Grief And Rebirth | Irene Weinberg


Irene is thrilled to share her recent interview on the “Both Sides Now and Beyond Podcast,” hosted by world-renowned spiritual medium James Van Praagh and spiritual medium, psychotherapist, and psychic Kellee White!

Be sure to listen in to their enlightening conversation about spiritual awakenings, grief, rebirth, and finding joy in living. Irene reveals the important part James played in her spiritual awakening, and she also chats with James and Kellee about how she found her husband Saul after he transitioned, why she titled her book They Serve Bagels in Heaven, the profound messages she received that led to her popular podcast, Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life, and more! 

This warm, dynamic interview will bring you comfort, insights, and smiles! 

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Bonus Episode: Both Sides Now and Beyond with Irene Weinberg, James Van Praagh and Kellee White






I have a wonderful and delightful surprise for you. The tables were turned on me, and I was interviewed by world-renowned medium, James Van Praagh, and medium, psychotherapist, and psychic, Kellee White on their show, Both Sides Now and Beyond. We talked about grief, rebirth, the amazing and interesting similarities between Kellee’s and my spiritual awakenings, and much more including validating the fact that we all survive our physical deaths, and our departed loved ones are all still around us and with us.

We had a wonderful time during our interview. It was fun, interesting, and enlightening. I want to share it with all of you on this very special bonus episode of the show. Tune in to Irene, James, and Kellee on this wonderful episode, and know always from my heart that I wish you well. I wish you many blessings. Be sure to read.


Grief And Rebirth | Irene Weinberg


Kellee, how are you?

How are you doing?

I’m good. How are you doing?

I’m doing great.

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

I had a nice Thanksgiving. I had some dog park people over, and it was nice. They brought their kids and went swimming. I went swimming in a pool. It was warm here. It was great. We had a nice time. My cousins are visiting from New York. We’re playing sevens a lot.

How was your Thanksgiving?

It was peaceful and beautiful and everything you would expect on a farm, including snow.

You had snow. There was a lot of snow. There was a storm going through your area.

It was beautiful. It was lovely. I watched a lot of movies, and it was honestly peaceful. I loved every second of it.

We have a very good show. Before we get to that though, you have a little astrology.

I’m going to keep it upbeat and positive because we have an incredible full moon. I’m talking about Vedic astrology when I do this. We have what’s called the full frost moon in the forest, and this is an amazing full moon. You can call it the beaver moon or the full frost moon. Either one works but what’s important about this moon is to watch your energy because a full moon, if you are in a positive frame of mind, will expand that. If you’re in a negative frame of mind, it will expand that. This particular full moon has such good positive energy. First of all, the moon is exalted in Taurus, which means it does well in Taurus.

It’s also in this celestial house or nakshatra called Rohini, and that is all about love, charisma, charm, passion, and creativity. This is a wonderful full moon, and you want to keep your energy up. On the one hand, I do want to say that Saturn is also squaring Saturn. Let’s say you are having a rough time. Taurus is very down to earth. It’s a great time to go inward. Look at what you’re feeling, think about it, and maybe do some work on it because this is great for that. You always ask me, “Is it a good day to put out your crystals?” This is an excellent day to put out your crystals.

What about people who have the sun in Taurus? Is everything exalted?

It would be so good for them. It would be such a good day for them. If you are going down a negative road, it would amplify that. Even if you’re going in a negative space, view it as, “What are you learning? What is life about for you? What are you learning?” Don’t beat yourself up. Say, “I’m learning this. It feels this way.” Know that things constantly change. Here’s the other thing with the moon. It would be a great day to make some moon water. We have talked about that before, James.

I’ve made some.

You’ve made some, and it’s simple. You take a glass jar. Where I live is way too cold. I couldn’t put it outside. It would freeze. It’s fourteen degrees. There’s no moon water outside. However, put it on a windowsill. This moon is so bright. The energy from that moon will infuse with your intentions. Set your intentions of what it is that you’re looking for with this full moon to expand what is it that you want, need, and are looking at. Set your intentions. Make some moon water. Everybody is asking me, “What do you do with this moon water?” I’ll tell you a few things. You can drink it easily, put it in tea and boil some tea, water your plants, put it in a bath, or put it on you. It’s good energy.

Not to down you but I had an awareness of a small earthquake here in California. I don’t know what happened now, but I felt there was going to be a shake. It’s not happening now but coming up.

It would not surprise me, James, with you because we do have a lot of other major planetary shifts that I will be talking about on my show. I’ll go through all of these major shifts. That’s why I was like, “This is a great day. Let’s use this positivity.”

