you somehow. I have spirits and energies from all over finding me to try and communicate because they have something they want to pass along or they want someone to hear their story. They want someone to hear them. That’s all they want. I’m happy to listen, but not at 3:00 in the morning when I’m half asleep. Come back later. Maybe later on in the morning. For you, I see him very faintly as more I’m seeing him as a blob of consciousness.

You see a blob of energy. How do you identify it as him? How do you know that it’s him?

I just know. It’s a direct cognition. It’s that inner knowing. That’s mediumship and psychic abilities. Everyone can do this. I always like to remind that. I’m no one special. If you’re in a human body, you can do this. I happen to be a super old soul. I’ve been doing this a lot of lifetime. I came down to teach and help others. Remember this divine ability and gift, everyone can do this. Everyone’s clairvoyant. Everyone has direct cognition abilities. It’s very subtle. It’s more subtle than people realize.

Sometimes it can be very direct, strong and loud in your face, but usually, 9 times out of 10, it’s very subtle. It’s a feeling that you just feel, a direct cognition. When I see energies and spirits, it can usually be a blob of energy. I’ll get a visual of what they looked like when they were here. They will show me a different time period when they were here depending on how old they were when they passed over. Sometimes I’ll see them when they were, younger sometimes older. It depends on how that person wants to be shown.

It is cool because you don’t stay old on the other side.

There’s no aging. We are eternal. These human bodies unfortunately or aging, but it’s much more subtle than people realize. I have my father. He’s passed over. My best friend as well. They both passed over back in 2017. It’s funny with the first night my friend passed away, she was in the hospital. We know it was coming. She was very sick for a long time. That night, I was awoken at 3:00 in the morning and she was hovering over my bed. Full-bodied apparition.

She was very sick towards the end. She wasn’t looking her best. She showed me how she looked when she was in her twenties. She was healthy and vibrant. She was holding my hand and caressing my hand, making sure I was okay and it was comforting. This was before I was fully awakened. I had no idea I could do this and help people with these gifts. I’ve had these experiences since I was a young kid. I would see things, energies and colors when I close my eyes.

I thought it was normal. I thought everyone had strange experiences. I would leave my body and travel elsewhere and I thought, “Everyone can do this.” Now I know most people have forgotten how to do this. I’ve had very strong intense experiences like that. Usually, when I’m reading for someone it comes through very subtly. They’ll show me images. It’s like playing Pictionary. They’ll show me, an example, maybe a father’s coming through.

Someone lost their father and he liked to drink beer. They’ll show me If it can of beer that they like to drink and lose pop it in my third eye, then I’ll say it and that person will either confirm it. Sometimes it could be a little off. It depends on the soul. If they’re a strong soul or advanced, it’s easier for them to get the messaging down. A newer soul sometimes has a hard time communicating because it can

be difficult.

Learning how to get through and they have to lower their vibration. How do you raise your vibration?

At this point for me, it happens quite naturally. I don’t have to try any longer. It’s all about setting intentions. When you’re first learning how to do this and learning these abilities that you have innately inside of you, it’s consciously setting the intention. It’s all about awareness and intention. Let’s say you do want to start communicating with the loved one and you haven’t done it before, set the intention. Honestly, a lot of it is clearing out the garbage inside of you, all that gunk  amd karmic myasmic imprint buildup all that energy that’s stuck within you to allow the higher levels of your consciousness to start embodying you. That’s what wakes up those dormant abilities.

Most of it stems back from doing your own inner healing work that then allows you to open up to your divine gifts and abilities and quite literally, raise your frequency going back and forth. All honestly, it stems back to healing. That’s number one. People need to heal and clear energetically, not just heal yourself in the physical sense, but healing on a deep energetic level. That is the key to unlocking these divine gifts and tapping into your intuition. Everyone can do this again. Everyone can get divine guidance from the higher parts of you and from your spirit team and from loved ones. You have to be open to hearing it. A lot of people have blockages that prevent them from hearing it. I keep seeing you expanding so much going forward. You think you’ve opened up. You’re going to open up even further.

Everyone can get Divine guidance from the higher parts of you, from your spirit team, and from your loved ones. You just have to be open to hearing it. Share on X

Are you talking about psychically?

