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Barbra Banner is an Evidential/Psychic Medium who is certified by the highly respected organization HELPING PARENTS HEAL. Her journey to mediumship began with a series of unusual psychic occurrences at her home, which led her to realize that she was being called by the spirit world. Even though Barbra’s readings often touch on a wide range of traumatic issues that draw from her 30 years of generously volunteering on Crisis Hot Lines and Crisis Response Teams, her readings consistently remain uplifting and fun, with an emphasis on high-vibration love, laughter, and lightness. Tune in to hear Irene and Barbra talk about her spiritual family secret that persisted for centuries,  the unusual occurrences at her home that offered her a mystical summons, the high-vibration love, laughter, and lightness she brings into her readings, and more, for an enlightening, insightful, and high vibration interview!   


  • The unusual occurrences at Barbra’s home that led her to realize that she was being called by the spiritual world.
  • How Barbra gives readings, including using humor and channeling messages and movements from spirits.
  • Who exactly are our spirit guides and their uplifting sense of humor.
  • The importance of laughter and healing for people who are grieving.
  • How Barbra helps people recognize signs from their loved ones.
  • Crazy, amazing, and funny readings Barbra has facilitated!


  • How did you find out about your family secret that persisted for centuries?
  • How do your years of volunteering on Crisis Hot Lines and Crisis Response Teams sync with your mediumship?
  • How do you bring high-vibration love, laughter, and lightness into your readings?
  • Do deceased spouses want us to find a new romantic interest and be happy?
  • What is the silent question and answer guidance that occurs at the end of each of your sessions?
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Barbra Banner: Is It True That Your Deceased Loved One Wants You To Be Happy?





I could not be more delighted to have the pleasure of interviewing evidential psychic medium, Barbra Banner, who is a certified medium by a highly respected organization, Helping Parents Heal. To become certified, a medium must have received comprehensive training about various aspects of spiritual and psychic phenomenon, communication, and navigating complex emotional situations, which enables her to offer insights, guidance, and support, grounded in a deep understanding of spiritual practices with supporting evidence that is indisputable. Barbra’s journey to mediumship began with a series of unusual psychic occurrences at her home, which led her to realize that she was being called by the spirit world. Not only did she feel compelled to answer this mystical summons, Barbra, later discovered that her connection to the spirit realm was a family secret that had persisted for centuries. Even though Barbra’s readings often touch on a wide variety of traumatic issues that draw from her 30 years of generously volunteering on crisis hotlines and crisis response teams, her readings consistently remain uplifting and fun with an emphasis on high-vibration love, laughter, and lightness.  I’m looking forward to talking with Barbra who will be speaking with us from Los Angeles, California, about that spiritual family secret that had persisted for centuries, the unusual occurrences at her home that offered her a mystical summons, the teachers and mentors Barbra has worked and trained with, the way her volunteer work is in sync with her mediumship, the high vibration love, laughter, and lightness she brings to her readings, and more for what is surely going to be an enlightening, insightful, and high vibe interview with Barbra. Full disclosure, I have had my own session with Barbra. It was filled with messages from deceased loved ones, wise guidance, and uplifting humor. Barbra, a warm welcome to the show. Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Being Happy After Loss | Barbra Banner I’m happy to be here, but you hear that from everybody. It’s wonderful though. It’s great. I’m glad to share you with everybody. First of all, I’m curious about these unusual occurrences at your home. How many people get unusual occurrences that make them realize they’re being called by the spirit world? When did these things happen?  I think more people than you can imagine have gotten it, but they’re not aware. The first thing was I went out for commercials and I had to send in an audition tape. I wanted to look at it before I sent it, and orbs are flying all around it. I said, “What the heck?” There have been other things. I’ve had a clock fly off the shelf. My husband’s mother’s picture on the mantle flew off and broke it. Later on, I did say, “Why throw yourself off to the floor and break yourself?” She goes, “I needed more attention.” I said, “Okay.” My husband took the picture and drove around with her to get it fixed. He said, “I felt like I had my mom with me.” The thing that caught it was I was in my bedroom, and the light and the fan started going on. I did not put it on. The light was flashing. I screamed, “John, come to the bedroom. You won’t believe what you’re seeing.” He goes, “No, you come in the den.” I run in the den. The fan in there and the light were flashing just like mine. The only unusual thing was there was no light bulb in one of the bedrooms. I had taken it out to put in another fan. I said, “Spirit is calling. I am not going to ignore it. I have to answer it.” Those were some of the things.  