We have a very special guest. Kellee, why don’t you introduce her?

We’re so excited about having our special guest in. We have a great guest, and her name is Irene Weinberg. Irene is an author, and she also has a fabulous podcast. She wrote a book, which I loved, called They Serve Bagels in Heaven. She’s going to tell us about her story. Her show is called Grief and Rebirth. She took a big trauma along with a big message she received from the other side and turned it into the most joyful positivity that there is. I would love to introduce her. Irene, would you please come out? Irene, welcome.

It’s such a pleasure.

I’m so glad to hear that you’re on. Can you tell us about your story?

I’ll start from the beginning. I was a complete nonbeliever in anything having to do with spirituality. My husband and I were married. I’m going to tell you about my husband. We were married. We’re in a second marriage. We were married for about eighteen years. We thought it was hooey. It was ridiculous. I had a sister-in-law who was spiritual. We were hardly talking to her because she was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Guess who the joke was on?

What do you mean by spiritual when you say that?

She was into believing that people go on after they die. We thought she was crazy.

Your religion or faith was?

I was a traditional Jewish person. I would go to a grave and put the stone on the grave. If anyone was listening to me, James, I had no idea. I said it because it was what you do.

It was the tradition.

One day, I was washing dishes at my kitchen sink, and Saul was watching a game on TV in our family room. I was doing my thing and washing dishes, and all of a sudden, a strong thought came into my head. It was not my thought, and it suddenly said to me, “Saul has to go. Many lessons will be learned from his death.”

It must have been a shock for you here.

I stopped at my kitchen sink and thought, “What am I thinking over here?” I filled up a glass of water and took it over to him. I kissed the top of his head, gave him the water, and said to myself, “This is nuts.” I thought I was going to put it out of my head but you never forget something like that. I didn’t say a word to Saul or anyone. I did not understand what the silly thing was but it was weird.

We were skiers at Hunter Mountain in the Catskills. We had a ski house and all that. We were coming home from a ski weekend. This was 1997. The funny thing about this was on the way to the ski house that Friday night, something told me to make this the best weekend Saul ever could have. I got this feeling, “Even if he wants to go to lunch with people you don’t even like, do it.”

We get into the car to go home, and he says to me two things I want to tell you. The night before this accident happened, he said to me, “I want you to know I’m so lucky and thankful to have you in my life.” He loved me, and he would speak sweetly but that was not a typical out-of-the-blue thing he would say. The next day, when we were getting in the car to go home, he said, “Wasn’t this the greatest weekend a couple could have together?” I said to myself, “I wouldn’t have had lunch with that couple but I’m glad you had a good time.”

We get in the car. We’re driving for an hour and a half on the New York State Thruway, and I suddenly feel the car go into a huge swerve. I looked over, and Saul was sound asleep at the wheel. We were going 72 miles an hour in the left-hand lane on the New York State Thruway. The car started going into a huge swerve, and I said, “Saul.” He woke up, saw what was happening, and went to pull the car out of the swerve. Instead of pulling the car, it started to rise in the air. It felt like I was on a gigantic rollercoaster for the first of four flips.

As we took off for the first flip, another thought came into my head, and it said, “He’s not going to make it. You are.” You have to picture this. I’m like, “We’re flipping.” We flip once, and I get that message. We come down. I had four surgeries on my right side. We hit hard on the right side. We flip back up. If you’re looking at a clock, 10:00 to 10:00 after, in that part of the flip, I suddenly left my body. I saw blackness, and I was like, “What’s happening here?”

At 10:00 after, I came back into my body. I don’t know if that was because, at that moment, he was going to the other side or what was happening but we continued to flip for a third time and a fourth time. We ended up on the side of the road upside down through a ravine. The wheels are spinning. I had a seatbelt. I pulled myself up tight. I did not know yet how injured I was. I looked over at Saul upside down and said, “Are you okay?” I see as I was told that the whole essence of my husband and the beauty of his personality are gone. I’m looking at a body. That’s it. I get in that moment, “I got told he was going to go. Here it is. I was told he wasn’t going to make it. Here I am.”

As I’m thinking about that, I see a helicopter land. We held a traffic on the Thruway for two and a half hours. It was such a bad accident. A helicopter landed, and these three EMTs jumped out of the helicopter. They all were rocking my car to get it right-side-up. One of them put his hands through my shattered window under my seatbelt and started pulling me through the window. As I was sliding through the window, this unemotional male voice boomed into my head and said to me, “Be loving and kind to everyone,” as they laid me on the side of the road. I don’t know about you but that changes yourselves as they’re multiplying next to me. I had been told to be loving and kind to everybody.