Yes, more blockages being removed that preventing you from accessing fully and you’re going to open up even further in a beautiful way, but it’s still going to enable you to do your divine mission down here. It’s going to also allow you to do it at an even higher level if you choose to. You can shift your frequency back and forth if you choose to. Everyone’s got free will. I always say it’s up to us ultimately if we want to embrace these gifts, but I do see you embracing your divine spiritual gifts as well. At any age we can open up to this at any point in our lives.

Warriors Of Truth

It’s incredible. I want to say it everyone how blessed and grateful I am and in on another level, how cool it is to have us going on. When Saul first transitioned I became a founding board member for a philanthropy for children who are grieving. I did that for seven years. As I was developing this, all of this was going on with me with the book and all of that thing. I imagine that if all of this had not happened, I would have done something on a volunteer level somewhere but it is cool because I’m literally being directed and led with my faith.

Another cool thing is I have been out of that philanthropy. The name of it is Good Grief and it helps children with peer support when they’ve had a loss. I’ve been out of that philanthropy for twelve years. I found it. I worked with them for seven years. A friend of mine told me that her grandchildren’s father died of pancreatic cancer and they were going to be with an organization called Good Grief to help them to heal and to work with other kids in their peer group and all to help deal with their grief. I thought, “Twelve years later, I worked to found this philanthropy, now it’s helping my friends grandchildren.”

That’s in full circle moment. That’s incredible. You’re going to do more philanthropy work. I see that very clearly for you.

I’m very excited.

I hope you don’t mind. It comes to me in the moment. You’re meant to have a movie. I think I keep telling you that.

I have been told many times that my book can become a movie or something is going to happen.

It will because that’s the best way to get to people to teach them about this thing is through media. My life mission is to create documentaries, TV shows and movies highlighting spiritual topics, teaching people about spirituality and that’s an easy way. It’s an easy modality and you could do it in a fun lighthearted way as well, get the messaging through and put the the energy and this frequency into that work you’re doing. people are going to feel that love. It’s fascinating how you opened up to your abilities. Obviously, it’s tragic, but to me I find it to be a fascinating story that a lot of people hen relate to on some level and that would make an incredible movie. I do feel that very strongly that’s going to happen for you.

In the future, maybe it will happen.

I think so. We’re going to do a lot together, I feel that. I see you going all across the country giving speeches, talks, promoting your books and helping people.

If I can help people, I’m thrilled to do that.

You’re helping many already.

I know I’m a vehicle and I’m about that. The biggest perk is I get to meet people like Kelly. I get to bring you out into my world. It’s a cross-pollination as being part of that doesn’t have we are both contributing to each other’s path. I’m told that we are workers or we way showers are the ones who are raising the vibration to help this planet move through the chaos.

We can’t do it all by ourselves. We have to come into community and work together on this because it takes the village.

I don’t have all the answers to anything. All I can do is do my part.

We all have a special unique mission and not one single person has all the answers. We all hold the keys for the collective and coming together and even having a conversation like this. It’s helping and teaching many people and in time. When it’s time for them in divine timing, they’re going to wake up and then they’re going to pass along the truth, healing and love to whoever they come across. It is like a wave effect. It keeps moving.

I want to compliment to people who read your show and to mine because they are opening. They are open-minded and they want to learn, get that comfort and that solace. They want to know more. I have to give them compliments because other people are stuck in their dramas. People who are  reading are open-minded, and curious and, “Can there be a different path for me or can I look at what’s happened to me in a different way so that I can expand from it instead of shrinking.”

They’re strong and tough. It’s not an easy journey healing yourself, clearing yourself and opening up. It’s not for the week. I’ve learned that. We all are warriors of truth. We all are truly warrior. If you’re reading this, you are a warrior yourself and you should be proud of yourself. This is not easy. This journey is not easy. It’s not for the faint of heart.

It's not an easy journey healing yourself. Clearing yourself and opening up is not for the week. We all are warriors of truth. Share on X

I can see why you call your show Warrior of Truth. It is important. I’ve said to people who were skeptical about what’s been going on with me, “All I can do is share my truth with you. This is my truth.”

That’s all we can do.

You can choose to think, “I’m full of it,” or you can think you can say, “From what she’s presenting and my sense of it, she’s selling something true and maybe I want to take a little piece of this for myself.” That’s the choice.

