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Austyn Wells is a best-selling author, spiritual medium and soul gardener who empowers individuals to create soul-centered lives. Austyn is also a certified grief counselor who powerfully combines her intuition and mediumship with shamanism, energy medicine, and sacred ceremony to bring about healing.


  • How the Spirit world came to Austyn to answer a prayer and show Austyn her future when she was 5 years old.
  • Why many people are experiencing scary nightmares during the pandemic.
  • Coronavirus is an educator in a global classroom.
  • Austyn’s sacred experience honoring her mom both as her mom was dying and after her mother transitioned.


  • In what ways do you help people reacquaint themselves with their essence which is their soul?
  • What are the spiritual opportunities, or spiritunities as you call them, in this global classroom we are all in right now?
  • What motivated you to become a grief counselor with a specialty for children grieving in addition to your calling as a medium?




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Austyn Wells – Author, Spiritual Medium, Certified Grief Counselor And Soul Gardener






I am delighted to be interviewing Austyn Wells, a bestselling author, spiritual medium, and soul gardener who empowers individuals to create soul-centered lives. Austyn is also a certified grief counselor who powerfully combines her intuition and mediumship with shamanism, energy medicine, and sacred ceremonies to bring about healing.

Austyn, welcome to the show. It is my pleasure to introduce our audience to the joy-filled ways you help people live a soul-centered life. Let’s begin our interview with this question. The spirit world came to you to answer a prayer and showed you your future when you were only five years old. How did this chat with spirit, which is amazing in itself, inspire the life you are living?

You are so cute. Thank you for having me on. When I was five, my mom was a model and I was in a fashion show. I was a little shy as a child and I had to be a bridesmaid with a huge amount of tools. I couldn’t see my feet and I was a dork, to begin with anyway. I was afraid that I was going to faceplant when I went up the stairs at this very important fashion show. My mom wasn’t the type of mom you woke up in the middle of the night and asked for help. I went to my other family, my spirit family, which I was aware of were available.

At five years old, you were already aware of your spirit family.

I don’t think I lost connection with them. I think that they were there. I put out this major like, “Help me.” All of a sudden, the walls of my room started to morph and all of these invisible yet visible people came into my room. Most of them were not people I knew. Probably about 40 people at least. Possibly, the old-fashioned Verizon commercial, lots of people. I didn’t know them, yet I was not afraid at all.

This one woman came from the crowd. She came up to me and she spoke in soul communication. She didn’t speak actual words. She spoke to my heart. I heard her as if a voice resonated inside of me. She said, “We are here to help. How can we help?” I intuited back what I was scared about. All of a sudden, my bedroom became two realities. I was in my bed sitting up with all of these new friends, and then I also started seeing the runway of the next-day fashion show to my right as if I were in two realities at the same time. I was present and future.

I witnessed myself going up the stairs, not tripping, good news. I got up to the top of the stairs, and then I started to walk out. I could feel this rush of adrenaline and excitement. The minute I had a sensation that I was going to be okay, she had me shift to be the audience watching me and I could feel the love and support from them, the charm that they had, and the joy they had. She then had me morph and feel even further, the whole room and all the spiritual support in the room. At that moment, I was like, “Even if I fell, I couldn’t fail.”

The minute I had that realization, that future moment dissipated and I was back in my room with her. A lot of people had left at that point, but I had this solid knowledge that I was going to be fine. The minute I got that inclination, she gave me a loving feeling, and then she went back into the walls and I fell back asleep.

Did you ever figure out who she was?

I believe she was my higher self. This is a funny little thing to think about, but any decision that you make, if you and I make a decision at this moment, it not only impacts this moment, it impacts the moments behind you and in front of you. That’s on the quantum level. I remember very distinctly in a shaman class I was in, they said, “Give your higher self permission to intervene on your behalf anytime you need it. That way, you will always have an extra awareness of what’s happening behind the scenes.” I have had so many times that you make an agreement with spirit and they prove it before you realize what it’s connected to because they are always ahead of us.

Let me ask you, because some of our people tuning in may not quite know what a higher self is. How about explaining that to them?

In my universe, in my understanding, we are energy before we are physical. We make a decision to pick a physical body and to connect with a certain soul group to evolve. Our soul has a duality to it. We have a human being, our finite self, and we have a spiritual being, which is our infinite self. The finite self is our emotions or personality. That is the human being, which right now in our world, is going a little batty because when our emotions and our fear are high, that’s the part that will run the show.

Equally, there’s another voice in your head that is your spiritual self, which is the eternal nature of your soul that goes from body to body or reality to reality that when you sleep goes out to different dimensions. That’s also the part where we have the affirmation of the existence of the soul beyond the experience of death because that’s the enema, energy, and purity of the soul that we are speaking to when mediums have those conversations. When we are talking about a higher self, we are talking about the part of us that has that witnessing ability and the objective ability to understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. It always gives us faith, trust, and expansion because it knows that we are here to evolve.

I would think that the higher self is our overview or our home base.

It is. As I have discovered through lots of fun exercises with the spirit world, it’s also the little you. I call it the little version of you. It’s the five-year-old in you that is the quintessential version of you. The one that knows that everything’s fun, people are trustworthy, and things are going to be fine. That has the best capture on your soul. When you have homework from the past, more or less your younger years you are still trying to suss out, which is why I believe we are here.

It’s to get front-loaded in the beginning, figure it out, and then learn to be of service eventually. That little you will be very prominent in people’s energy fields if there are these juicy morsels and treasures that exist in the unconscious within a person’s landscape that are waiting to be noticed. They then can be brought into consciousness and then you evolve.

This experience with your higher self, how did that inspire what’s happened to you now? I know you had to live a normal life until you got to, what you are saying, all those beautiful things that were within you that started to come out. Not everyone can see their higher self and the spiritual beings around them. People have memories, but that was amazing. It’s quite an experience.