That’s the question. Were you not prior to this?

I was but this changed me. I thought I was a very loving and good person but it made me conscious. I wasn’t conscious in my life. I was loving. I had been taught to be nice to people and all that, and I was a good person but all of a sudden, I felt I was being given a directive from heaven, and I took it very seriously so much so that instead of screaming for myself that my husband was gone when they put me in the helicopter, I said to the EMTs, “What’s your name? Bless you. I know it’s the weekend before Christmas. Thank you for coming out and helping me.”

They take me on a gurney to an emergency trauma center. I am so incredibly loving and kind to everyone. When the doctor came over to me and said to me, “I need to tell you that your husband is gone,” I said, “I’m the luckiest woman in the world that I had this man in my life.” It was unbelievable. The nurses came, “What is your name?” My stepdaughter came in when they told her her father had passed to see me. She fainted right away. When they picked her up, my response was, “I love you, and I will never hurt you.” She said, “I know.” She went running out of the room. It was unbelievable.

It was so dramatic that three months after the accident, I got a call from the assistant to the surgeon who put nineteen stitches in an artery in the bottom of my right foot, and his assistant said to me, “I called to tell you that you changed lives in the emergency room that night. We had never seen anyone. All you did was care about everyone who came near you. You weren’t screaming for yourself. You were lauding the fact that you had love in your life and you appreciate him.” I said, “Trish, I had a spiritual awakening that has changed my life and everything.” She said, “You have no idea of the impact you had because these nurses and these people see it all, and they never saw anyone react the way you did.”

God gave you the football, and you ran with it.

I’m home with a wheelchair after three days in the hospital with a wheelchair, a cast on my leg, and the whole shebang. In the Jewish religion, you’re sitting shivas, people are coming to visit you, and all that jazz. I’m grieving hell because I’m dealing with stepchildren, finances, and all these things but I know something is up. I just don’t know what it is.

Six weeks after the accident, I was out of my wheelchair. You can tell I talk to everyone. I’m very friendly. My dry cleaner called me. He said, “I don’t often tell people this but you seem very open-minded. I want to tell you that years ago, my wife and I lost a son to a drug overdose. We were inconsolable. We went to see all these psychologists and grief experts, and they couldn’t help us until we went to a medium. We have seen a few mediums, and they changed our lives. Our son is on the other side.”

“We’re going to see someone. I don’t even want to tell you his name. He’s going to be famous one day. We have done a couple of videos for him. Do you want to join us and go to what’s called a gallery?” I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. What did I do? I ran to a new spiritual center bookstore that had opened. I walk into the store, and there smack dab in the middle of the table as I walk in was Talking to Heaven.


I said, “I don’t know what the hell this is but I’m picking it up. I know something is coming down the pike, and I’m getting ready.” I study Talking to Heaven like I’m in school. When I walked in with my dry cleaner, and I’m telling you for a reason, my car was parked five towns away. My dry cleaner drove me to this event at a hotel. The medium was John Edward. One of the things he said to me was, “Your husband is telling me you were reading a very special book to prepare for tonight.” How the heck could he know that? The other thing he said was, “He’s telling me you’re driving his car,” because mine was totaled, “With Saul Z on the license plate.” Talk about evidence.

My husband was a real estate developer in Hoboken, New Jersey. The kids loved him so much. He saw condos too. They called him Uncle Saul Z. He had Saul Z on his license plate. I had 40 minutes worth of messages. After that, who have I got to tell that I connected with my husband? My wackadoo sister-in-law. I said, “Carolyn, I know I thought you were crazy but you’re not.”

She said, “Thank God because two weeks after the accident, Saul came through with messages for you about business, and I didn’t know how to tell you. I saw a change in you when I came to visit you in the hospital that knocked my socks off, and I did not know what it was about.” I’m out in the world. I’m a believer but I can’t tell anyone in my world that I’m doing this because they will think I’m cuckoo.

Do you remember the date of your accident?

December 21st, 1997.

I was on Larry King on December 7th, the premier of the book.

That’s when my girlfriend saw you at Larry King. I got the book. That’s the whole story when you did that. James, when you came out with Talking to Heaven, it changed everybody’s life. It was so important.

That’s why I came in.

You talk about synchronicity, James. For me to walk into that store, and it was smack dab in the middle as I walked in, there it was. I was so shell-shocked and traumatized with everything going on. I said, “I’m starting to have faith. This is it.” I grabbed the book and bought the book.

A year before that in Hoboken, New Jersey, John Edward and I did the Charles Grodin show. That’s funny too.

I loved him.

