Autumn Toelle-Jackson

Autumn Toelle-Jackson is a wife, widow, mother, survivor, and author who has lived a life filled with great love and titanic losses. The loss of a husband, a beloved cousin who was her mentor, her infant daughter, and miscarriages have left scars on her soul and memorial tattoos on her body, yet Autumn has grown through it all, finding love and motivations to get up each day until those days strung into weeks, then months, then years.

In her award-winning book “Boldly into the Darkness: Living with Loss, Growing with Grief and Holding onto Happiness,” Autumn, who is a remarkable role model for healing and Rebirth, shares her incredible story about her miscarriages, the deaths of her daughter, cousin, and husband, her memorial tattoos, organ donation, and how she coped with her profound grief and found the strength to heal.


  • The trip Autumn took to be alone with her grief, where she felt her deceased husband Joe’s presence.
  • How an acquaintance named Kyle became Autumn’s “Grief Person” and the ways that special relationship led to so much more.
  • The heart wrenching loss of Autumn and Kyle’s precious infant daughter Rylee, and how organ donation helped them to heal.
  • The admirable ways Autumn and Kyle incorporated all those they lost into their lives.


  • How have your memorial tattoos helped you with your grief?
  • In what ways did your experience with a transformative coach teach you to be introspective, and how did that help you with your grief?
  • What are some of the lessons and outcomes of your life story that you share in your award-winning book, which is a remarkable portrait of healing and Rebirth?









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