It was phenomenal to have at five, but I, like everybody else, forgot. I honestly feel that we forget. We need to come back to it. There are some people that stay connected their entire lives. I didn’t forget for a long time because there were always these indications of spirit going, “Austyn’s offline, let’s get her back on again,” and then someone would come into my life.

My first boyfriend’s mom was this amazing Rosicrucian. She read the tarot cards. She was out there and very maternal, which I hadn’t quite gotten from my mother. She was phenomenal. She turned on a whole bunch of lights and went, “Here’s the trail. Let’s stay on the path for a while, but you are supposed to wander off. You don’t lose yourself. You are just adding little things that are in your backpack that eventually you will either unpack as tools or you will discard as aspects of you that don’t serve you anymore that gave you lessons along the way.”

Now we know about this part of you, but you also became motivated to become a grief counselor with a specialty for children grieving, in addition to your calling as a medium. Tell us about that.

It’s a funny thing when you start speaking to the spirit world, it’s fun. These people have things to say, I can say things, it seems to make people feel good, and that feels good.

They are not judging me either.

No. They are so loving and so supportive. They were much nicer to hang out with than some of the other people I’d met along the way. They are cool. Even the people that were challenging and difficult, they still were having epiphanies and it was cool to hang out with them. The challenge was, I didn’t understand a lot about death because, at the point that intersection happened, I hadn’t had a lot of perspective in my life.

Think about it from the spirit world’s perspective. They have to have certain filo facts or a certain repertoire in a person’s own experience or empathy in order for a medium to convey a certain message. This isn’t touting older mediums. However, wisdom in life does allow a medium to have a deeper level of communication because there are more experiences within my soul to draw from.

GAR 72 | Soul Gardener

Soul Gardener: Wisdom in life does allow a medium to have a deeper level of communication because there are more experiences.

I had no experience with death, so I became a grief counselor, primarily out of integrity, honestly. That’s not to pat myself on the back. I take this so seriously. I don’t want to miss a moment to be of support to another human being because grief is an extraordinary experience. The people who have been brought to their knees because of adversity, I know, are some of the bravest souls on the planet and they deserve the best from me.

I got certified in grief counseling, and then because I had parents that were attracted to work with me whose children were in spirit, I wanted to understand what the kids went through too. It’s funny, the grief counseling for the kids, which I do specialize in was also a love letter from the spirit kids to help me with the adult kids that were sitting in front of me. The best grief work I find is written for children.

Spirit children help you deal with the child within the adults.

Yes, because when we experience being victimized by an event. That’s one that you think about what’s happening in our world right now. We will default to the triangle of disempowerment because the biggest theme that’s happening right now is whatever is unconscious is being asked to be reborn.

That is quite a line. I have to write that one down. Whatever is unconscious is asking to be reborn.

Whatever is unconscious is being asked to be reborn. Click To Tweet

Do you think your show has the best name right now, Grief and Rebirth? That is the absolute theme song of what is happening right now. We have to learn how to allow things to change because they need to evolve.

There’s such resistance to change, many people are resisting it like crazy instead of seeing it as an opportunity or as you would put it as spiritunity. They do not see this as an opportunity. They are seeing it as an obstacle.

There are reasons for that because not only are we being asked to transform what’s unconscious externally. When something bad happens, the brain, which is phenomenal, will go to the reason why trauma brings up. I’m also working on a trauma certification because people are very traumatized by death.

When you get that, come back on, and I will talk to you about that.

When trauma comes up, the reason why people get the feeling of being stuck is because your brain, to understand a present moment, goes through the memory bank of what has been to bring an awareness of how to respond in this moment. The reason why death, change, and all of that kick up the nervous system is because that’s something the brain can’t process because it doesn’t know what the answer is because it hasn’t happened before. It’s looking through all the memories that are frightening, which is why so many people right now are having nightmares.

Keep the mind of the under-themed. Everything unconscious is being reborn. If we are having nightmares, isn’t there yet an opportunity even within a nightmare to look at what we are afraid of and ask ourselves, “Is that true? Do I need to give my enema or my soul’s energy to this thing that I don’t understand yet? I’m not even there. I’m just anticipating it’s going to be bad.”

I am so glad we are having this conversation. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they are having horrible nightmares. They don’t understand them. Now, I can direct them to our interview if they want to find out why. This is all stuff in your subconscious that’s coming up out of your fear.

It is, and I will go a step further because it’s such a juicy time right now. I know that people are in fight or flight. That’s a good thing because you cannot change what is outside of you, but you can affect how you respond to it. That statement alone is the transcendence from the finite self, our human being to the spiritual being. The human being is always going to feel that things are happening to us and puts us in victim mode, puts us in defense, and puts us in rescuing.

We want to avoid the feeling of something and we think people need saving. We get angry, defensive, and brutal because we don’t understand it and we are going to disconnect. All of those patterns, The Drama Triangle that Stephen Karpman came up with in the late 1960s. The Drama Triangle gets activated because it’s all unconscious in our behavior. We are responding unconsciously to a potential fear because that’s what’s being asked to be reborn right now.

I will add one other little thought. We have been informed as a society by sociopaths and narcissists for quite some time because sociopaths and narcissists are bullies. They either consciously or unconsciously stir up your dust. The sociopaths and the narcissists have stirred up us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, but the one level that has not been touched yet is what? Physically. What happens? What does our beautiful universe create for us? An external physical bully, so we get this life lesson. If you can look at the Coronavirus, not as a bully, but as an educator.

Let’s talk about that. It sounds like we are all in a classroom with the Coronavirus as a teacher. What is it educating and teaching us about? It’s bringing about release and grief if we allow it to because I learned this one, Saul died next to me in the accident that I had. I couldn’t save his life. I didn’t have control over anything except my attitude. My attitude at that moment was, “I will survive this and I will get through this one way or the other. If I have to change myself one by one to figure this out and move on.” With this thought, what can people choose to learn from this new classroom they find themselves in as opposed to giving in to fear?