He was great, and John was great. We had a great time with that show. It was a wonderful experience.

I don’t know if he still does it but John said to me that night that he was channeling Saul. He said, “How long is this guy on the other side?” I said, “Two months.” He said, “This guy has been around the block a lot. He’s so articulate. He’s knocking me out.” I’ll continue to say how I channeled Saul and found out we have been around the block many times but it was amazing. I’m starting to open up to this world and going to mediums all over the place. No one in my world knows that I’m doing this.

After he passed over, you saw John, and then something else happened, did Saul appear to you? Did you hear him at all before you went to the mediums?

I believed in nada, nothing. I was a blank slate. I’m starting to see these people, and there’s a message that comes through every single person. First of all, Saul described his hopes to meet with someone, the first meal I ever made him, what he was wearing the night he died, and anything he could do to say, “It’s me. I’m here.” I started getting a message that there was a divine plan and that I was supposed to write a book and do more. He was going to work with me from across the veil.

I played the violin growing up. I was a buyer for Macy’s. I helped him in the real estate business. I took on his English book, “What book is this?” If a man comes through describing his toes to you and every other thing, I started working with a woman who helped me channel him, and I started asking questions, “Are there soulmates? What goes on? What happens when people are evil? What was your experience crossing over?” He still has an amazing sense of humor.

One of the things he told me was that when he crossed over, you know how you get in a situation where you get acclimated to the other side before you get your life review. His acclimation was his mother serving bagels in heaven. He explained his life, what he went through, and all that. I’m out there. I channeled this book and got another proof that it was Saul.

If I have a minute, I’ll tell you that too because I was skeptical. I was always skeptical. I started working with this woman. I’ve been recommended to her and all this jazz, and he’s coming through. I always had a little bit of skepticism. She was Methodist, and she never heard a word of Hebrew in her life. She was telling me that she was getting information about a past life we had when I was a little boy, and he was a rabbi in an ancient yeshiva in a school in Israel eons ago.

She said, “I’m asking his name or something, and I’m getting a very strange name. He keeps saying that you were a good little boy in that yeshiva. I’m hearing something that sounds like yeled tov.” I said, “Yeled tov is Hebrew for a good little boy.” That was a giveaway for me again but this was real. I’m out there. I’m out with the book. I’m doing my thing. I’m meeting with groups. It’s doing well.

One day, I’m sitting right here, and I don’t get all these messages. I’ve got three amazing messages about the accident. I’m sensitive to signs and all but I’m not hearing that way. Suddenly, the word podcast came into my head, and I said to this woman I was working with, “What’s a podcast?” I’m a Baby Boomer. I had no idea. She says, “I can help you do that.” I’m thinking to myself, “My next step is to start a podcast. I’m supposed to interview people. Who am I going to interview?”

I thought, “I’ve always been a believer in healing.” I had a tough childhood. I went to therapy. I did all these things, and now that Saul died, I started work, and now I’m getting spiritual. I was working with an energy healer. I was going to mediums. I said, “I’m going to interview proven trauma specialists, healers, mediums, and people who have been through tough times in life and healed and transformed their lives to let people know that you can do that.”

I know that this show is on the wings of angels because so many people are reaching out to me that it’s changing their lives. I’m teaching them through the interviews like I did with Tammy. Did anyone know that you could communicate with deceased animals? I ask all these questions to educate people and enlighten them as to what is possible if you can let go of your pain and your trauma and heal your stuff. It’s the most amazing experience.



What makes you so interesting is that you had no belief, which I loved. You’re the perfect person for this.

I kept getting told over and over, and the proof kept coming in over and over that this was real and that he was with me. I know that he’s working with me. I’m so grateful for it.

What year did you start your show?

The show is only about three and a half years old in 2023, James.

You’ve reached a lot of people.

It’s reaching 37 countries with it.

That’s amazing. Think of the lives you’re changing. That’s incredible.

I’m very clear on it. The mission is to educate people like me who believed in nothing and knew nothing and people who don’t even know that they have a soul. I’m educating people. I’m enlightening people because I also have people who are very sophisticated in the spiritual world, and they can always learn more. I’m giving people healing choices. I’m so passionate about that.

Whether your healing comes from a medium, somebody who specializes in energy healing, or someone who’s a grief counselor. Bless them all. We’re all part of the collective. We’re all working to help people. I also get emails now, “Can you recommend so-and-so? Here’s my problem.” I’ll say, “Listen to these interviews. I ask very deep questions. See what resonates with you. Who is your healer? Who do you want to go to? That’s not for me to choose. I’m the bridge. This is what’s been going on.” It takes me aback. I’m so humbled by it.



