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Ann Albers is a popular author, a spiritual instructor, an angel communicator, and a modern-day mystic. After she entered pre-med at Notre Dame University, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a Computer Concentration, then got a job in the aviation electronics industry. She discovered she was unhappy, so she started to pray. “Dear God, whoever, whatever you are, please… Help me wake up happy, go to bed grateful, & make a living doing something I love.” That prayer was the key that opened the door to a whole new life for Ann. She started experiencing dreams and coincidences, and teachers and healers appeared. She learned the language of silence and began to discern the rich tapestry of signs and symbols. She also started receiving messages from her angels and began to enjoy the mystical world of energy. One day, when she least expected it, she heard voices telling her to “turn in her resignation the next day.” She took a leap of faith and never looked back.



  • How Ann stepped into the role of angel communicator, author, and spiritual instructor 
  • Sensing the things that are beyond your normal observation by looking and observing your natural universe 
  • Modern mysticism 
  • Learning to navigate through your struggles 
  • How angels appear to Ann, and what she has learned from working with them 
  • Heaven as an expansion into greater love 
  • how vibrations affect what we attract in our life 
  • Ann’s play shop called A Spa Day for the Soul and internet TV show titled Ann & the Angels 
  • Ann’s tip for finding joy in life



      • Did you have any mystical experiences in your childhood that would be a precursor to what opened the door to what’s happened for you? 
      • Can you give us an example of communicating one of your mystical experiences through our present-day culture? 
      • There is no one who doesn’t have struggles in life. Could you share your profound wisdom about that with us? 
      • How do many angels appear to you? What have they taught you from all these years of working with them? 
      • Are there healing spaces in heaven?  
      • What is the Ann Albers tip for finding joy in life? 

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        Ann Albers: Would You Like To Experience The Power And Beauty Of Your Own Soul And Develop A Blissful Connection With Spirit?






        Our next interview in this series is with Ann Albers, who is a popular author, a spiritual instructor, an angel communicator and a modern-day mystic. Ann loves helping people to experience the power and beauty of their souls and develop a blissful connection with spirit. Her free weekly newsletter titled Messages from Ann & The Angels reaches an international audience with inspiration and tips to help people stay tuned in and turned on.

        Ann has not always been a mystic. After she entered Pre-Med at Notre Dame University, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a computer concentration and got an amazing job in the aviation electronics industry. When she discovered, to her surprise, that she was unhappy, she started to pray, “Dear God, whoever, whatever You are, please help me wake up happy, go to bed grateful and make a living doing something I love.”

        That prayer was the key that opened the door to a whole new life for Ann. She started experiencing dreams and coincidences. Teachers and healers appeared. She learned the language of silence and she began to discern the rich tapestry of signs and symbols. She also started receiving messages from her angels and began to enjoy the mystical world of energy.

        One day, when she least expected it, she heard voices that told her to turn in her resignation. The next day, she took a leap of faith and never looked back. I’m looking forward to talking with Ann about what she has learned in many years of working with angels, how to release the struggles in life, the benefits of experiencing her healing live gaze and more for what is surely going to be a fascinating, illuminating and love-build interview. Ann, warm welcome.

        That was so sweet. Thank you.

        It’s from my heart. Welcome to the show.

        It’s a joy to be here.

        Let’s help everyone get to know you from the beginning. Did you have any mystical experiences in your childhood that would be a precursor to what opened the door to what’s happened for you?

        I don’t think I knew they were mystical. I grew up Catholic. I believed in guardian angels and I would talk to them like they were real. I would talk to everything like it was real. I would talk to rocks like they had a consciousness, even though I didn’t even know the word consciousness at the time. I would get the feeling that that one wanted to move over there and that one wanted to move over there. I remember when I was a preteen, I was telling the universe to please shut up because I felt like everything was asking me favors. At the time, I thought I’m nuts. When I was younger, it felt real. As I became indoctrinated in logic and reason, it started feeling crazy. I said, “Everything, be quiet.” It did. It quieted down for decades.