I’m so glad that you mentioned the classroom because this is the first time in any of our lifetimes we are in a global classroom. We have been in a national classroom before when events happened earlier in the century. We have never, in our lifetimes, been in a global classroom. Every single person on the planet is experiencing the same thing, so you have to, on a spiritual level. Yes, your human being is going to think it’s happening to us. Your human being is going to be afraid because that’s part of the experience of being human.

The human being is going to think, “It’s only happening to me or it’s only happening to my family,” or, “Thank God it’s not happening to me and it’s happening to everybody else.” It’s because the human being disconnects from the whole. The spiritual aspect of us, our infinite self understands that we collectively explore, expand, and evolve consciousness. We have needed to make some physical changes. This isn’t just our bodies, this is the body of the earth, this is the body of water, this is the body of land. This is the physical presence of everything around us. Look at the rejuvenation that’s been happening in nature.

Since we stopped doing and we are just being. By doing so, we were so unconsciously contributing to a future that we got to the point where, honestly, if this hadn’t happened, I don’t know what our answer was going to be because nobody was stopping. We have created a pause. Think about the power of this moment. Somehow, we were able to create a global pause where everybody has been sent almost to the corner of the classroom with a dense cap on to think about it. Do you remember when you get in trouble and you are like, “Go to your room,” and you’d sit in there and you are like, “I’m mad?” Eventually, you are like, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt them.” You have to take it in.

What I’m finding is, people are honoring the value of their life. They are remembering what they love. They are sitting back and honoring the choices and thinking, “I hate my job. I never want to go back to that thing again. I don’t like how people treat me. I love my job. I want to do this instead.” It’s as if everybody has come back to themselves.

GAR 72 | Soul Gardener

Soul Gardener: People are honoring the value of their life. They’re remembering what they love.

Now, the people that have been impacted by the epidemic, the levels of grief people are experiencing, it’s to not be able to be with your loved one when they are dying. That should never happen. The fact is that we have had to learn a lesson and isolate people from the experience of life. We are not being punished, that’s the human being looking at it that way, but we better listen. There are so many people who are suffering right now. We have so much mental illness in this country. There are so many people that self-isolate, but the beauty is also.

Remember, we learn by contrast. There’s going to be a part of us that it’s going to be very difficult and there’s always going to be beauty in it. Any season of nature has death and rebirth in it. Some people are going to be experiencing death and tremendous loss, but in a way, we are all experiencing loss. For some people, it’s going to be profound. We can’t lose our empathy and understanding of the fact that people are scared and suffering. It’s a lot right now.

For the people who refuse to change, are angry, and refuse to see this as a learning moment in any way, what do you have to say about that mentality at a time like this?

We have to let people be who they are. If you are dealing with a soul who never was around people who were emotional growing up, they don’t know how to be emotional. If you knew a person who was around anger all the time, that’s how they express everything. If we go to judgment, we are in our finite self, we are in our human being, and we are in the part that separates. What we need desperately right now is a global community.

Whether you find it in 5, 20, 100, 1,000 people, or the world, it doesn’t matter. Look at the places and spaces where you believe, and equally look at the places and spaces within your life where your belief systems take you offline and don’t contribute to a harmonious future. That introspection, if people could take this moment as, “You are on summer break, relax. Be in your PJs. Eat a little something that doesn’t feel great to you. Also, spend a little bit of time reconsidering everything. Be objective to your choices, what you value, and you need to come out of this different.” We should be different about this.

One of the things that I have found is that people are valuing their relationships more. I’m not talking about, God forbid, and I feel so badly because some people are in domestic abuse. Some people are in unfortunate and horrible situations, but a lot of people also take their loved ones for granted. Now, maybe you can’t get that close to them. You can’t hug them the way you used to or whatever. Suddenly, this is what’s becoming precious.

I was online connecting with a group of friends. Many of them were lamenting, “I miss hugging my grandchild. I can’t connect.” That’s a reset. Many people will stop taking for granted the love in their lives and they will start to understand how much more important that is than maybe achieving that next symbol of wealth or whatever.

It’s so beautifully said. We were losing what is valuable. We were losing the gems of our lives. Nature. We were taking such beautiful things for granted. Unfortunately, human beings learn by contrast. Equally, as you demonstrated, brilliantly, and boldly talk about your presence with Saul in the moment of his passing, that which does not kill us makes us stronger. You fought for yourself in that moment and were given a new mission. To the base of your core, you found an indignation within yourself that demanded that you steam forward. Out of adversity come the warriors and come the soldiers. That’s not in a war context. That’s in a spiritual war context. We need a greater amount of faith. We need community. We need love and kindness.

We need a greater amount of faith. We need community. We need love and kindness. And that needs to be the lead. Click To Tweet

That needs to be the lead. The only way we learn it is when it gets taken away. I’m hoping out of this, one of the blessings of the rebirth is an awakening of people wanting to find out, “Who the hell am I? Why am I here? What do I need to get over? How can I be of service?” If we get people in an alignment that way, because there are going to be people that won’t be transformed, they are just going to be pissed. That’s fine. Let them be pissed. Don’t use your life energy trying to convince grumpy stumpy that things are going to get better. Use your life force energy on somebody whom you can have an impact with.

If you think about it, that’s what the mission of the show is. My attitude is, you have got a choice. Use this choice, use this time to heal. Not only did I get the message to be loving and kind to everyone, but it also needs to be loving and kind to yourself. At this time, how are you loving yourself? Is this an opportunity to start to look at those wounds or start to look at the things that have held you back and rebirth yourself? Not in a religious way, but in a way with love towards yourself to start changing your attitude and maybe find a new breath or a new way of being. That’s scary for people. but I have got to tell everyone that change can also be so empowering, liberating, and wonderful.

It is. Since the beginning of the quarantine in Los Angeles, I have been doing what I call homeschool and I have been doing daily meets, which is a half-hour free meditation for anybody that wants to come. I wanted to create one time during the day when people if they wanted an updraft, they could come. We were going in one direction and I always have one ear open to spirit because I know that I’m not the thinker in that room. I’m just the channel through.