I’m going to ask you a question, Irene, which is interesting to me. If you step back now and meet somebody who has no belief like you or thinks it’s all hooey, what do you say to them?

They think I’m crazy. I don’t get uptight because I know they will find out when they cross over. Look at how long it took for me to get hit on my head a few times to get it. I can’t judge them that they don’t know, and I can only hope that maybe I’m role modeling something for them but that’s their journey.

When something happens to them, they will reach out to you. Somehow they put that information.

They have a memory of it. They do remember. They will retain it if they need to when the time is right. You plant the seed, and when the time is right, it opens.

The other thing I want to say is when they pulled me out of the car, aside from the, “Be loving and kind to everyone,” message that I got, a soul was buried on my son’s 21st birthday. I said to myself at the time, “I have to role model. I’m going to heal however I can because I have to role model that you can get hit by a grenade in life and come out of it.” My son said to me four years after the accident, “Mom, there has been nothing worse than seeing you in total despair, and nothing better than seeing you be able to have joy again.” That is my North Star for the show. I want people to heal so that they can feel joy again.

There is nothing worse than seeing others in total despair. Do your best to help others heal and feel joy once again. Share on X

I agree with what you said about your son. That’s perfect. People can overcome, move on, and experience joy.


Grief And Rebirth | Irene Weinberg


If you’re grieving, you can still experience joy too. It’s okay. We give you permission. One is not exclusive of the other. That’s why I’m so passionate about getting people to heal. However, why do you need to carry that backpack filled with your grudges, your problems, and your troubles that color your whole life? If you let it go, you let in so much space for happiness and joy in your life.

James, that’s the work that you’ve been doing forever about this.

You get more space. Love expands. Fear limits us. It’s so true. Believing in themselves and having that awareness of something within themselves or that spark in their soul matters. Sometimes it takes a tragedy like that for them to open up and to look at life in a different way. They don’t realize. Do you teach? Does channeling work? Do you have sessions now with people? What are your sessions like if you do?


Grief And Rebirth | Irene Weinberg


I don’t do sessions but I’m getting invited to do a lot of events and tell my story. I’m doing a lot of summits and thinking about having a series where I would call master teachers to have something on because I have so many people now who are coming to the show as a source. I’m thinking of having a master teaching series to help people become more enlightened. That’s in the aether. I’m thinking about that.

If anyone can do it, you can, Irene.

Thank you, James. I’m writing another book there too. The new book I’m writing is about how so many people admire me because I’m well into my 70s, and I’m doing this dynamic stuff. I’m doing this stuff and writing a book about people’s dynamic third chapters. I’m having people contribute their chapters about what they are doing with their lives. It’s going to be called Good to the Last Drop.

That’s so perfect.

What’s happening is a lot of people are saying I’m becoming a role model for them.

I’ll tell you why. You’re easy to listen to, and you also have this ability. Everybody could understand a story like this. First of all, you get a message, you’re driving, and then this accident. You’re immediately pulled into the story of it, and then what happens to you is so extraordinary. It changed your life, and your energy is changing other people’s lives. For you and Saul, a plan is well on the other side.

You’re genuine, Irene. There’s integrity and genuineness. You’re down to earth. You’re so real. People relate to that.

I’m getting that, James. Thank you very much for that. Thank you, Kellee. A lot of people are saying they love the way I interview because I’m heart-centered. I was given this wonderful job. I tell people I chose to have faith and go with the messages. Someone else might have chosen to become the grieving widow. That’s her job and her spot for the rest of her life. If that’s what she needs to do, God bless her but I chose to listen to the messages, to take a chance, to believe, and to have faith. What is happening is amazing. Look at the blessing. I get to talk to you.

What I love too is the sound of the voice. It was a very distinct male voice that you heard. I too had the same experience when I heard a male voice that said to me, “Kellee, get up now. Call the doctor. You’ve had a head injury.” It was God. That’s the only thing I know. I said, “I’ll never get in to see him. He’s too busy.” God said, “Get up now.” I felt a hand under my butt lift me to make that phone call, and I was the hand of God. When you talk about that strong male voice, that’s what I heard as well.

I knew, and there was no question that I heard God tell me, “You will see him even though this man was booked for months.” When I called to make that appointment, and they said, “He’s booked,” I said, “He’s going to see me.” They said, “It’s not possible.” I said, “He has a cancellation, and he will. You make sure to have my number and call me.” I live two hours away from this doctor.