        Here, as a child, you were already conscious because you knew that everything, be it solid, inanimate or whatever was alive, had a vibration.

        I felt like the trees were alive. I felt like everything had a life to it and I wouldn’t have called it mystical. Everybody thought I had a great imagination.

        You were unhappy in your job and prayer was the key to this whole new life for you. Please describe some of those dreams, coincidences, teachers and healers. They all magically appeared and what you learned about the language of silence and the rich tapestry of signs and symbols. This is important.

        I started praying. At first, I thought nothing was happening until I was at Changing Hands Bookstore, which used to be in Tempe. It used to be an old bookstore with a nice old wooden upper floor. I was looking at the section on angel books because I had a closet interest. It was about that big back then. I picked up this one book. It was called Ask Your Angels and I heard, “Buy the book.” In my head, I was like, “I’m not going to buy this book. I’m rational,” but I’m curious. I was an engineer. It’s diehard.

        GAR 115 | Blissful Connection

        Ask Your Angels

        You were very left-brained.

        I’m cocky about it. I’m smart anyhow so I tripped as I was walking away. I flailed and grabbed it in thin air. I grabbed the bookshelf and accidentally pulled that book off the shelf. It flips open to the page that says, “You can ask your angels about career or finances.” I bought the book. I sat there and got peaceful. I did the exercises and I was upset that I got peaceful, even though I was type A.

        You’re one of these people that didn’t even recognize when you were in a peaceful space.

        I wanted Moses to talk out of the burning bush. I wasn’t okay with the baby steps but I got peaceful and then coincidences started happening. I would express an interest in past life regressions. “Was that real?” The guy who maintained the printers at my company comes by and said, “You might be interested in this,” and plops a flyer on a Past Life Regression class. These things kept happening over and over. I started seeing what I call symbols. When I was having a thought about spirit and pondering, I had hawks that would fly next to the passenger or the driver’s side window of my car on the way to work.

        What does a hawk symbolize?

        I found out later, a messenger. Native American angel. I kept seeing hawks for a while and that was my angels trying to say, “We’re around.” They knew I would eventually research it because I was that brain. We live in this universe where there’s such beautiful coordination that when you wonder and ask about something, your angels or dear ones in heaven are trying to find any way they can to get the information to you.

        They’ll use animals, birds and butterflies and find coins and songs that come on as you walk in the store or turn on the radio. There are so many million ways that they give you little signs and symbols that they’re around. When I talk about the language of silence, I’m talking about not just being quiet verbally but learning to find a quieter mind. That’s when you hear your soul and feel the energy.

        I’m in a mode and I get it very analytical still because I do a lot of things. I reverse engineer everything I learn so I can teach it. When I’m in that mode, I’m not connected to my body well. I’m not feeling the subtle feelings. I might easily be taking a walk and miss all these wonderful signs. On the way here, I was silent-minded. I was observing the clouds. It was beautiful.

        When you’re silent-minded, you got all the noise in your head. How do you do that? You’re not doing it through meditation or anything.

        I’m looking at what’s there.

        You’re in the present moment.

        With the way I teach this is so simple. It’s not meditating. Look at your surroundings, notice them and appreciate them. I can get present looking at that plant because if I look at it long enough, I’m going to see all the different colors in it and its shape. I’m going to start feeling its vibration even. The more you look and observe your natural universe, the more you’re going to start sensing the things that are beyond your normal observation.

        For example, if you listen to a song in an average way, you hear it in the background. When you really listen to it, you’re going to start hearing changes in the melody and the different instrumentation. There’s a depth to every composition that we normally don’t hear. There’s a depth to the reality that we normally don’t sense because our minds are all over the map.

        I’ve learned to look for things to appreciate wherever I am. That pulls me smack into the present moment. It gives my mind something useful. I’m present using my mind to appreciate something in the present, which automatically elevates your mood, puts you into a higher vibration and makes the spirit more accessible to you.

        I want everyone to understand. You call yourself a modern-day mystic. Some people do not know what that is. Can you give us an example of communicating one of your mystical experiences through our present-day culture?