I want to stay in my lane. We were talking about self-care. All of a sudden, the spirit world said, “You got to talk to them about self-care because most of them feel guilty. Most of them feel that they are not worthy. We need to bring this out into the light.” I’m like, “Rebirth again.” I asked, “The spirit world just told me that a lot of people feel guilty about taking care of themselves.” I got all these people in their chat window going, “Yes.”

We have been working on that. The thing is that most of the people that I find are the souls that signed up for the major transformation. Your audience who have had brave experiences dropped in their lap, which I honestly believe is part of the reason why they are here. If not, most of the reason they are here. They are nurturers. They are people who love to care for other people. The problem with nurturers is, nurturers is a healthy thing.

Rescuers are where we go when we forget that we can’t fix everything and we want to fix it because it’s uncomfortable for us if it’s not fixed. After all, then we have to revisit our cock-a-doodle-do. The rescuers are going a little buggy right now because they don’t necessarily know what to do with themselves. Now is the time to look at your backyard and say, “Why do I keep helping people without permission and it never seems to feed me? I need to look at that pattern more consciously.” Again, coming out of the darkness into the light. Can you tell I’m an optimist? I will always find the light in the dark, but the dark is so wonderful. There’s a beautiful quote by Wendell Berry that I used in my book.

I want to say to everyone that this is an opportunity for all of you to think about this is a great chance for you to give yourself self-love and to tune in to these interviews and the insights that are coming from them and apply them to your own lives. This is a wonderful time to transform. When this is ended, lightened, or whatever, to come into the light for yourselves. Austyn wrote a wonderful book. We are going to be talking about that.

This is a quote by Wendell Berry and it’s brilliant. I think it’s the theme of what we are going about. “To go in the dark with a light is to know the light. To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight, and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings, and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings.” I love that poem.

My mom is old and living in an assisted living facility. I’m especially eager to hear your inspiring story about honoring your mom, both as she died and after she died, creating a sacred opportunity. Please share that with everyone.

I talk about dealing with death all the time, virtually. I had not had the opportunity to be with someone that had died yet and I realized that I was afraid. I was afraid of what it would look like. I knew my mom was going to be a transformer because as I mentioned earlier, she’s been my greatest teacher so far. My mom got sick. A week before my mom died, my husband and I had just come back from a trip. My mom went into the hospital, I looked at my husband, and I said, “I have to go. This is the time.” I was blessed to spend the last week with my mother when she was going through different levels of dying. She wasn’t dying specifically from something, but her soul was winding down.

I was watching her fight, for sure. The top of her body at night would be completely still, and her legs would kick in the air and my mom was a feisty little thing. I adored every moment of her. Stubbornness all got out. This was not going to be the easiest transition. It was filled with amazing moments where she had me read things to her that she’d chosen to read to me that my mother was not innately spiritual. She had me read these things that she had picked for that particular moment the night before she died. Two moments that she was heinous, God loved her, but it’s a fight for the soul. I was not with my mom when she died. I just had left the house.

You’d think as a medium, “I would have known.” Not with your own family, it’s not how it happens. I was on the phone with the caregiver when she called to tell me my mom was having problems breathing. I stayed on the phone and talked to my mom, but my mom died while I was on the phone with the caregiver. I was virtually with her, but not physically with her. I came home, I came back to Mom’s house, and the caregiver was still there. I told the main nurse to stay because I was concerned that the caregiver, she’d never been with someone that had died before and I didn’t want her to be traumatized.

Two other people decided to join. One was a woman who was a connector through hospice whom I became amazing friends with who I still am to this day and whom I adore. The other one was my mom’s main caregiver who had forged a lovely relationship with my mom. There were four of us in total. My mom’s caregiver, the lady from hospice, and the main caregiver. We decided to enjoy this moment. We bathed my mom. We looked for an outfit that was appropriate for her to wear. We took flowers. Put them in her hands and put them in her hair because my mom was very whimsical. Put flower petals all around her.

Mind you, the morning of my mother’s death, she asked for a margarita. My mom hadn’t been drinking. I’m like, “Why is Mom asking for a margarita?” Day of the Dead is one of my favorite holidays because it’s such a good way of practicing grieving. My mom died on Dia De Los Muertos. She died on the Day of the Dead. I was so out of it. I didn’t even pick up on that. It’s lost to me, but whatever.

We put these flower petals all around her and I took so many pictures of how beautiful she was in death, don’t be afraid of that. All of a sudden, I stood back and I went, “She looks like the Virgin of Guadalupe.” I then realized it was the Day of the Dead. I was like, “This is perfect.” We held her hand. I couldn’t stop holding her hand. Mind you, she’d been dead at this point for two hours. A lot of times, rigor mortis, is more or less when the body starts becoming rigid at that moment.

My mom was pliable. It wasn’t because there were lots of drugs in her. She was super pliable at that moment and I was feeling so much from her hands. We have a thing in my family where we squeeze three times, which means I love you, and then you squeeze back twice how much, and then you either squeeze the heck out of someone’s hand or you pretend as you squeeze it a little bit, and then the person gets upset, and then you squeeze it again. It’s a fun game. I squeezed my mom’s hand three times and I felt an energy come into my hand.

I got every one of us to hold her hand, squeeze her hand three times, and listen to the energy of my mom’s soul, which was still so incredibly evident. We talked to her. Everybody had a moment with her. We talked about what we loved about her. It was so moving and so loving. I don’t want people to be afraid. There are so many death doulas now that will be with you at that moment. They are green funeral opportunities. You don’t have to call the funeral home immediately. There are options trusted because it’s a sacred opportunity. In the 1800s, they did a thing called Post Morty, which were these photos of the dead. Oftentimes, family photos, the only ones they had were when somebody died in the family. It was the living people and the dead person.