When you talked about commercials, you’re an actress? I do not consider this to be an actress. If you go out to commercials and say, “Hi, buy Downey,” that’s not acting. I want to know about this family secret about your connection to the spirit realm that persisted. How did you find out about a family secret that persisted for centuries?  My mother was 103 and had all her marbles. I had been training. Most of my friends during the pandemic were binge-watching Netflix. I was training to be a psychic or finding out what I had. I went to my mom because how long does she have? I said, “I have to tell you something. I’ve been talking to Dad and I didn’t know how to tell you. I didn’t know what you do.” She said, “Your grandmother was dragging me to fortune tellers, psychics, and readers all the time. She had a line out the door of people in the neighborhood who wanted to get some of her wisdom.” I said, “You’re 103. When were you going to tell me?” I couldn’t believe it, but then things started to fall into place and I realized. I was thirteen and watching Sylvia Browne. I remember my mother got me an Ouija board when I was thirteen. That’s interesting.  I said, “What the hell is this? I don’t want this. Get me something else.”  She knew. I go to different channelers when I practice. They all say the same thing, “You’ve been doing this for centuries. You’ve been a medium and doing the spiritual thing forever,” but nobody told me until I was in my later years. You’ve accepted your mission. I did with such joy. I’m like a kid. Somebody told me, “You’re like a kid. You’re excited to get in that chair and help somebody.” It does make a difference. Who are some of the teachers and mentors you’ve worked with? Do you continue to enhance your abilities?  I’ll continue to learn for the rest of my life because it’s overwhelming, and I try to keep in my lane. I started with Suzanne Giesmann. She’s wonderful, full of joy, and easygoing. I had never even meditated before, “What’s meditation?” The first time we did practice with another person in there, I said, “Do you know somebody named Thomas who has a white dog?” She said yes. I said, “What?” I was shocked. Before I knew anything, I thought, “This is beginner’s luck. This is great.” I found out it was more than beginner’s luck. I was meant to do this. It all fell into place. How long ago did you start with all of this? Pandemic. It’s been very short. After seven months, because everyone started hearing about me, and I was doing free readings for them. Everyone said, “Hang a shingle already.” I started putting the tentacles out after about seven months.  Good for you. I am fascinated because I used to work on the hotline of a battered women’s service, and I know that you’ve been generously volunteering for 30 years. How is that in sync with your mediumship? I’ll bet you that’s connected somehow. I don’t want to just write a check. I want to pull up my sleeves and get in one-on-one. When this opportunity for a woman’s crisis hotline came up, I said, “This is for me.” I was on it for fourteen years. I’m still at Cedar’s Emergency Room because blood doesn’t bother me. We’re dealing with a lot of grief-stricken people who are in shock and everything else. I’ve been on the crisis response team for LA. When there’s a deceased body on the scene, the police are there, and the family comes, the police need to be free to investigate and do their job. The crisis response team gets called out, a couple of people, and we deal with the family. On the worst day of their life, we are there to give them resources and listen. I was divinely guided like a little robot. I went where I was called.  Step by step. When you were doing this before you were officially in this line of helping people, did you ever get messages from deceased loved ones or whatever when you were on those crisis hotlines?  Never. They were waiting for the pandemic. It was for me. This was my time. My soul was ready. That’s what they say.  You bring a lot of humor into your readings. You like to talk about the Mayo Clinic and other entities that have reports about laughter and stress. Could you want to explain how you bring humor into your readings? The person is crying their eyes out, and you’re bringing humor into reading to lift their spirits. Tell us about that.  First of all, I read the room. I can put a little thing in and then I lower it. If they give a little chuckle or a little smile, then I feel like I can be myself because I have to tamp it down when I’m not. There’s a lot of research behind laughter and how it makes you feel. The Mayo Clinic says that laughter lessens stress, depression, and anxiety. They said it is a task in grief to learn how to laugh again. That’s what our loved ones want. They want to know we’re going to be okay. There’s nothing like love and laughter to raise your vibration, even when you are down. Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Being Happy After Loss | Barbra Banner There's nothing like love and laughter to raise your vibration, even when you are down. Share on X I’ve had people cry through a session and say, “That was the most uplifting thing that I’ve had.” They’re so happy, even though they cried because they saw that moment that made them realize, “I can laugh again. That’s what my son wants. He wants me to be happy when I look at the picture of him and me on a Ferris wheel.” That’s what they want. As a mother, how can you not do what your child wants? You have to do it. I also heard that 15 minutes of laughter equals 2 hours of sleep. It’s that restorative. That’s fabulous.  I didn’t believe it, but it was in writing. I believe it now because it is. I found research from the University of Berkeley that for widows and widows who laugh, and when they’re looking at a picture or they’re remembering a spouse, they do it with a smile, and they feel wonderful about it. That can ward off depression and anxiety. Not 6 or 12 months, but up to 2 years it can last. That’s wonderful.  I would like to submit that I know that they’re around us. If we’re laughing and we are uplifted, it’s got to be helping them on the other side also and making them very happy. As we heal we learn to be able to laugh and have joy again, it’s beneficial to them.  That’s all they want from us, to be okay and be happy, even if it’s finding somebody else to love. If you are meant to be with this person, if that’s your soul pod and the one that had passed, you need to be with them. You will be back with them because the intermediate person is there for a purpose. He’s there to give you compassion, companionship, and love until you are back. Your loved one on the other side wants that for you. I have never seen any jealousy at all on the other side. There’s none of that. I have two questions for you. I know you have an interesting spirit team that has a lot to do with your humor. I’d like you to explain to people how you get your messages with your clair senses.  First of all, I get everything. I don’t get a smell, and that’s probably a good thing. I hear, feel, and see them. It’s subtle. It’s not like I’m looking at you right now. I’ve been working on trance. I’ve been trancing for a while. I get messages that I usually write down or I’ll say them because they’re usually geared toward what’s going on in your life right now. They want you to know that they are there, that you might have had a bowl of corn chowder for lunch, crazy interesting things. or “Show me a light switch.” That’s interesting because the lights were dimming all night. I didn’t even know what happened. I’m clairsentient and clairaudience. I see, hear, and feel a lot of things. I feel there was trauma when she was sixteen that changed her life because that’s not something you want to see. Those personal things, I have to be very careful. I’m doing some channeling. I can speak for them. I don’t go into some unusual voice. It’s my voice, then they also give me movements. I’ve been known to go in and do a hula dance in the middle of a reading. I thought, “Okay.” The client says my grandmother was the number one hula hoop champion in America when she was seventeen. There is always a reason that I do something that they did when they were living. I said, “I don’t know why I am doing this, but they’re making me do this.” He was a rower on a college team. You just don’t know. Who is this terrific and interesting spirit team you’ve got? I was told that your spirit team works within your personality. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’m pretty high energy and they are hysterical. I have people who read me and said, “You have the funniest spirit team I’ve ever worked with. They are hilarious.” They give me interesting ways of seeing things. I’ll give you an example of the difference between my team and someone else. Let’s say, you’re doing a reading, somebody comes forward, and you might hear some drums. You’ll say, “This person loves music. He is like this and that, but it seems like he likes old-fashioned music.” That’s how some people can see it. I see it in technicolor. I see a guy come running out, playing the bongos like Ricky Ricardo, jumping onto the drums, banging the drums, and then crooning a song. It’s bigger. I think I am colorful. They made it a little more fun for me and the client, and then they knew exactly who I was. That’s the difference.  It’s very refreshing.  There’s a cute story. I was trading readings with a medium. She said, “Can you get my spirit guide?” I said, “I don’t know. I’ve never done that before. I’m going to go for it. I’m seeing this yellow thing. It looks like SpongeBob. He’s bouncing off the walls. His eyes are going googly. Now, he’s riding a bucking bronco. He’s swishing a saber. If that’s your spirit guide, I’ve got him.” She said, “That’s him.” It’s crazy. I said, “Really?” A lot of times, with the information I get, I’m as excited and shocked as the client. Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Being Happy After Loss | Barbra Banner What a validation that is because it’s not something typical that you would get.  I’ve had to learn to trust them because I get such crazy things, Don’t second guess them. Tell the client if you see a two-headed moose. She’ll say, “I have one of those at home.” You never know. You have to say what you see.  