GAR 77 | Self-Healing


Dr. Andrew Hahn is a licensed clinical psychologist and healer whose remarkable life’s work, and personal commitment is to help end a person’s suffering and indeed, to end all suffering through what he calls Life Centered Therapy. He is the Founder of the Life Centered Therapy Training Institute, and he is now the co-author of an incredible new book titled The One-Hour Miracle A 5-Step Process to Guide Your Self-Healing. It is filled with testimonials of real-life people who have benefitted from Andy’s new approach to healing when other attempts to end their suffering failed. This is a new healing framework that is a blueprint for transforming most problems, be they physical, mental, relational, or spiritual in as little as one hour!



  • What inspired Andy to marry his traditional education in psychology with the powerful spiritual and energetic world of healing.
  • The transformative spiritual awakening Andy experienced at Machu Piccu.
  • How mastering difficult experiences from past lives serves our own evolution, the evolution of others and the evolution of life itself.
  • How trauma can initiate the imbalance that creates an illness.



  • What are the usual causes of a Death Wish pattern?
  • How was a woman’s chronic depression, anxiety about death, anxiety about speaking in front of crowds, chronic neck pain and alienation from God healed in just one hour through the One-Hour Miracle?
  • How are our difficulties and the suffering that accompanies them an invitation to re-member, heal and evolve?

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Andrew Hahn: Do You Believe In Miracles? Learn About A Miraculous New Healing Framework That Can Transform Suffering And Deep Personal Issues In Only One Hour!






I’m delighted to once again welcome licensed clinical psychologist and healer, Dr. Andrew Hahn to the show. Andy will be speaking to us from Waltham, Massachusetts. Andy’s remarkable life’s work and personal commitment is to help end a person’s suffering and indeed to end all suffering through what he calls Life-Centered Therapy. He is the Founder of the Life-Centered Therapy Training Institute through which he has trained people throughout the United States and internationally. He is now the co-author of an incredible new book titled, The One-Hour Miracle: A 5-Step Process to Guide Your Self-Healing. The One-Hour Miracle is filled with testimonials of real-life people who have benefited from Andy’s new approach to healing when other attempts to end their suffering have failed.

I’m looking forward to talking with Andy about his new healing framework that is a blueprint for transforming most problems, be they physical, such as chronic pain, asthma, and addictions, emotional and mental, such as depression, PTSD, OCD, and paranoia, relational, which involves the release of destructive patterns, and spiritual, such as alienation, despair, and inertia. Sometimes, the profound transformation from these complex problems can take place in only one hour. That is what I call a true miracle. Andy, a warm heartfelt welcome back to the show.

Thank you so much, Irene. It is such a joy. You are so colorful that you’re just brightening up the whole day.

Thank you. Let’s ask your first question. What originally inspired you to marry your traditional education in psychology with the powerful, energetic, and spiritual world of healing?

I’d had a number of experiences even before I got my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. About four years after, I was going to visit a friend. She had left her Western life. She was the Head of all NGOs at the UN and she left and went on a spiritual retreat to a place called the Self-Realization Fellowship in California. I knew I had to visit her. The day before I went out and visited her, she fell down and hurt herself very badly. When I got there, her ankle was terribly swollen and discolored, and she was in pretty extreme pain. She wanted to take me to the fellowship anyway, so she did.

After we did this extraordinary heart-opening chanting service for about an hour and a half, we were walking around. We got to the holy grounds of the fellowship, which is in Encinitas, California. It’s like heaven on earth. If you’ve never been there, I highly recommend it. It is a profoundly powerful and beautiful place. Anyway, we get to these two benches and she says, “You’re going to have to carry me out of here because I can’t walk another step.” She’d been leaning on me, but she said, “The pain is just so bad that you’re going to have to carry me out.” I helped her onto one of the benches and then I walked all the way around.

I circumambulated the whole thing so that she could put her leg on my leg. I was just going to have her lift up her leg before I tried to carry her out of there. As soon as I sat down, I was flooded with the best I can describe as light. I knew it wasn’t the sun because I knew where the sun was and it was brighter and more vibrant than the sun. I could just feel it entering me and going out of my hands. I asked her to put her leg on my knee and I just started experiencing the light channeling through my hands to her ankle for about ten seconds.

At which point, she says, “You know I can read auras, don’t you?” I say, “I’m a nice Jewish boy from Boston. What do I know from auras?” She said, “Are you aware that there’s pure light that’s going through the crown of your head into the center of your chest and out your hands to my ankle? Did you see where you sat down? People don’t sit there.” I wouldn’t have sat there either, except I wanted her to be able to lift up her leg.