God, the same voice said to me, “Wash your hair, get up, and drive.” I got in the car. I did what I was told. I had faith. I had to do what I was told here, and I did. Five minutes before I got to his office, they called and said, “He had a cancellation. Can you be here in five minutes?” That would have been impossible for me. I know that voice, and I listened too.

Kellee, that’s an amazing story.

It changed my whole life.

You were skeptical also?

She wasn’t skeptical but she was very rational, critical, left-brained, and analytical.

I was a single parent, and I had a major job. I was the vice president of a large corporation. I didn’t have time for this nonsense yet I know what I knew. My soul knew.

Your soul knew. Your soul was trying to tell you from the beginning of birth but the left brain took over. She had to struggle between those two.

It was a constant struggle but not anymore.

The other thing I think about is we three are blessed to have found our soul path. For me, it has so enhanced my life. There’s a freedom there where I meet a lot of people who come out and listen to the show because they don’t know yet who they are or what they’re meant to do. That’s why with all these people I interviewed, someone can help you with that. It makes such a difference in your life.

I have a question for you. When you went through this, did you lose a lot of friends and family? Tell me about that.

In the beginning, I told nobody but then when I started getting a little brave, one person said to me, “My soul wouldn’t talk like that. What are you talking about?” The other thing that happened to me was I was widowed. I had a few people who suddenly changed their relationships with me because they were very strongly guarding their precious husbands. They were thinking now that I’m widowed that I must be coming after them. I wanted to say, “Are you kidding?”

I’ve heard that so many times from people.

As I started coming out, my friendships changed. I started meeting people who were more aligned with me. The other thing that I’ve learned and I tell people is from this world that I’ve gotten out with so much faith and so much wisdom, they pulled me out of the car and said, “Be loving and kind to everyone.” That includes me. That means I don’t have to be attached to toxic people in my life. That means I can take care of myself. That means I can practice self-love because whatever I do for myself enhances myself so that I can help others. I used to be the major people pleaser of the world.


Grief And Rebirth | Irene Weinberg


That’s so positive.

It’s about helping people who I can. If people are resistant to the message, and they’re very toxic, I say, “I bless you, and I detach.” I don’t have to carry drama or any of that. It changes your whole perception of everything.

I’ll make a statement from what you said before. I know Kellee probably feels the same way. For me, it’s not necessarily mediumship, “I could talk to dead people. That’s fine,” but it’s when you change someone’s life in that their mindset changes, or you see that the light above their head, and they realize there’s a whole bunch more to ourselves, the spirit world, and what life is about. That to me is worth everything. You have to remember that your message not only touches one person but that person will tell someone else. There’s a rippling effect, which you have to understand. You have to honor that rippling effect that you’re touching so many lives and illuminating the world.

Can I read something to you? I got this testimonial that you are so going to resonate with. This is what you are doing. It’s exactly what you’re talking about and what I’m doing. It blew me away. Here’s the message, “About four years into my end of doula work, I realized that I wanted to continue to help families after their loved ones had died. I became a certified grief educator and had been co-leading bereavement groups as a volunteer several years into this work completely serendipitously.”

We know there are no accidents, “I was listening to your show, which I’ve always been a big fan of, and your guest that day was Sherokee Ilse. She happens to specialize in infant death for people who have stillborns and all of that. At the end of the show, Sherokee shared her cell phone number, and I reached out to her. Our conversation affirmed that this was the work I needed to do. I trained with Sherokee for seven months online and in person in Pittsburgh. Sherokee is the pioneer in the field of perinatal bereavement, and although there are other training programs available, I knew hers would be the gold standard.”

“Upon becoming certified, I contacted Holy Name Medical Center with a proposal for a perinatal bereavement program. The goal is to support families through perinatal loss to help their babies and spend the short time they have together making precious memories to last a lifetime. It’s my honor to do this work, and I feel called to it in a way like nothing else in my life. I became a member of the staff, and now I work in the labor and delivery unit. I want you to know the power of your show and your wisdom and how it has changed my life and the families I have been honored to serve.” When I got that, I cried.

What an honor. It’s extraordinary.

For you, that’s what it’s all about.

It’s all about changing lives. Think of how many people get these experiences. They don’t see them for what they are and miss out on this.

People do miss it.

I get to the other side. They go, “It’s such an opportunity. There was a divine opportunity, and I didn’t look at it. I didn’t see it because I was so into whatever it was.”

“It’s my grief, fear, or belief system.”

I’m going to check in with myself. There’s a higher meaning to my life, and I have to look at that and be open to that.