There’s nothing scary about being with a person after they have died. It is different if the experience like with Saul was more traumatic. That can be a different experience of death. For those of us who have the experience of somebody who’s dying naturally, from cancer, or something like that, don’t be afraid. Be there. If you are not there when they die, I believe the soul chooses who’s there. I think had I witnessed my mom’s death. I might have felt guilty. I don’t think my mom wanted me to feel guilty. I think she wanted me to be celebratory and lead these other gals in a moment of celebration. It was breathtaking. I was looking at the photos this morning and she’s beautiful.

Don't be afraid. Be there for somebody who’s dying. If you're not there when they die, the soul chooses who's there. Click To Tweet

That brings up two thoughts because I have interviewed quite a few death doulas on the show. You might want to take a look at that. For all of you who are reading and want to learn about death doulas and may want to contact one of these death doulas. I even interviewed a woman who trains death doulas and is part of a huge association for death doulas. I encourage all of you to check out those interviews.

I have to also say that looking at Saul when he passed and he was next to me, was not a scary thing. What impacted me was how his actual vibrant spirit was not there anymore. How his essence had left. The other thing I’m thinking about is that there’s a new thing that people are doing when they die. They say, “You can do all that traditional stuff, but I want a celebration of my life.” I told my family. They probably think I’m a little crazy, but I said, “When my time comes, come on, have a party, pop the champagne. Job well done. I’m happy I’m on the other side.”

It should be. It’s probably going to be one of the better parties of your life. In one way, you won’t be there physically, but you will be there. I want to address, as a medium, traumatic passings, if I can. I had an amazing experience with a young man who was killed in San Francisco. I was reading for his mom. He was explaining exactly what had happened. He was showing me, but he was also educating me at the same time, which I love the spirit world because if you listen to them appropriately as a medium. If I’m only focused on the details, I’m going to miss the whole learning opportunity. His name’s Jordan. His father is Matt McKay.

His father featured you in a book. Yes.

It’s a great resource if you want to read a great book by a man about his foray into the spirit world.

Tell our readers the title of the book.

The book is called Seeking Jordan and it’s by Matt McKay. I was talking to Jordan in spirit and Jordan said, “Stop looking at what happened to me and look around.” I said, “What?” I realized. In that suspended moment where I’m concentrating on the tragedy, he’s like, “No, look at the spiritual opportunity.” All of a sudden, I realized there were all these people standing there. It wasn’t just Jordan and the gentleman that had crossed him over who eventually left and Jordan was “by himself.”

GAR 72 | Soul Gardener

Seeking Jordan: How I Learned the Truth about Death and the Invisible Universe

It was all these other people and there was this very tall gentleman present. I thought, “That’s so weird. That looks like Matt.” I said to his wife, “It’s so weird. It looks like him.” It turned out that, fast forward, Matt had had a dream that he was with Jordan when he passed and it was this affirmation that he was there.

Would that be his higher self that joined Jordan?

Yes. Our higher self, just like you were given indications ahead of the time that Saul was going to pass, most people who experience trauma have an indicator before the person dies. That’s the benevolence of the spirit world. The other part is, I have had more souls that show me before the event. They step out of the body because they don’t need to be there for the actual impact.

They are standing feet and miles away going, “I know what’s going to happen there. Let me start making this acclimation,” and they step out. It’s not physical, and it’s so difficult for the parents who experience not being with their children when they die. I can’t imagine, but I will say, I never hear from the kids anything other than, “I could fly,” or, “Then it was weird, there were all these cards.” Depending on the age of the child, it’s like they are still in that childlike innocence. There’s such a disconnection from the physical that the trauma is profound for us because we imagine what it must have been like, but I think we could do so well by schooling ourselves on what the spirit world has talked about that might happen.

I have heard that a lot. I do believe that Saul probably was outside his soul when all of this happened. I was seeing the physical manifestation of it also. How do you help people reacquaint themselves with their essence, which is their soul, gaining an understanding that each of us is a spiritual being, having a human experience? I know some people are very resistant to that thought, but for the ones you can help.

We are good at taking care, for the most part, of our physical body. You take a shower, maybe hopefully. Make yourself look attractive. You wear whatever you wear and you got your style and everything. Why would we not spend the same amount of time nurturing the energy of us? Here are some statistics that might be helpful. Within our body are 7 billion atoms. Of those 7 billion atoms is 99.9999999% energy. We are 0.0000001% physical. That’s a fact.

Look at how much we give credence to that 1% of the physical. We should know ourselves as energy. You do know yourself as energy. Do you know what makes you upset? You understand your emotions. That’s one way that your soul has an energetic experience. There’s an entire landscape of your soul that is accessible to you and is available to a medium, a psychic, an energy healer. Anybody that does reiki practitioners, all they are doing is working with that other 99% of you. It’s accessible to everybody. It’s fun. It’s like being a little kid again.

That’s part of the reason why I wrote Soul Conversations because I was trying to remind people that not everything is so serious. It’s fun to play with yourself as an energetic being. It’s fun to think of yourself as being able to perceive what’s going on. Not because you are going to open a shop and read people. It’s because it gives you a heads-up about stuff. You got a heads-up about Saul. You weren’t even in a place and a space where you were open to energy.

GAR 72 | Soul Gardener

Soul Conversations: A Medium Reveals How to Cultivate Your Intuition, Heal Your Heart, and Connect with the Divine

I thought it was hooey until it happened to me. Again, you are talking about choice, that people now again have a choice as to how they do their lives and what they want to do. Do they want to go back to the physical reality that they were in? Do they want to realize that there’s more? There are a lot of ways to access that more and learn about that more.

There is, and one powerful principle to drop in here about fate and destiny. Our human beings will believe because the human being or our finite itself understands everything is physical. It seems that things die, so it feels that it’s mortal and it’s going to die. That’s where the fear of death comes from, the human being. It’s also going to believe that things happen to us, so it’s not going to think it has any creative force at all in what happens to us. Thank God for quantum physics.