She said, “This is called the Seat of the Healer. No one sits there and you weren’t supposed to sit there.” She’s telling me this. We looked down and all the swelling was gone. Her ankle was purply discolored. All the purple was gone. She got up and she started to walk out with no pain. At one point, I said, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

That led me to two years of studying everything I could about mystical healing traditions, deep psycho-spiritual traditions, mystery trainings, and past life regression, which is what I did at the time. I do just something different now. Everything you can imagine. That’s what got me to start putting the paths together. That was 30 years ago. I was the training director and a professor and I said, “I can’t live these two lives. They can’t be separated. They’re one.” I couldn’t keep them as compartmentalized experiences. I just said, “I have to go and do my own thing and find my own way.” That was the process.

Thank God. Look what’s come out of this. You’re such an effective, wonderful healer on so many levels. You also have a past life story that came to you at Machu Picchu. How long ago was that? That has to do with how on a soul level we consciously create circumstances that echo events from the past so that we can heal and grow. Is all of this what’s referred to as healing karma, Andy?

What we’re always doing is healing karma.

Is karma the energetic inference that is left over from past lives?

Yes. If you want to look at it this way, it’s also from this life, too. When you’re three years old, you could say it’s almost like a past life on one level. What we typically call past lives is karma, whether it’s other lifetimes like reincarnation or on your bloodline because the soul comes through energy. It also comes through mystical blood. You could have something that’s karmic that you’re holding for your whole bloodline, for example. That’s what we call healing karma. Healing karma, from my point of view, is mastering what couldn’t have been mastered. When you can master everything, you’ve healed all your karma at which point you can just say yes to all of life. There’s no such thing as an identity anymore because you don’t identify with anything except for life itself, the evolution of life.

GAR 77 | Self-Healing

Self-Healing: Healing karma is mastering what couldn’t have been mastered. By learning how to say yes to all of life, you don’t identify with anything except for life itself.

You don’t have any stories to identify with. What is this past life story that came to you at Machu Picchu? How long ago was this, Andy?

It was 2004 or 2005. Right now, it’s 2022. It was about 17 or 18 years ago. I was going with the same woman. She was leading this trip. We formed a group and we asked her to lead the trip. The same woman named Roshan. Roshan was interesting because when she first went to Machu Picchu, there are senior guides there. She had never been there in this lifetime. When she went there, she started telling them all of what happened there, things they didn’t know.

Roshan is an Indian mystic. I didn’t know at the time. She was a dear friend. Anyway, we get there. If you’ve been to Machu Picchu, Machu Picchu is like an animal, and in the center of it is a cave that looks like a heart. The beating heart of that animal is Machu Picchu. When we go in there, we’re with this extraordinary shaman. He’s doing this ritual.

While I’m there, I feel someone put their hand on my shoulder. I can feel their hand. I thought it was the guy next to me, who was one of our students who was wonderful and a practical joker. I was going to say, “Really?” I won’t say his name. I opened my eyes and he was clearly not doing it. I close my eyes again and I see this woman, unbelievably vividly. She was a priestess princess. I didn’t know more, but she was vivid to me. She had her hand on my shoulder like she was supporting me in some way.

This is moving. I haven’t told this story for a while. I know she has some great relevance to me. My body starts to rock involuntarily. My eyes are closed and suddenly, I know I’m riding a horse, which made zero sense to me because I didn’t think they had horses there. It should be a donkey or something, I don’t know, but I didn’t think they had horses. This is funny because if you’ve seen me ride a horse in this lifetime, I didn’t fall off, but you know.

Anyway, I’m going at this amazing speed and suddenly, I realized what happened. I had called somehow all of these men together. They’d come up to Machu Picchu in these Kachina outfits that were the warrior outfits. I didn’t know the backstory yet, but I knew that. There was this mass gathering. I’m leading them and there’s this whole phalanx of men. We go someplace and then I stopped rocking. I realized the horses stopped and I’d stopped. We’re surrounding an enclave. Suddenly, I realized it was the Spanish. I don’t know this history at all, but I knew it was the Spanish.

I’m going to share my story from my heart. We are winning. I don’t know the history at all, but I know that we’ve surrounded them and nothing can go in and out. We’re slowly starving them to death because even though they have weapons, we outnumber them. They can’t leave where they are. Except that the men start coming to me and saying, “We can’t stay here because our wives and children are back there and they need us.” They start going. I don’t say they have to stay. When enough of them left, the Spanish attacked us. They capture me and bring me into this enclave. I’m very aware of that and then, in an awful way, torture me and kill me. That’s what I’m aware of when I’m doing this thing.