        First of all, I’m going to simplify this because a mystic is somebody who has had a direct experience of whatever you choose to call source, divine love, and that’s even a better word, profound love, unconditional love. I have had those direct experiences many times. I grew up in a religious tradition where I honored that. We learned that you go through an intermediary. If you want to talk to God, you pray to someone else, you ask the priest or you don’t do it directly. I’ll never forget the first time someone tried to convert me to something else.

        A mystic is somebody with a direct experience of a Source, Divine Love, Profound Love, or Unconditional Love. Share on X

        I said, “Last time I talked to Jesus, this is what He told me.” They were aghast. “What do you mean you talk to Jesus?” I’m like, “Among others.” It’s like a direct dial. That’s a modern mystic. I’ve had so many experiences with spirit because of my work. One of my absolute favorites was I was praying ecstatically on New Year’s Eve. I had decided to stay at home and pray in the new year. It felt right. I start praying for everybody. Pretty soon, I’m praying for the world, the animals and the trees. I’m in a stream of real prayer, ecstatic prayer, wanting good for everybody.

        All of a sudden, I’m feeling this sensation of loosening up and I squared out of my body, like a toothpaste coming out of a tube. It’s the only way I can describe it. I’m in the light and I’m feeling this massive unconditional love pouring into me and merging with me. I went further and there were all my deceased relatives and clients set and tied. They all looked wonderful. They’re hugging me and I’m like, “God, this is the best New Year’s Eve party I’ve ever been to. What am I going to say about this?”

        The neat part is, in those realms, there’s such a sense of connection. Here, we feel like the connection stops at our body or our words. In those other realms, that connection is my field’s overlapping your field. We’re swimming in this dynamic interchange at all times. We are on Earth. We don’t just always notice it. Sometimes you’ll stand next to someone and you’ll feel like you can’t get close enough. You stand next to other people and you can’t push away. You might not even know them. You’re sensing that energetic dynamic interchange but that’s present all the time in heaven. It’s one of love. It was a beautiful experience.

        Did you ask to go back into your body?

        All of a sudden, it was like a water slide. I’m trying to put this in words. It was a sensation of non-graceful re-entry. The song was ending because I had Josh Groban’s Ave Maria on as the New Year came in. I’m going to cry. It was so beautiful. It felt like I was there for 30 minutes and then it was 3 minutes on Earth.

        In heaven or on the other side, there’s no time.

        It’s just now.

        We know you’ve written three popular books. In your book titled Love is the River: Learning to Live in the Flow of Divine Grace, this is such an important question, Ann. You teach how to navigate the currents of divine grace to release the struggles in life. There is no one who doesn’t have struggles in life. Could you share your profound wisdom about that with us?

        GAR 115 | Blissful Connection

        Love is the River: Learning to Live in the Flow of Divine Grace

        It’s not that you won’t have struggles arise but you learn to navigate them quickly and easily and not struggle with your struggles, which makes them ten times worse. If you don’t struggle with your struggles, they’re just a challenge. You overcome them. You get a solution. You’re done. This is what the angels taught me. I went kicking and screaming because I was so analytical. I had to solve my problems and as they put it, answer my prayers. We pray for help and then we agonize over how to fix the thing we prayed for help with. That’s counterproductive.

        In the present moment, if you can get present, by observing your surroundings and appreciating what’s right in front of you, pick something to appreciate anything. It can be a color on the wall. As you get more present, you start to relax and feel your genuine feelings. Your feelings are your guidance system. Ask yourself. I like to say, “Life is what it is. I am who I am. What’s next?”

        If you’re in the present, connected with your feelings, you’ll get a sense of, “I need to give this a rest. Maybe that’s what’s next. Maybe I could call somebody.” There becomes a stream of guidance that is coming to us at all times via the most subtle feelings we have. You feel like getting up and going to lunch or you feel like this conference is a great example for those who aren’t here. You feel like going somewhere and you run into somebody who has something to say to you here. It happens all over the place here because the spirit’s so active with us.