It’s all about the evidence that they’re on the other side, and they want to communicate. You are their perfect vessel. I know that you’ve facilitated quite a few, as you call them crazy, amazing, and funny sessions. I have a couple of favorites I want you to tell everybody about. Please share your story about the skeptic and the bagel scooper. Should I do one at a time, or should I give you all the ones I’m looking for? You ruined it. You said what it was. Go ahead and tell the story. They don’t know what they have in common. Tell us about that.  This woman was very skeptical. Her daughter was with her. Everything I said, “That’s general. That’s too broad. You could have read that in the papers.” I felt like I was being judged at the Olympics, and I was not going to make the podium. It was not a good session. As I ended it, I said, “I have to tell you that your daughter’s symbol to look for is a unicorn.” They look at each other like, “This woman is nuts.” They said, “We don’t know anything about unicorns. That’s not for us.” I said, “Okay, just be aware.” One year later, I got a call and they said, “I have to tell you, our world has been delusion with unicorns. We see them everywhere every week on park benches and in movies. Everywhere is unicorns.” I said, “You’re welcome,” because she was not very nice. What’s interesting is two weeks later, I had to get in touch with her. I said, “Your husband came the other night and he wanted me to show you something. He’s showing me half a toasted bagel and it’s scooped out. Does that mean anything to you?” She goes, “Every Jewish person scoops their bagel out. Come on. That’s not a message. That’s nothing.” I said, “Okay, just be aware.” One week later, I got an email. She said, “I went to my in-law’s place in Florida with my daughter and my father-in-law says, ‘I invented a product and I have a prototype. I’m going to show you and see if you can guess what it is.’ He brings this contraption or whatever it is out and she says, ‘I have no idea what that is,’ and he said, ‘It’s a bagel scooper.’” She fell off the floor. She told the parents my prophecy and she could not believe it. Neither could I because who knows, but you have to say it. You turned the skeptic into a believer.  She hasn’t booked with me again. She’s still a little skeptical, but that’s okay. You got another one. I got a couple. Should I ask you about the secret sister and Frank Sinatra? I had a client and I gave him a lot of things he could take. At the end, I said, “You have a secret sister.” They can get angry at you. He said, “I don’t have a sister. That’s crazy. You’re way off the track.” I said, “I’m just letting you know that that’s what I’m seeing.” One year and a half later, I got a phone call. He goes, “I’m sorry.” I said, “Why?” He said, “I have a secret sister. My father pulled out a shoebox and I had a picture. I said, ‘Who’s this girl with mom?’ He said, ‘It’s time you know. You have a secret sister.’” It can come at any time. A lot of times in reading, what I say is, “You may not know about all of this right now, but give it a little time.” I get emails all the time, “I found out that this was true and I didn’t even know that person.” You have to be patient because not everything is going to hit you over the head in a reading. You have to be patient. Not everything is going to hit you over the head in a reading. Share on X There’s a Frank Sinatra mask. I have this widow who never believes that her husband is around her. He’s always around her. She tests me every time. I said, “I have this man, I guess it’s your husband playing the piano, and he’s playing a love song.” She said, “He didn’t play the piano.” I said, “He is singing you a love song. Wait a second. I’m going to go from a different angle. How interesting. This man is holding up a Frank Sinatra mask in front of his face. Does that mean anything?” She goes, “Last night I didn’t have anything to watch. I went on Netflix, and I picked a documentary on Frank Sinatra. I was listening to all his songs. He was with me. It is so comforting to know that even when I don’t feel him or have a sign from him, he is still with me. You can’t understand how that makes me feel. It’s wonderful.” This is a woman who tests me all the time. She said, “Tell me now, if he was with me, he would know what TV show I was watching because he never would’ve watched it with me. I binge-watch it.” I looked at him and he said, “Outlander.” I said, “Outlander.” She said, “Yes.” I get excited. I said, “Are you sure?” It’s fun. That’s great. They make it fun for us.  I got one other. There’s something about a boyfriend who got thrown out of a boat.  This is my favorite. At the end, I asked people if they would like to give their loved one a question. I said, “I don’t want to know what it is because I don’t want my crazy mind involved in the answer. Your father,” who she was talking to, “is in the back of a rowboat and you’re in the front. You are both rowing this boat. He’s there behind you to support you, help you on your way, and help guide you, but there’s a guy in the middle of you two. Your father is getting up. He’s throwing this guy overboard and he’s not going to pick him up. He said, ‘Let’s go.’ He says, ‘No,’ he’s staying there.” I said to the client, “What the hell did you ask him?” She said, “Do you like my new boyfriend?” I said, “Really? You got your answer.” That’s how spirit makes it funny. It tells people that it’s true. Do you do this for every session? Do you have a silent question-and-answer guidance part of every one of your sessions?  