The next day, Roshan and I walk into Machu Picchu together. There are so many different elements in the story, but I said to her, “We should walk in together.” She said, “This is the day.” If you know Machu Picchu, if you walk in, you come to a place where you can either go up or you can go down. I thought we were going to go down because I had the sense that there had been virgins there who had been sacrificed. That was once done as a profound spiritual practice in order to keep consciousness while you would die. You could go to the afterlife and come back without ever losing consciousness.

At one point, it was a profoundly spiritual practice. I thought it had been torqued by then. I thought there was horrific patriarchal healing because of the Spanish mainly. I thought we were going down, but I stopped. I don’t want to make Roshan go up because Roshan is quite ill. She says, “I can’t go down. We have to go up the top of this hill, don’t we?” I said, “Yes, we do.” We got to the top of this hill and she was in front of me. When she turns around, she starts to shapeshift into the woman that I saw putting her hand on my shoulder.

Her whole body changed. Suddenly, she was this priestess goddess person. I didn’t know who she was yet, but I know what she was, which was some goddess. She wasn’t from here and she was clearly a priestess. She was dressed. I could see her more vividly than I’m seeing you. She says to me at that point, “I’ve never talked with you about our past lives, but we had a past life here. Are you aware of it?” I said, “I know who I am and I’m beginning to get a sense of who you are, but I don’t know what the story is yet.” She said, “I’m going to tell you the story because I’m having a sense that I should do that.”

She says, “I came from a different dimension altogether. I was what they call a goddess here, but I wasn’t a goddess. I was just from another world. Our vibration was just vibrating higher. We came here to help because the place needed a lot of help.” They knew what was going on here, which is how she knew everything about Machu Picchu. She had lived there as this priestess goddess.

She said, “We had taken a vow of celibacy because sexuality would bring you more into the world of the material, more in the world of Mater or Mother. There was another group there which was the warrior chiefs. I fell in love with the head of that group and he fell in love with me. We were sexual and I got pregnant, which I could hide but I couldn’t not give birth to the baby. I had a sense that I had broken a covenant, but I was supposed to give birth. You were the child of that union.”

I said, “I got that.” She started to say, “I could tell you, but it would take a long time. I was there watching you as a mother, but I couldn’t own my maternity.” I was left with my father. I didn’t know who my mother was. All of a sudden, I was beginning to get it. I would ask my father what happened to my mother. He would be warm but he would not tell me the story, and I get very angry. I’m his son. I’m going to be the next chief and I rebel. I wait to rebel until I’m old enough that he can’t do much of anything about it because I have now taken over power. I get into collusion with the Spanish and I convert to Christianity.

There are three altars up at the top of Machu Picchu. The story that is told is one of them was for the sacred women, one was for the sacred men, and one of them was for all the people who were there supporting that. They were the three altars. I start doing these Christian rituals on the one that people think is the altar for the common people and it was, but I turned it into something entirely different. Long story short, I’m doing these rituals and I begin to realize that the Spanish were using me. They weren’t interested in spirituality, religion, or anything. They just wanted to make me the center of the periphery so that they could take advantage.

That’s when I pick up the story. I’m now calling all these people up because I’m saying, “I’ve totally not protected you and now my life work is to honor my traditions and to go and to make sure the Spanish don’t destroy us.” We know what happens. I go and tell our leader this story and he turns white. This guy says, “I’m going to tell you a story. First of all, I’m going to tell you who you are. Your name was Tupac Amaru and you are describing exactly what is known of his history. He was called the Last Inca. Even though there was a later Tupac Amaru, six generations later, he was of a whole different world in a sense. No one exactly knew what happened to him, but they’re telling me. I’m going to tell you how I know the story is true.”

He said, “Years ago, I took a group of cardinals and bishops up to Machu Picchu and they were people who had a very mystical tradition. They were mystical Christians. We get up there and one of the cardinals says, ‘You’re telling us what these altars are, but I want you to know that mystical Christian rituals were taking place on this altar.’” That story is anathema because if you were going to say Christian rituals were happening on Machu Picchu, it’s sacrilege from the whole aboriginal native people, but nonetheless, I know it was true. I tell him and he says, “I’m going to tell you the story. I’m going to write a book about this, but I’ve been scared to because I’m afraid that if I write this book, I’ll get killed.” I don’t know if he wrote the book. I’ve never checked, which I would probably do.

Anyway, he told me that story and to tell you on all kinds of levels what that story means to me about my family, about what a mother is and what a father is, my rebellion against my father, and my longing for my mother to be a certain way, even though I thought she would protect me. I was looking for a home with a mother that I felt like even though my mother was there, she was never there. I had all this healing and then to say that I had to go off into this tradition to wed these two traditions together and to say that there is a mystical tradition that I have to follow.

It was a part of your past life experience. You weren’t even aware of it yet.