Quantum physics has now a verified, justified, and identified. The fact is that when you have an emotion and a powerful vision, you create in time, place, and space a potential opportunity and a potential possibility of something happening. This is where conscious dreaming is a fantastic idea. If we allow our fears to create the vision of the future, we are not going to want to be here. In this time period, since we learned by contrast, we should be experiencing our fear. You should consciously be walking into that darkness like Wendell Berry suggested, and let it be dark because in, there’s light and you will find it.

Equally, when you feel like that, give yourself your little timeout on whatever you need to cock-a-doodle-doo about, but then also practice the opposite of, “What could be the best outcome that could come out of this?” I have always wanted to be a clown, so I could go to clown school and I could do it online. If I went to online clown school, by the time this finished, I might be able to make a balloon animal, and then maybe I can work at a children’s party.

I’m going to envision myself not at clown school. It’s a very strange analogy, but hopefully, it makes sense for somebody. I’m going to envision myself not at the clown school. I’m going to envision myself being the best clown at all of the events that I’m sought after. I’m going to see the highest and most incredible future event, not the process of getting there.

That seed-planting. That is one of the most powerful things we as spiritual beings can gift ourselves with. We co-create our lives. That’s why I want to remind people about their energy because we have got some imagining to do. If we are co-creating this world, we have been given a timeout. What a gorgeous spiritunity right now. What a gorgeous spiritual opportunity to allow our world to heal going forward and know that we have got to do it differently. Let’s get the right people in the right room. Let’s deal with change. Let’s let things be different so we can look into oceans and see the fish.

We co-create our lives. We have a whole lot of imagining to do if we are co-creating this world. Click To Tweet

There are so many quotes I’m getting from you that I want to highlight. There’s not going to be enough room for all the show notes. It’s wonderful. You also have an amazing story about a cab driver in Hawaii that you saved his life. I would like you to share that with our audience.

I’m very humble and I have a hard time with best, saved, and all that stuff. I’m a conduit.

Your gifts helped, and then he had a choice. Let’s put it that way.

I don’t read out of context. I don’t believe a medium should ever walk up to someone and give them a message. I think that’s cruel and unusual. It may be welcome for some people, but if you walk up to a Born Again Christian and tell them that you have a message, you are going to send them into fight or flight. Keeping that in mind, my mom and I and my niece had gone to Hawaii and we were on our way to the airport. The minute we got in the cab I was in the front seat. I looked over at this gentleman and I felt like someone took a hand to the back of my head. I was like, “Ouch.”

My mom, who’s super chatty, was trying to chat with our driver and have a little conversation and my head was killing me, and then this dude from Spirit started going, “I’m here.” I was like, “Would you stop it? I can’t do anything right now. You have got to chill yourself out.” He said, “You have got to tell him that Robert’s here.” I was like, “I can’t.” I’m trying to shift out of this because this is against every moral being I have. It got so loud in my head that I said, “I will do this for you.”

I turned to our driver and said, “I’m going to ask you a weird question. Do you think it’s possible when someone passes away that you can have a bridge to their soul? Do you think you can talk to them? What do you think happens?” He said, “I never used to believe in it. I watch shows about mediums. It’s interesting, but the verdict’s still out.” I said, “Let’s say I had an experience that might connect to you. Would you be comfortable if I said something to you?” He said, “Okay.” The guy in spirit, Robert, and our driver had been in Afghanistan together.

Robert was crazy. One of those guys who I’m sure everybody in his group was worried about. Mr. Ego, Mr. I’m going to get this done, Mr. I’m America’s Hero. That type of guy. The one that is the worrisome one in the group. Our driver, Mr. Containment, Mr. Bring the group together. Robert goes on to give evidence, he names 3 or 4 people who were in their group. That clarity of evidence, I want to be transparent, does not always happen in mediumship readings. That’s why I knew this was imperative.

Our driver is starting to go glassy-eyed, do that thing that happens when people are like, “What is happening right now?” He’s trying to drive, so now I’m concerned for our little group here. What ends up happening is he saved Robert’s life once. He had stopped him from running into a situation by holding him back. The building exploded and he saved Robert’s life.

Another time, he wasn’t there, and he was Robert’s keeper and Robert’s calmer-downer guy. Another time he wasn’t there and Robert died. Our driver had held himself in time about it and could never forgive him. What I came to find out, which was devastating was that he had thought about killing himself and he had a family. Robert came through to save his life. He had to tell him that his life was valuable and that he had a reason.

He started talking about what was going to happen in his future and that he was going to have a daughter. He said, “My wife is pregnant.” He goes, “Yeah, and he knows that you are having a daughter. You have got to think bigger than your soul right now because you are so lost that you don’t understand how needed you are.” He saved his life.

Do you know what’s crazy? I have never told that story because it was weird. After all, when you asked me questions ahead of time, I wrote it down and I went, “I have never talked about that before because I never wanted to seem like I’m going, “Austyn is all that.” That type of mediumship story drives me nuts. We always should give credit to the spirit world. It’s Robert who saved his soul. I was just listening. I was just thankfully open.

It was a good day because there are people who forget the gift of life. We are all understanding what we are blessed for. We are all grateful. The only thing I can say and my colleague Suzanne Northrop knows this as well. One of the greatest crises in our country is depression and mental illness. There are people under the mythology that they are not important.

Everyone is a wonderful kind miracle. They are here to give this world such phenomenal blessings that one lost value diminishes all of us. If there’s anything to have come out of all of this is the power of community and that we, just as those who go into the service, know we cannot leave anybody behind. We can’t. Robert stayed true to that mission. It was amazing.

GAR 72 | Soul Gardener

Soul Gardener: Everyone is a wonderful kind miracle. They’re here to give this world with such phenomenal blessings that one lost value diminishes all of us.

Your whole story points to the fact that a good credible medium is not in his or her ego and sees himself or herself as a middleman. You have a gift that can help people communicate. The real story was that Robert came through from love and that life is all about love.