I do try to do that. Most of the time or 95% of the time, it works. Sometimes they come back with a message that has nothing to do with the question, but it’s something they need to know, like pay the bills, don’t move from the house, or things like that. I try to do it, but first of all, no yeses or noes. I don’t want to be able to have anything like that. They want a chance to show off a little for you, and no trick questions. Nothing like, ‘What was my nickname?’ We’re not playing that game. They’re around you. They love you. They want you to know they’re there and they want to give you guidance, advice, or support.” They get it right away.  What I think mediumship does for me is it takes away the fear of death. Many people think when it’s over, it’s over. It’s not. By communicating with other people’s loved ones on the other side, you know that it is not over. It’s just the end of your body. You are going to go back to the other side, see them again, and be with them.  They call it home. It’s home. They’re happy. The only thing they’re worried about is you being happy. That’s what they care about. They want to be part of your life. They want you to talk to them. They want you to get to a point where you look at their picture and smile like, “That was so much fun. I love this kid. It makes me smile and gives me joy,” and it will happen. Sometimes you get on and they say, “I don’t want to live anymore.” Those are tough, but by the end, I’m hoping that they’ll crack a little smile. Your deceased loved ones only want one thing: for you to be happy. Share on X You’re inspiring them. I love that a portion of what you receive from your readings is donated to women’s charities. What are some of them, and why are they near and dear to you?  Women got the short end of the stick, especially now. I do help fund breast cancer and domestic violence in Planned Parenthood and other kinds of organizations that are on the frontline of helping women. It’s the least I can do besides donating a lot of sessions to people who’ve never had a reading or who need a low-cost one. I don’t think reading should be out of this world with expensive for those who can’t afford it. I try to keep that in mind.  That’s generous and kind of you. Tell us about the different sessions you offer, your group readings, your events, and anything else you’d like the audience to know about you and your work. Let it rip, kid. Tell us everything.  I did my first helping parents heal because I got certified. They put you through hell.  Is that hard? Is that tough?  It is. They have you read people that you can’t see or all they’ll say is yes, no, or I don’t know. It might be a little easier than looking at them. It’s five different people. It was difficult for me to get rid of my test anxiety. That was killing me, but my team said to just get in there and forget about that stuff. I did my first gallery reading for them. People from all over the world will see it. It’s on their YouTube channel, Helping Parents Heal. My session for them was on the 28th of May. If you want to see a part of a reading. They’re a lot of fun. They were very poignant as well. You could book me on www. Do you have group reading? You have galleries and group readings. Do you have events also?  Not yet. I’m just starting all this. I do some readings for groups. My girlfriend’s team was my first. It’s a card game. They have a card party. That was my first foray. We practice a lot. I’m going for the second time to Arthur Finley College for even more training. That place is magical. I went last year. I’m always taking a class from somebody like Suzanne before she passed and Chris Drew. I want to try out everybody and see like Tony Stockwell. Everybody is different. You learn something different from everybody.  Do you have a message about the importance of healing or healing through mediumship or anything you want to talk about healing that you’d like to share with our audience?  When somebody comes in and they are in the grips of despair, I have people whose child or spouse passed away two weeks ago. When they are in that state, it is very hard to get through when they are close to it, but I think it’s important. I have to read the room. I have to know how they feel. I don’t come in and start telling jokes, although I do have one at the very end that you might like. They need to heal. Laughter at this point is probably a good start for them to realize they can smile again and the messages from their loved ones are the best healing that they can get. When we get a piece of evidence that’s like a gold nugget that is important to them, I could say bubblegum, and the person could break out in tears because it’s important to them. Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Being Happy After Loss | Barbra Banner I’ve experienced it myself. When my husband first died, I got amazing messages. That proof of survival is important.  