        It’s that way in life too. I have one couple I’ve read for whose child died. He was a young man and I will get this sensation sometimes, “It’s time to go to the hardware store. Maybe that was on my Sunday. I’ll do this errand.” I go to the hardware store, drop everything and there’s his parents. I get a sensation going to the thrift store. There are his parents. We have a joke that he’s a heavenly matchmaker because I keep running into his parents. He sends his dad to the gym because his dad likes to work out when somebody at the gym needs advice in counseling and grief counseling. That’s an example of when you’re in the present, you feel your feelings. I was just sitting there, appreciating.

        You honor them.

        I was doing my newsletter but I was present with it. All of a sudden, I get the urge to go to the thrift store. I dropped the newsletter, got in the car and went.

        You learned to put your brain to the side and respond to that.

        That feels right because I’m struggling to try to get something out of me on the newsletter. That feels like the path. Least resistance is another way we call this thing that feels the best, the kindest, the most nurturing or soothing. It might not seem at all related to what you want at the time. That’s the problem. You have to learn to trust that if you’re having a feeling and this feels right, good and true, see where it leads you.

        It might be something to calm you down enough so you can hear the bigger guidance. There have been times when I’m in the present and then I’m grappling over something. The minute I get in the present, they’ll say, “Get a pedicure.” That sounds and feels good. It’s not always words. Sometimes it’s something that feels good.

        It’s the way they’re telling you to take care of yourself.

        “Go chill out a little while. Relax. Let somebody nurture you.” As I’m relaxed, now I can hear the bigger stuff because I’m not going back and forth between analyzing and relaxing. Living in the flow of grace is about learning to take those pauses and get in a space of appreciation. When you’re grieving, you can’t stay there because grief is waves. It plows you at times. You have to let it plow you and wait until it tosses you back on the shore. In those in-between times, see if you can access these moments of presence and say, “What’s next?”

        Get in a space of appreciation. When you grieve, you can't stay there because grief is waves. It plows you at times. You must let it plow you and wait until it tosses you back on the shore. Share on X

        You’re a dynamic and down-to-earth spiritual instructor. You delight in sharing all you’ve learned in many years of working with angels. Please share some of those pearls of wisdom with us. How do many angels appear to you, Ann? What have they taught you from all these years of working with them?

        First, I feel them. I feel it as an expanded state of love. We know when we’re in love. It’s a feeling of profound love that comes over me. It’s expansion. I joke that I like feeling small because a lot of times, I feel like I’m a barn walking around. Here’s the body but the energy feels way out there and I feel expanded. Sometimes when you’re starting, you’ll feel tingles, goosebumps, little hot patches, palpitations, vibrations and all sorts of interesting physical sensations.

        I like to tell a lot of young people to play with their hair so that they’ll feel these weird tingles. I do get snaps sometimes on the top of my head. That’s how it started. I perceive them, for starters, with feeling. Sometimes visually in my mind’s eye, I’ll see energy. On the rare occasion, once in a blue moon, I’ve seen them appear to me physically.

        When they appear to you physically, how do they appear?

        They usually take a form of a traditional angel, a glowing light being, like if a human could be translucent and glowing. One of the biggest pearls of wisdom and this is so simple, is we are loved so unconditionally. You can’t screw it up. You could be in the foulest mood or the worst person on Earth. They’re remembering like a parent would remember the goodness in their child, no matter what the child does.

        They’re remembering who you are. They’re holding space for who you are. You can be wailing and crying, telling heaven to F off and go away. I’ve heard it all. It’s understandable when you’re in pain. They’re just loving you. Your deceased ones in spirit are just loving you. They’re not judging you. They’re not going back and saying, “You should have done this or that.” Not at all. It’s unconditional love. Death is not anything other than expanding into the true self, in which case, the body usually can’t survive because it’s too big for us.

        That’s a beautiful way to understand that.

        The genie is coming out of the bottle. They still have a spirit body but they’re connected with this high vibration. High vibration sometimes, unless you’ve practiced over the years, is hard to get to exist simultaneously with the body. A person has either completed their contract on Earth, perhaps. Maybe they’re tired and not wanting to admit it. Maybe they did everything they set out to do before birth and they’re ready for the next expanded state of being.

