Vicky Cianci’s review on They Serve Bagels in Heaven:

How does one find closure from a tragic loss, especially when it is your soul mate. In this book Irene shares openly about how the Saul’s loss  The books discuss the story of Irene and Saul and the connection of their spirits through time. As Ingrid is looking for closure, there are little things which continually remind her of dear husband Saul. As Ingrid meets with a medium which connect her to Saul.

From the medium connection, there is how she learns from Saul how they always been connected through many reincarnations.  Each time period it is so emotional how they met and the suffering incurred during the period. The one thing that made them strong is how they were able to connect with each other. In each they brought out inner strength and a love so great that was to powerful to never break.

This is a love story, but more about how you connect inside. Each little piece inside is built from somewhere and based on Ingrid’s experience the voice in the woods shows love, concern and a bit frighten of how accurate it can be based on a meeting in each lifetime. Each decision and how the rippling effect that continues in the next lifetime, made me wonder how often can one find that true love connection that lasts many lifetimes.

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