It is. I don’t understand how a medium can work in their ego because anytime I have had a moment where I even went there, I can’t hear the spirit world anymore. They don’t come in the same. John Edward has a story about that that he talks about. It’s a dangerous place because people will treat you like there’s something special about you and it can be a power rush. The thing is that the minute you lose track of the fact that you are of service and that this is simply an availability, that can very easily drift and migrate to somebody else.

That humbleness, humility, and integrity are the things I always remind myself of because I gained so much knowledge myself by listening to these conversations and being part of this available invisible healing force that wants nothing more for us to lighten up and enjoy the beauty of our lives. Imagine what would happen if we were all our medium. If we developed that spiritual relationship with ourselves. We got to the point where we could hear the wisdom of our elders, our own higher self, of God, of spirit, and infinite intelligence. If that was our GPS, we would have heaven on earth.

It would be a completely different world. It is possible as people become more conscious. Perhaps, this is part of what’s happening, I would think. You have these amazing ideas about spiritual opportunities or as you call them, spiritunities, of this global classroom we are in right now. Do you want to talk a little more about that?

As we identified in the beginning, we have to be downright brave and we have to be willing to go into the darkness in our own lives and look at it as spiritunity, a spiritual opportunity to transform what is unknown within ourselves. Anything dark would connect with blame, shame, and guilt. Any of the tethers that hold us to past moments and disallow us to be fully present in the beauty of our lives.

If we were not always rubbernecking to what has been, we could turn ourselves to appreciate this moment. Like the most beautiful flower, but equally look to the future and be massive potentially potent co-creators of an amazing world for all of us. It’s time to let go of anything that holds you back. It’s scary because we are defined by our stories, but the stories are a moment in time.

When people travel back to the moment of an occurrence of a story in past life regressions and regression as a hypnotherapist. I have witnessed this. It’s never the moment that they thought it was, it just compounds in sadness, gravity, and ick-ness as time goes on. As you mentioned, when you talked about that moment with you and Saul in the car, you had a joie de vivre moment. You were like, “I’m going to go through this. I’m going to that thing.” We have so much empowerment and grace in moments of trauma, but the more we look back on the trauma, we add the pain to it, and then we are injured by it.

Then it becomes a wound that defines us and we stick in the drama. The story, we don’t give up the story.

As a disclaimer for the people who are inundated with sadness, grief, and misery right now, we are not talking about excluding you from a conversation. I am including you for a moment when you realize that it’s been a coat you have been wearing the day and the external weather has changed. That coat is no longer necessary for the season of your life. At the moment that you are in, wear that coat, own that coat, but ask for help. Why are you wearing the coat? What’s in the pockets? What needs to be mended about that coat? When you choose to take off that coat and give it to goodwill, you will be donating it as a piece of wisdom for someone else to take on.

The lessons that you learned from taking off that coat, you can now pass forward to other people and you become a source of inspiration for other people that they can give away their coats also. They can let them go also.

My publishers wanted me to write a chapter about grief as a grief counselor. I said, “I’m going to tell you textual information and mediumship stories. I want this chapter to be spoken by women who have lost their children.” I handed that chapter over to three very brilliant and amazing mothers whose sons are all in spirit. They did not want their names changed, even though two of the sons had the same name because they wanted their son to give something to this world. They did, and one of the things I said was, “How do we suck at grieving? How can we be better at this? What should we say? What should we not say?”

In that part of the chapter, I’m so pleased that they contributed, because they were brave enough to say, “Don’t ever tell me that it happened for a better reason. Don’t ever tell me that. Don’t ever ask me to get over it, but be there for me and allow me to go through what I’m going through and hold my hand, but ask me how you can support me, and then I will learn how to walk through my grief. Don’t ask me to change who I am because it’s uncomfortable for you. Let me be in my grief. Let me expose this deep hurt because that’s the beauty of love. It’s the beauty of the physical human experience. We need to be that much in pain if we have loved that much.”

That is true. I can remember creating what I called my wagon train about me. I had certain people in my wagon train that surrounded me. This person helped me with this aspect of what I was going through. This person listened to me in a different way. This person supported me. They had different functions, but together, I had to do the journey for myself. They were my support system with whom I could look and feel safe in different ways. I tell people, “You need a witness and you need loving support.”

The other thing that’s interesting about grief, and I’m sure you experienced this, not everybody who was your friend before it happened will be the one you walk with because it takes a lot of courage. After the first year, they are going to be fine, but that second year in forward, when you need them, they are like, “I think you should be done with this by now. You should move on.” There’s so much grief in grief. There are few deaths along the way if you have the blessing of aligning with a group like Forever Family, griefHaven, or Helping Parents Heal. Any of those organizations are so amazing because what they do is help you understand that the cool team isn’t going to be understood by everybody.

Have some friends. You are going to make some brand new friends who get what you are talking about, and then you get to practice compassion and tenderness to the people who don’t know any better because they don’t mean to hurt you. It’s so far beyond their scope of understanding that you become the teacher for them. You become the reflection of, “This is what strength looks like. I don’t have to call it by name. I’m just going to stand in this new shell of myself and allow myself to slowly but surely come back because I, like a patchwork quilt, have to be different now because I am. I am a reflection of what my life has been so I can complement and continue in what my life will be.”

That is a perfect introduction to my next question. What is your message about the importance of healing to share with the readers, which is what this show is all about, the options people have to heal? Why should people in the space they find themselves in and beyond want to check out the healing possibilities for themselves?

The only way healing happens is when you allow it. There is not a single practitioner on this earth, I promise you, that can take your pain away unless you are ready to let it go. There will be a time and a place where what you are feeling is either too overwhelming or you are done with it. You then decide that you want it to be different and notice the shift in the soul. The human being will be the one experiencing the misery, tragedy, victimization, anger, and grief of everything. Notice that there’s a moment when you realize it could be different. That’s the spiritual intervention from the infinite self to the finite self, more or less. That’s your spiritual self saying, “I think we can make some new choices now.”

The only way healing happens is when you allow it. Click To Tweet

When that voice starts to emerge within you and you seek something other than the mind state you have, then you have an opportunity to gift yourself with incredibly powerful resources to aid you in the process of your healing, but it is an inside job only. You will be facilitated by people, but nobody heals you. That is a choice and a gift you give yourself.