        That is the case with a lot of young people that die. They came for 1 or 2 things and they got it. All of a sudden, they want an expansion. Death is expanding into the true self. It’s not diminishing anyone at all. They expand into the state of absolute unconditional love. That’s the one thing they want people to know more than anything. You don’t have to earn our love.

        If a person’s not been a good person on this Earth and they’ve hurt a lot of people in their personality and their body, it’s hard. They expand and go to the other side. There’s no judgment. They get a life review.

        Yeah, but there’s awareness. That’s the thing. Judgment’s counterproductive pretty much. Say you had a young child and they were being bratty. As a parent, you know they’re a good child and that’s not who they are. Say, you punished them. What do they do? Rebel worse. Say you love them and you hold them. You say, “You’re having a hard day,” and it’s not possible all the time.

        I wouldn’t even ask any parent to do that but suppose you could. That’s what we get on the other side. There’s an awareness there that feels good and that bad behavior didn’t feel so good. When you stand in that love after death, it’s a relief for people who have been awful. I guarantee anyone, being awful is not feeling good. They feel miserable. They’re torn apart on the inside.

        Did they do healing when they were on the other side about what happened to them?

        It’s an instant healing when you get in that light. It’s like, “I remember who I am and what this is all about.” The next thing is, “I could have done so much better. I want to help my loved ones and facilitate whatever lessons that behavior catalyzed for them.” They understand too that sometimes their bad behavior catalyzed massive growth for everybody else around them. They’re wanting to help people get the silver lining out of it. That was something that was new to me because I grew up in the paradigm of punishment from the religious versions.

        The angels say, “God’s source is pure love.” When you’ve been bad and somebody says, “I have unconditionally loved you. How do you do,” there’s nothing to rebel against or struggle against. Now you know and you have to look at it. You have to understand yourself. They do sometimes have regrets because who wants to hurt somebody else? Nobody. Quite often, they’ll have regretted a little bit but they’ll also have it mixed with an awareness that we’re in this dance of growth and interaction here that somehow, at a larger level, will make sense.

        Is that when they could reincarnate and come back to rectify?

        If they wish, they can. A lot of times, they’ll stay in spirit for a while and work with their loved ones on Earth because they have a better vantage point. Maybe they don’t want to screw up again. They might have tendencies they don’t want to bring in again. For example, I had one lady whose sister died. The sister was in a bad marriage and she wasn’t willing to leave. Her only way out was she did not commit suicide but she got cancer and died.

        It’s not going to happen to everyone. Don’t freak out but it was her way. The family was so torn apart over this because they had been there to help her. She realized in heaven, “My whole family had been there to help me transition out of this without transitioning me out of my body.” She told her sister, “I’m going to be your daughter. I’m coming back in two years.” Sure enough, the woman had a daughter in two years and it was uncanny. That was not the rule, more like the exception but she was so desperate to try to help her family that she chose to do this.

        I’ve heard isolated incidents of things like that.

        It’s not as common.

        It’s so interesting. You had an experience with a man named Braco in 2013. His energy ignited this gift within you and it had this healing effect. You have this transformative gaze that heals people.

        It can. Clients had been telling me about Braco for years. He’s a gentleman from Croatia that stands in the presence of this love and just gazes. When he surrenders to this love and looks into people’s eyes, there have been hundreds of thousands of people who had massive, miraculous healings. Physical cancers and tumors are going away, you name it.

        Is he still alive?

        He does free livestreams a couple of times a month, They’ve been telling me about him for four years. One day, I’m at my hairdresser’s and she says Braco was in town because he had been traveling at the time. I was like, “I missed it.” “He’s still here. I had him packed afternoon.” I’m like, “What do you think? Should I go?” I heard, “Go.” I paid her with a wet head, got in the car, went down to this hotel an hour away and stood there wondering what I was getting into.

