Jaylnn Patterson’s review on They Serve Bagels in Heaven:

Wouldn’t it be the most terrible feeling in the world to survive a tragic car accident only to find out that your spouse died? I know for a fact I can’t even fathom my spouse to leave this earth without me. But sure enough Irene found this out first hand when her husband Saul passed away in a car accident that she survived. This book has to be read with an open mind, I guess you could say because it involves mediums and things of that sort. I for one don’t agree with things such as these.

With that being said, I felt really bad for the main character. I would be beside myself if I were to lose my precious husband. The author did a very well thought out and well researched story, so I commend her for that. This is purely the authors commentary and opinion and should be taken as such. otherwise a very delightful read especially something a little different than what I normally review.

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