Everyone wants to know about signs, “What signs are they giving me?” I tell them, whatever they’ll show me, whether it’s electricity, light or they’re changing channels in the car with them as they’re in the passenger seat. I tell people to wake up in the morning. Look at the picture of your loved one. Say, “I love you, Joe. Will you spend the day with me?” Don’t be surprised if a favorite song of yours comes on the radio. If you do hear it, listen to the words because they picked a song that you will understand. He wanted to tell you something. Even in my readings, I can have a song come on. I was reading a woman and Mrs. Robinson came on my computer. I wasn’t even using the computer. I do it on an iPad. I looked at her and said, “What the heck? By the way, does Mrs. Robinson have any meaning to you? Do you have a young boyfriend or husband?” She said, “As a matter of fact, I am a Mrs. Robinson. This is not the first time she’s played a song like that for me. That’s my mom.”  Why do you say that finding joy in life has to do with changing the way we look at a situation?  It’s being practical. You can’t bring your loved one back no matter what. If you cannot change the situation, you only have one choice. Change the way you look at it. You know how we say, “This woman looks at something as the glass half full, and this one looks at the glass half empty.” Look at all the things. Look at the symbols you’re getting and how you feel their energy sometimes. All of this is a gift from them so that you can understand that they are around you. They are helping you. I always say, “Things come out of my mouth that I didn’t say.” They want you to hear them. Sometimes I come up with a good idea, and I think I’m smart for that day, but then I realize my dad told me to do that. You don’t know exactly where it’s coming from, but it’s all for your greatest good. When you change the way you look at a situation, you encourage people when things are terrible that if you could change your attitude, it helps.  As I said, 15 minutes of laughter equals 2 hours of sleep. I tell people, “You can’t sleep at night because you’re feeling decimated. Get up and go watch a comedy that you love, and laugh a little.” It fills the void with something that’s positive, like laughter, which is the highest vibration of love on the emotional level. Fill it with something else. Try to pivot. It helps. That’s a wonderful message for everyone. In closing, I want to thank you from my heart for being such a wonderful bridge between the earthly and the spiritual realms. You’ve just begun and you’re going forward beautifully. You provide such solace, forgiveness, and messages of love from beyond that validate the many ways our departed loved ones are still engaged in our lives here on Earth. I’m the lucky one. That’s beautiful. I want to give a little joke at the end. How many witches does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is, into what? Simple but fabulous.  That’s wonderful. I love that you generously offer low-income individuals a discount. Do they apply to you through your website? On the website, when they want to book, it gives you information to contact me first, and then we can discuss it.  I want to thank you from my heart for this enlightening, insightful, fun, and very high-vibe interview that I’m sure is having many people smile, laugh, and be uplifted. Here is a loving reminder to make sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg, on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings. Thank you so much, Barbra.  Thank you for letting me do this.  My pleasure. Bye for now. To be continued. 

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Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Being Happy After Loss | Barbra BannerIn my late 60’s I was bombarded with numerous signs from the other side and I knew I needed to answer spirit’s call. I had always been interested in the mystical so I jumped in feet first. After 7 months of classes and hundreds of practices, I started with a long list of people needing donated readings. When several channelers told me I had been doing this for centuries, it all made sense. Even my choices of volunteering jobs had been in sync. 14 years on a crisis hotline for women, 10 years at LA’s largest hospital Emergency Room, and I am still active on the city’s Crisis Response Team. The Police and Fire Department can call us in when there is a deceased person at the scene and the family or witnesses need assistance. Now that’s divine intervention. Every Medium has their own special way of working and presenting the evidence. To my delight and surprise, my guides have a real sense of humor too, so my readings not only have the reverence this sacred job deserves, but it also have a lite and joyful feel that makes it more uplifting. Many of the messages I get seem so outrageous I have to tell myself to TRUST what I’m receiving and just spit it out. And wouldn’t you know, the clients can usually take it. I am as surprised as they are. I know that spirit gives you what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear.
When I see a client come in with such grief and heartache leave with a little more hope, peace and joy, I feel that sense of relief and joy in my own heart. (One of the many perks) After thousands of readings, I still look forward to every one, knowing it’s a chance for laughter and healing.
“Irene Weinberg I’m so glad that I discovered you! YAY. I’ve been listening to your interviews while I weave. So so so informative. Love them!”
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