        When that gaze came through, I saw light emanating from him. As it touched everyone in the room, I saw the lights come on with my eyes open. I usually see this inside of my head but at that time, see it visually. I stayed for two sessions because that’s all the time I had. I went home and at the time, I had wicked monthly pains. I never had them again.

        The week after that, I’m in a session with a client who is in a lot of physical pain as well as emotional. The angel said, “You’re going to gaze.” I said, “What?” They said, “Surrender. That’s it.” I have practiced surrendering for decades. I said, “Okay.” They said, “Surrender and look in her eyes.” I said, “Do you want to do something weird? Look in my eyes. They’re going to do something.” She did.

        You were a vehicle.

        It’s not all the time but it was like a mode you go. I surrendered and she’s looking. My awareness was back here and I felt like the stream of love was coming through. All of a sudden, she jerks and said, “My migraine that I’ve had for four months is gone.” They kept telling me to do it and over time, I kept doing it at events where I do it more.

        Do you have to do it in person?


        You are also doing it on Zoom online?

        I had been doing it on Facebook. I took a hiatus because my account was hacked. The angel said, “Take a breather,” because I’m packed. At the moment, my old Facebook account has a lot of old gazes though. The energy’s still there. It would be People could go watch the old ones there and the energy’s still there.

        There are tons of free education. I gave a ten-minute talk also. They can go see Braco. Look him up and he is doing them livestream, live free, no registration, no nothing. He’s powerful. It started happening and I thought, “Here I am.” Spirit says, “Do something.” I know that they love me and if I feel like it, I do it. I felt it so I did it. I don’t always listen.

        You’re helping so many people with that. Indeed, your presentation to Helping Parents Heal is titled Touching Heaven, Experiencing Expanded States of Reality Easily and Naturally, which is what we’ve been talking about. How do you know that heaven is not a faraway place but rather an expanded state of consciousness?

        That one experience I described of squirting beyond my body and my awareness was beyond my body. Something was still in there keeping it alive so I think of it as unpacking an iceberg upside down. I know because I’ve experienced it. I’ve experienced a love that’s so profound that there is no question in my mind. You can’t make up feelings like that.

        Is love, heaven and beings are all here with us? It’s not in a cloud.

        No. I tell people that it’s like a different channel on God’s Wi-Fi or the great Cosmic TV. For example, we’re sitting here and on your television at home, if you clicked on the channel, you’d see the history, the future sci-fi, the news, a cooking channel, you name it. All of it is going on. Those waves are going through your home and you. They’re present all the time but we only see them when we take the remote and consciously tune in. I think of heaven as an expanded channel on God’s TV where you can see the greater picture.

        We’re just on one channel over here.

        We’re on a channel that’s a subset of heaven. Heaven is an expansion into greater love. The angels once described heaven as a state of consciousness in which you no longer resist love at all. Here, we always have some self-criticism running or something that’s bothering us. We’re human. In heaven, there’s an instant release of all that negative stuff and the love that’s always there. The sun’s always shining. Clouds are not but that love that’s always there comes pouring in and you feel it. It’s bliss. I haven’t stayed there but I’ve been in and out.

        How blessed you are that you’ve experienced that.

        I work on my mind too. I do. When I have a negative thought, I’m like, “Stop and appreciate something now.” I want to be in that space of love more often. For my work, I better stay tuned to that. The minute I have a problem or something that’s bothering me, it’s like an alligator wrestling my mind at times. There are times when we want to chew on something. Someone’s been nasty and you’re trying not to have a bad replay. I’m like, “Stop. Focus on something beautiful.”

        I’ll never forget once somebody said something deeply hurtful and I was thinking about it while washing my face at night and I’m like, “I love my bathroom counters. They’re beautiful.” I start going, “That was a good idea to remodel.” I’m talking silly but all of a sudden, I’m raising my vibration. I’m elevating my mood and you’re going to feel Pollyannaish and weird but it works.

        Are you saying that a person’s vibration is 100% behind what that person attracts or allows in his or her life so that we should all be working on raising our vibration?