I find people start fully embracing this crazy spiritual side of things because it can be quick and crazy, but it’s cool when they have experiences for themselves. They can listen to us until they’re blue in the face. Until they crack open and start having unique strange unexplainable experiences for themselves, they won’t be fully ready. I think the best way is for us to share our truth because that will enable others to open up. We’re spreading that frequency to others to help crack them open. Sharing the truth is important in vital. Please everyone where to find you. Where to buy your books and where to read your show? Promote away.

Please get on my website. It’s through my website or any podcast you go to and especially through YouTube. I’m encouraging people to please subscribe to YouTube, you can Subscribe to the podcast, get all the episodes, enjoy it and see the different events that I’m doing and you’re up to date with everything all the books, the people I’ve interviewed who are wise that is all there. That’s the best way and I’m all over the place. I’m social medi. I’m all over there through my website to everything. My book is They Serve Bagels In Heaven. It’s on Amazon and there will be a launch for the new book in in the spring. That’ll be very exciting.

My website is You could find out more about me and the work I do. I do work with individuals one-on-one. if you want it to book a session, that’s available on my website. If you have more questions, send me an email. I’m easy to communicate with. I always respond. You can send me a DM. I’mn big on Instagram. It’s @KellDillon. I do a lot of teaching on Instagram. You can look up Warrior Of Truth on YouTube and anywhere you listen to your podcast, Spotify or Apple. I’m all over. You can download it. Each week I have on incredible people like Irene. I’m easy to find. I’m easy to get in touch with. Reach out if you have questions.

If all of you will notice we are both neither one of us is selfishly holding on to our show not to share it with other people because we’re part of a collective. Between us, we will reach many people. I don’t I don’t ever look at it in a traditional competition way. I likely bravo another voice of truth out there helping people.

There’s room for everybody. There’s room for everyone. We all have a unique gift and perspective to give to the world. Spread the love. Thank you so much. This was beyond.

Vice versa.

Thank you so much. You’re coming back on at some point in the future. You’ll have to come back on to promote the new book.

As I like to say, to be continued.

Thank you.


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About Kelly Dillon

Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Kelly Dillon | Healing From GriefKelly Dillon is not your typical psychic medium. She is a time shifter and energy manipulator. Time and dimensional travel are her soul specialty. She has the unique ability to shift timelines and manipulate energy past, present, and future to help souls get on the fast track to their desired destiny and open up their own divine powers. In addition to her timeline shifting work, Kelly is an expert exorcist with a rare gift to thoroughly remove dark energetic attachments from people, places, and objects.

In addition to one-on-one sessions with clients, Kelly also works with CEOs and business owners offering intuitive support and guidance. She has assisted on a variety of missing persons and investigative cases with law enforcement, private detectives, and also directly with the families who are searching for loved ones. She also works with survivors of mind control projects, as well as abuse survivors, aiding in their healing journeys through energy work and plasma neurocircuitry rewiring.

Kelly works with Internal Creation Plasma Frequencies which are the highest level healing frequencies available to the planet right now to aid souls with healing their energetic and physical bodies. Plasma frequencies provide an expedited healing for the mind, body, and soul.

Kelly also has extensive wisdom on Keylontic Science which is the science of creation and energy dynamics through which matter forms and consciousness manifest. Part of her divine mission in this lifetime is to help bridge the gap between physics and spirituality. Kelly’s work is to help souls achieve their highest potential outcomes in every lifetime and provide much needed clarity and guidance. Simply put she helps souls lift their hearts to their minds.

In addition to her energy work, Kelly has been a news reporter for nearly 20 years in NYC and now hosts a podcast called “Warrior of Truth.” It’s a sacred space where truth is sought, and souls are laid bare. Each episode takes listeners on a transformative journey through the intersection of spirituality, exposure, and truth-telling. During each episode, Kelly helps shine a bright light on hidden truths, covering a wide range of esoteric topics that are usually kept hidden away; everything from mind control programs and human trafficking, abuse in spiritual communities, to poltergeist hauntings and possessions, unique unsolved crimes and missing persons cases, and the concealed sacred sciences and teachings of spirituality. Part of Kelly’s divine mission is to help spread the truth to the collective and create a safe space for others to tell their truths.










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