That’s exactly what I believe. I thank everyone, all these facilitators, but the people reading have to choose who’s right for them and with whom they want to do the work.

You have exactly the right frame. We are facilitators that’s medium. I’m between two things. I’m not the doer, I’m the witness. I’d like somebody that does sign language. I’m listening to one insource coming in and I’m commuting it to someone who can’t hear yet. I say yet, because the more you work on spirit communication, the more you hear, but you have to also believe it’s possible, so then we are back to co-creating your future.

If you want to connect with your loved ones, imagine yourself in the future having full-on dialogues with them and not needing a medium. Keep feeding that moment. I promise it will happen. If you keep saying, “I never talked to anybody, I never do that.” Is that the reality that you want to create? You are so much more powerful than you give yourself credit for. That’s what I want to ignite in people. I want everybody online. I want people to fly. We have so much positive potential and beauty within all of us. Even the grumpy people. There’s potential. They are helping transform things even by being stodgy and crotchety, believe it or not.

I think grumpy people like that MO. They have to choose that they don’t want to be known as the grumpy person anymore.

But they are also grumpy because it gets their attention. A little catnip to a rescuer is somebody who either thinks they can’t take care of themselves or a person who feels like they are checked out. Your rescuer is going to go, “Good. Someone to take care of who won’t appreciate me. Let me step in there. Let me intervene without permission.” We need to nurture their empowerment that’s a little bit healthier and you won’t be so drained at the end of the day.

From now on, when I see a grumpy person, I’m going to remember that she’s grumpy because she needs attention.

More importantly, she needs love. Grumpy people need to know that they are important too. A lot of times the people that I find disassociate from other people. You know those people you meet where they are immediately mean and you are like, “How can you live that way?” It’s because somewhere along the line, they were told that they were not lovable. They believe it so much that they create the reality over and over again.

They turn people off.

Yes, because if you are going to abandon me, I will do it before you do, then I don’t have to feel the hurt. You are going to feel what I feel which is disconnected. When we emerge and transform from this segment of our conga dance, let us remember that there will be people who are going to be upset. We just need to stay connected. When we judge and disconnect from people, we are so solidly in the worst aspect of our humanity. It’s where social media has been going for a while. The power we have now is we are all globally connected. Can we hold hands for ten minutes before we start getting pissed off at each other? Can we remember this moment and not forget so quickly? I don’t want to have another global classroom that is less generous than this one.

GAR 72 | Soul Gardener

Soul Gardener: We need to stay connected. When we judge and disconnect from people, we are so solidly in the worst aspect of our humanity.

I agree with you. As I was saying in my book, They Serve Bagels in Heaven, I had channeled what the world is going to be like in many years and you can see the seeds of it. I’m not going to give it away, everyone. You can check it out. You can see the seeds of what this is doing and how it’s going to change our lives as we know it. Now, everyone wants a reading with you Austyn. Everybody wants to read your book and everything. How do all of our wonderful audience connect with you? Do you have any special offers for them? Tell them all about Austyn.

My website is I offer mediumship sittings, what I call soul gardening, which is mediumship and a little intuition. I do soul searches, which is like a past life regression with a trip to the spirit world to check in with your own loved ones and pretend you are a medium for ten seconds, actually a little longer. I do shamanic energy healing for people. I speak at conferences. I am an author, and so I have a myriad of ways that I can work with you. If you want to understand what my platform is, read my book because you will understand from reading this, but my book is a workbook for you. It’s not me telling you stories about being a medium. There are a couple in there.

It’s mainly to help you connect with yourself. I have classes that deal with that. I work with mediums and intuitives to help them develop, or anybody who wants to understand their soul on a different level. I’m finding, I’m getting drawn to teach tarot, it’s a fun thing. I’m always going to be teaching in one capacity or another. You can find my sessions online that way. That’s a great resource. I’m on social media for sure. I also had that free meditation thing going on during the quarantine, which is free for anybody who wants to tune in.

They can find that on

Yes. They can also find it on any of my social media channels. I send out ads regularly. It’s funny, there’s a man and a little girl and they both have capes on because I want people to cape their calm. I know I’m a little bit of a geek. That’s how people can find me that way. I wanted to come up with a loving consideration for the times. I have been doing these meditations. I have a whole bunch of access to different meditations. What I’d like to do is offer one of those as a freebie for people to listen to so you can understand what the meditations are like. There were a couple of them that we did that were specific to what we are going through that might be helpful. I will make that available to everybody.

That would be wonderful. That would be great to share with people. You of all people, tell us what your tip is for finding joy in life.

You align with joy when you allow your soul to be free. When you let yourself transcend your adversity, whether chosen or given and you align yourself with the purpose of your soul. If you don’t know why you are here, get curious. The best gift you can give yourself is once you transcend the stories of your life, you are so filled with gratitude and so filled with energy that you have reclaimed from all the energy, that you have been connected to other moments of your life. When this moment has so much energy in it, you overflow and you want to be of service. You then align with joy, not because it’s an external thing you are reaching for, it becomes you, it is you, and it is an internal need that will be unquenched and be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life to follow.

You align with joy when you allow your soul to be free. Click To Tweet

I can wholeheartedly agree with you because that’s so much what’s also happened to me and it’s such a blessing.

You show that to people. Your passion for this show and your passion for having adversity and saying, “It was a transformer.” If we could look at what is dark and unconscious and understand it asking for illumination. Imagine what could transpire. We can’t let what we don’t know to make us afraid.

What a beautiful final cap on a gorgeous interview. I have to thank you from my heart for this enlightening and fun interview, which prompted us to create a bridge to the invisible world. Helping each of us move forward toward a more authentic, soul-fulfilling, and spiritual life. You are a delight. Here’s a reminder, everyone, make sure to follow us and like us on social at, @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Thanks again for joining us. As I always like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.



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