        It’s the predominant vibration. For example, if you’re mostly in a space of kindness, you’ll mostly get kindness back. There’s not always but mostly. I want to take some guilt out of it though because parents who have lost children often feel that metaphysical reality is a blaming reality like, “You caused this.” That’s not true because we don’t cause anyone else’s experience ever. What they came in to do, how they experienced and perceived life, and the judgments they made about it, created their unique vibration. Your experience was created because you’re with them and when you’re with someone, you’re going to be affected by their creations too. You can’t help it.

        It’s like if you live with a toxic partner, that’s going to affect you.

        The thing is how we interact with that will dictate our experience of that reality. Our vibration creates our experience of reality because you’re creating your experience of reality. I’m creating my experience of it. For example, there are people who’ve lost children. It’s been a horrible experience for them because perhaps they didn’t know that their kids are on the other side.

        That’s why Helping Parents Heal exists, to raise the awareness that there can be love after the expansion into the afterlife. There can be a relationship. Does that make it easy? No. I often say that parents here are courageous explorers when they come to Earth because, in each case, either there was a contract for the child to live a short life or the child said, “I’m biting off a lot here. I might cut out early.”

        GAR 115 | Blissful Connection

        Blissful Connection: Helping Parents Heal exists to raise the awareness that there can be love after the expansion into the afterlife.

        There’s no judgment for suicide or anything like that if they cut out.

        I grew up in that paradigm. The first time somebody who committed suicide came to me and said, “They let me on the light. I was a good person.” I was like, “Thank God.” There’s no judgment. For the Catholics out there, it’s like the Parable of the Prodigal Son, “Welcome home. Please come home.” That’s the love of the divine or the source like a good parent would always see the goodness in you even when you can’t say it yourself.

        Vibrationally, what we’re thinking and feeling will define how we experience life and others. It will also define more of what we pull towards us in our human life. I’m not talking about pre-birth contracts. In our human life, if I’m in a foul mood, I will notice every jerk in traffic. You can’t help it. They’re not jerks but they might be driving that way.

        If you’re in a foul mood, it’s going to seem that way. Everything’s going to stand out to you.

        If I’m in a good mood and somebody cuts me off, I’ll be like, “Have a nice day.” I don’t perceive and experience them that way. I experience a nice flow. Your vibration determines your experience of life. That’s more accurate. You don’t cause someone else to do something or be something. You can’t. That’s one thing these kids want their parents to know over and over for many years, “You couldn’t have controlled me. You couldn’t have controlled my life, my death or my choices.”

        That is such an important thing for these parents to know. You do take away the guilt.

        They have to take 100% responsibility in heaven, not in a punishing way so that they can learn and grow from it. I’ve never heard someone in heaven say, “I killed myself because of so-and-so.” From heaven, their awareness is, “I did it because I had a bad opinion of myself. When so and so did this, I couldn’t live with my thoughts.” They get it in heaven.

        They have to take 100% responsibility in heaven, not in a punishing way, but so that they can learn and grow from it. Share on X

        Are there healing spaces in heaven?

        There’s an instant healing most of the time. Even when there’s a lot of trauma, there are angels and guides. There’s nurturing. Sometimes, they hold you while you cry the tears you didn’t cry on Earth. I’ve seen people, sometimes in readings, sob like, “That feels so good.” It feels so good to release all that angst. That light heals. It’s so profound.

        Tell us about your play shop called A Spa Day for the Soul. Do you do them online?

        I do them in Sedona, Arizona twice a year so far. They’re one-day seminars where I have various topics. I teach one on connecting with your angels or relatives, usually every May. It depends. The reason I call them A Spa Day for the Soul is that when you start playing with heaven and learning how heaven sees life, there’s so much love and you leave feeling like, “Yeah.” Something in you knows. When you start touching on these eternal truths, something in you says, “That makes sense. That feels right to me. This is how it’s supposed to be.”

        They’re very interactive. It was a little challenging during COVID because we got a distance but we figured it out. Now people can talk and interact again. It’s in the interaction where people get to practice silly things. I teach a self-love class and we have people go around the room, telling people their worst flaws. The other one goes, “We love you anyhow,” or something like that. We get over stuff. It’s funny.

