Stephanie Jankowski’s review on They Serve Bagels in Heaven:

Her voice, thick with New Jersey, was reminiscent of Marisa Tomei’s in My Cousin Vinny (or so thinks this Yank!). There was a sweetness to it, something calming about it. I couldn’t help but giggle as we spoke over the phone, giddy to have this brilliant woman at my disposal to ask any questions I wanted.


Let me take you back a couple of months to the day I received an email asking if I wanted to read this book that could possible change my life. How dramatic! A life changing book?! Sure, why not? <insert eye roll here> Then I looked it up on Amazon and scoured the reviews. I’ll tell you why I said YES to reading this book: because too many of us have lost loved ones, and have questions about the Other Side. Because the news only reports the bad, and the media shoves it down our throats until we choke on it. In a world of BLAH, They Serve Bagels in Heaven is BEAUTIFUL, and so is author Ms. Irene Weinberg.

I read the book in, like, record time. Since having kids, my bedtime is earlier and my days busier, which leaves little time for devouring books the way I used to. But I couldn’t put this one down. Whether you’re a believer or not, this sweet read has a fantastic love story at its core, and you need to snag a copy if for no other reason than to feel all the feels.

When Irene offered to chat with me over the phone, I jumped at the chance. After reading her book, I had so many questions. Soul mates! Past lives! The accident! Her Jewish faith! I couldn’t get enough. Fortunately, she showed me a lot more patience than Marisa Tomei showed Vinny, and this is the fruit of our labor…

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