If you don’t know, there are people who can help you figure that out and give your life meaning, purpose, and direction. I live in a mid-rise building. I see people who are aging, and they seem to be aging with the expectation that all they have left to do is get sick and die. They’re not believing they’re going to cross over or anything. I say, “How sad. Your lives could be so filled with meaning.” The other thing that’s come through this for me, and I know you relate to this, is my relationships are very precious. I’m conscious about my relationships. I do not sweat the small stuff. It is not worth it.

Do not sweat the small stuff. It is not worth it. Share on X

How can people hear your show? Is it everywhere?

It’s everywhere. It’s also on YouTube. You can find out all about me, the show, and the book but I’m also anywhere you get your podcasts. I’m spread everywhere.

I love your energy. You are amazing and incredible.

When you finally get your life purpose, and you finally are doing exactly something like that, you’re infused with energy. It’s such a good feeling to be able to do what you’re doing.

When I wake up in the morning, I say, “Thank God. I’m so blessed.” Look at what I have to do. I was looking forward to this. I was like, “This is such a gift.” I’m so excited, happy, and blessed. Do I have caca happen at times? Do I sleep like everybody else? Of course, but when you have a different perspective like this, it puts that stuff in a different category. If I’m going through something very tough, I’ll go, “What am I supposed to learn from this? How am I going to learn from this? How am I going to move forward with this?” If I’m interacting with my grandchildren these days, I’m very conscious of how I’m talking to them and what I’m saying.

I have another story. For a little while, while I was getting into this world, I was working with a medium. I was a business manager for a medium. You can see my personality opens up three territories for this person. I know you’ve experienced this. One day, we walked into a hotel, and it was a different state. I knew no one there. Someone had asked us to come. I know both of you are going to identify with this. As we were walking in, this young woman was wailing hysterically in the front row, crying, and everything.

The medium walked over to her and said, “I see a male energy, and it’s feeling like your father. He’s telling me that the night before he unexpectedly died, you two had a horrible fight, and you said terrible things to each other. He wants you to know how sorry he is. He’s coming to apologize.” It’s the difference in that young woman pre that reading and after. I tell people what I learned from that is to be so careful how you speak to your loved ones and people in your life because that follows you to the other side.

Be careful how you speak to your loved ones in your life. How you talk to them follows you to the other side. Share on X

I often say, “Words are like bullets. They will go right to the target, and they stay there.” It’s important that we are aware of the words we use, the expressions we use, how we act, and what we’re sending out with our thoughts. It’s important. There’s a footnote to your story. Have you ever thought of that soul and that divine connection? That was a destiny. He goes to the other side and helps you work from that side of life, and you’re going to be on this side of life. He is helping you to open up even more. Maybe he’s bringing your team together from the other side. I believe that’s what it is. You couldn’t do this work without the experience.

I put in the order for champagne. When I cross over, I want to celebrate.

You will have more than champagne. I’m sure you will.

I’ll take the champagne and the bagels too. Renee Hounsel has a question. This is for you, Irene. She says, “Has Saul come through to work with you to help other widows and widowers connect with their spouses and spirit?”

There have been times when I’ve had readings with mediums that he has come through with advice about different things that are going on. He’s working with me all the time. If I have a question, I can communicate with him. I can’t hear him the way you hear but I communicate with him through a pendulum. He is busy. He comes through gangbusters with that. I can ask questions, and he answers those questions.

If I’m a little bit stuck, I am very happy to consult with a medium and say, “I’m so busy with the show. I’m so booked with interviews.” I don’t look for an interview. People are constantly approaching me, “Can I please be on your show?” I’m constantly working on that. I don’t have time to hone those skills. I’m not proud. I’m happy. I can call and say, “I would like an appointment, and I want to hear from my guy.”

Have you seen him in your dreams?

He’s come through in my dreams. I’ll tell you the other thing. He has a great sense of humor. This is a sign you two have never experienced. I promise that even James Van Praagh has never talked to anyone about this sign. After the accident, I took all my courage, went on a cruise by myself to the Hawaiian Islands, and met a man there. We started to date. He’s from England. He came to visit me in New Jersey. He walks in my door.

Saul was known for this very unusual cologne that no one else had. It was called Joop. He was a real estate developer. The women would come up, “Saul, you’ve got the greatest-smelling neck. You’re so wonderful.” I would say, “Hug them and sell property but bring the goods home to Mama, please.” I said to him, “What does this guy do?” He called me Renie, “Renie, I don’t know what it was but I got to the customs area, and I felt a pull to this part of the counter. I felt like I had to buy this cologne to wear with you.” It was Saul’s cologne. I said, “You buster. Do you want to tell me you’re around me?”

Often they will help find somebody for you.

It’s your Saul’s work on that.