        You’ve also got an internet TV show titled Ann & the Angels.

        I filmed that with the filmers who are doing the main conference here. It’s on the website. It’s an online program that talks about how you can connect with your angels and then I go into various other topics that they’ve taught me over the years.

        You’re busy. You have also your weekly newsletter titled Messages from Ann & The Angels. Do you want to tell us about that and the best ways for people in our audience who want to get ahold of you?

        The newsletter started right after 9/11 in 2001. The towers were bombed and I got bombarded with so many emails that I kept. Everybody wanted to know Heaven’s perspective. Finally, I said to the angels, “My fingers are going to fall off typing. I can’t do this and earn a living at the same time.” They said, “Start a newsletter.” I said, “What’s that?” This is before constant contact.

        You had your email list.

        I found a website where you had to copy and paste the list of emails. It had a text box so big. I would copy and paste a newsletter. Thank God, it’s evolved. I started to write writing weekly Messages from Ann & The Angels. I channel a little angel message on whatever they think is important for people to hear. I come up with something that I feel is relevant to my life. Over the last few years, I’ve included three little action tips that you can do in your life to improve the quality of your life. That’s my labor of love.

        That’s wonderful. I’m sure it helps so many people.

        It helps you stay tuned into something bigger, especially with the world doing its little dance. Even in the newsletter that went out, the angels were saying, “What you see on the news is such a small fraction of all the good that’s going on.” That stuff makes the news but there are billions of good people doing good things out there. From their perspective, the world’s moving towards greater love.

        I keep hearing that we are ascending.

        The contrast is becoming more apparent, which is why we see the contrast in the news. The more love that comes in, the more those who don’t want to act lovingly show up.

        The more love that comes in, the more those who don't want to act lovingly show up. Share on X

        This is about healing and purging that. is my website.

        What is the Ann Albers tip for finding joy in life?

        Stop, breathe and notice something to appreciate wherever you are. Keep doing that until it becomes a discipline. You’ll turn into somebody that’s looking for the good instead of seeing all the bad. The world will serve you a buffet, the angels like to say. The news will serve you a buffet of bad food sometimes. God bless them. We get to choose what we’re sampling on this buffet of life.

        Anywhere and everywhere you are, there’s something you can find to appreciate, as small as it is. I picked up my pen on my desk and said, “Somebody had to design that. Somebody had to come up with a color. Somebody had to build a plastic injection mold.” There are thousands of people that gave their lives passion so I could have a pen.

        GAR 115 | Blissful Connection

        Blissful Connection: You’re allowed to have your human moods. It’s one of the most valuable things.

        That’s a beautiful thing. You live your life in gratitude.

        I do. It’s a choice. Sometimes, it’s easy and other times, I feel like I’m an alligator wrestling my mind that wants to go down the grumpy track. Here’s the thing too. I let myself feel. If I’m sad, I will have a wailing crowd, get a bath towel, screw the Kleenex, excuse me, and soak it. You need to let that pass through you.

        If I’m upset, I’ll tell my angels, “Get out the composter. I’m going to let it fly for a minute here,” or my favorite tool, you write it down and get the shredder. I don’t stop myself from feeling the feelings that are naturally there because that would jam up the flow. The minute I can go back to appreciation and gratitude, I do. It’s self-acceptance, back to gratitude but you don’t try to pretend you’re not something you are.

        Each one of us is different, unique and valuable.

        You’re allowed to have your human moods. It’s one of the most valuable things. The angels have taught me, “You’re loved no matter what.” Let’s say I’m having a bad day. I’m like, “Thank God, you love me because I’m having a rough COVID at the moment.” There’s humor even in that.

        I understand that. You help people light up our world one beautiful soul and one precious moment at a time. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for your help in Helping Parents Heal, for all these people who you light up and for this wonderful loving interview from my heart.

        Right back at you. Thank you, guys, out there because I know your precious and courageous souls.


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