What I get is you’re outgrowing people as fast as we can send them to you.

What happened to the guy from England?

He turned out to have a bit of an alcohol problem.

That can be a problem.

I hate it when that happens.

It could be a problem because when he started imbibing a little too much, there was a behavior.

With you and with a lot of us in this work, your vibration is so high, and you have to meet someone on that mindset and that energy level because not many people can be on that same level. Saul will work on them. I’m sure Saul and the team are working on it when it’s the right time.

With everything else, I keep the faith. If it’s meant to be, it will be. If it’s not meant to be, he will hear from me when I cross over.

These things have a way of working out.

I’m very happy. I’m always so grateful for how this has turned out and what’s going on because it’s not about me. I’m a vehicle. I’m helping a lot of people. With a testimony like this, many others are coming through. It’s amazing to me.

Are you working with people who are in their 70s now or more?

I have the whole gamut. The part that surprises me is a lot of the people who listen to the show are in their 30s and 40s. They’re younger.

Maybe they would influence their parents or their grandparents.

I’m getting a lot of comments, “You’re changing my viewpoint about things.” I had the most wonderful interview with Tammy. I research. I’m not somebody who gets on and spends two minutes. I research the person, what they’re doing, and how they’re helping people for 4 or 5 days before I get that interview the way I want it to be because, in my mind, I want to hone what they can do to help people and how they can help the people who are listening to the show so that people will reach out to them, and they can help.

If you can help people, please, I would love to talk with you. If you’re a healer or whatever you’re doing, let’s find out what you can do and how you can help people. I hear about road rage accidents and I go, “Those are people who haven’t healed their stuff. I got someone for you who can help you to drop all that stuff.”

I have a toolbox of different people I can contact or different information for people because I’m all about information. I love to give people information to see what they will do with it too. Some people take it. Some people don’t. James and I always try to make sure they have a lot of education.

That’s what I’m doing because I relate to where I was. You don’t have to get hit on the head and bounce four times in a car to get this message. If I can do it and help people in a much more benevolent and kinder way to get this information to them, I’m thrilled to do it. I also recommend people’s books. On the full gamut of trying to help people, I had a summit of my own years ago, and it was about ascension. One of my passions that I have is helping people to evolve, and because we are going into a fifth dimension and things are changing on the planet, I’m trying to help people understand that.

It’s the high-minded Aquarius that you are. Thank you, Irene. It has been incredible having you on the show, informative, and healing for all of us.

Thank you so much. It’s my honor, honestly.

I’m so glad you’re with us. James, don’t you have a 50% sale going?

It’s a big deal. It’s a 50% sale in my school, the JVP School of Mystical Arts. I’ve taken two of the original courses that formed my school that are most popular. It’s a psychic certification course and a mediumship course. It’s 50% off because I want to do something that gives back to people. They can do that. It’s 45 videos per course and a lot of stuff on there. Go to my school, and you can see that. Kellee, what do you have going on?

I’ve got Ask Me Anything. Join me for Ask Me Anything. I’ll be going all through the astrology of December 2023. James, you and I are going to be doing our predictions for 2024.

I’m going to tell everybody. On December 9th, 2023, I’m doing a special with Gordon Smith and twenty other mediums. It’s a special for Helping Parents Heal. You can go onto the Helping Parents Heal website. There are over twenty mediums, and each medium is going to be three readings per person. We’re going to split it all up. If you’re interested, go to Helping Parents Heal.

That’s a wonderful organization.

It’s a great organization. It’s a benefit for them if anyone is interested. On December 1st, 2023, I’m doing An Evening of Spirit Messages on Zoom. We still have some room left. It’s going to be fun with different exercises, readings, and end-of-the-year fun stuff. I’ll be on for a while.

That’s so wonderful. I want to hear your predictions for ’24. I don’t want to miss that.

A lot of them come true. It’s interesting. We called COVID. We got that. We didn’t call it COVID. It was something.

We got a lot. At the beginning of 2023, we talked about a war coming up. We have covered a lot of things. It will be a great show. Thank you so much, Irene, for joining us.

Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and words and for being here.

Thank you, Saul.

Thank you for bringing this lady to us.

Don’t be surprised if you see him again, James. He knows you.

I would be afraid. I’m not sure. I’ll know it’s him. Thanks.

Thank you.


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I was glad to see you w/James & Kellee last night. Your story resonates with me in many ways. I've had some mind-blowing messages that have transformed my grief. I, too, am a widow. I experienced a shared death crossing and am now a death doula. I've been writing a book & hold workshops on life- death & grief, sharing my own experiences. I will start listening to your podcast & will order your book!

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