That’s why we have our past life experiences and we always play out echoes of them. You could say that’s exactly how this has evolved. It’s gone its funny roots because sometimes I would go off the path, but I’m back on it now, I hope.

With your One-Hour Miracle, you certainly are forging a path that extends from that. That’s an amazing story, Andy. In my lifetime and the healing that I’ve done, I’ve had to refer back to some past lives that I’ve had and all there. It’s amazing and insightful. Let’s talk about how mastering those difficult experiences that we have from our past lives not only serves our own evolution but the evolution of those around us and the evolution of life itself. Do you talk about that in your book?

Yes. I can tell you all about that. The first thing you’d have to open to the possibility of is that life is a living being just like we are and it’s an evolving being. From our point of view, the mystical concept is that we are cells in the body of life. Just like we have 3 trillion cells in our bodies and each of them is on the surface different, but each underneath has to be the same because you could take one cell. If you knew what you were doing, you could clone a whole other being. All the information is there. It’s called Dolly the Sheep.

The idea here is that we’re the same thing. Evolution for us is moving from being identified with the surface to being identified with a template, where all life force is the exact same thing and none of it is matter. None of it is identity because it’s an evolving vibration. Our work is to move from being dense energy to being identified with the surface at which point, becoming who we are becomes a problem because we cease to exist, to moving from that to a life-centric point of view, not an egocentric point of view, but to say our journey is to help life evolve because the one thing life can’t have is experiences. It can’t have a relationship.

It’s a funny concept to say that life is infinite and limited. You describe life. We have words for it. It’s called omniscient, it knows everything, and omnipotent, it can do anything, but there’s no such word as all-loving, even though this is an act of love. As they say in Matthew, “When there’s two or more, there is love.” If you want to love, you have to be able to love something else. That something else has to forget who it is because then you’d just be loving yourself. You have to remember who you truly are so that when I’m loving you, I’m loving someone who is different and the same.

If you want to love, you have to be able to love something else. Share on X

This is the meaning of, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” because you are your neighbor and you are everything. I am you and I’m the couch. I’m Hitler and I’m antibiotics, viruses, and everything. That’s who we all are. From my point of view, evolution is coming to the place of saying, “I am everything and therefore, I have no judgmentalism or comparison. I don’t need to understand anything because I’ll just be with what is.” That’s our evolution. We help life evolve because we could do something that life couldn’t do because life was unitive.

Life grows in a sense through new relationships. In order to have a new relationship, you have to not be stuck in the past. How do you not be stuck when you get stuck? You only get stuck when there’s something that can’t be handled or taken in stride and integrated. You move from being who you truly are. In this dimension, it is the speed of light squared, your Energy squared, which is just a vibration. You move from being a wave to being dense energy or a particle. You identify with the particle. If you’re the particle, you can be destroyed and no longer exist. That’s exactly what happens to us.

Whenever there’s something that can’t be handled at that moment, dense energy is born and you’re going to call it sick to the stomach, heart beating fast, pain in the neck, or whatever it is. You could say our trauma is to us as we are to life. Our work is to get to a place where we can become aware, allow, accept, and bring our attention to everything and just say yes with no attachment. We could have our preferences but no attachments. We’re doing the same thing individually. Whenever there’s something we can’t handle, at that moment, a sensation is born. It’s not our sensation.

It’s a living being, just like we are. We’re born in a moment. It was born in a moment. If you come to see me for therapy, I’m not working with Irene. If Irene’s having anxiety and I said, “When you’re having anxiety, Irene, what’s happening in the body?” You say, “My heart’s pounding.” I’d say, “Irene, you’re not anxious. Your little toe is fine.”

Someone whose name is Heart-Pounding has anxiety. Your job, like an actress, is to choose to become Heart-Pounding from the inside out like your name is Heart-Pounding. As soon as you do that, you no longer identify unconsciously with heart-pounding. You become the one who is choosing to be heart-pounding and bearing witness and holds in heart-pounding. As soon as you do that, you’re free. If I want to give your audience one thing they could do, it’s whenever there’s something that you are suffering about.

Suffering means you have judgment, anxiety, and comparison. You say, “I need to understand this.” Whenever there’s something like that, there will be a body sensation. If you can choose to become that body sensation and just say nothing other than, “I am Heart-Pounding.” I say, “Heart-Pounding, what have you come to share with me?” worlds will open.

GAR 77 | Self-Healing

Self-Healing: You will feel body sensations when you are suffering. If you can choose to become that body sensation and just say nothing, worlds will open.

It’s the most powerful, simple practice there is. Every time you have some discomfort in the body, it’s a being who’s come to share a story. Before you take a pain pill for your chronic back pain or your headache, you might want to say, “Back Pain, what have you come to share with me?” You become Back Pain. We can become each other because in the template, “I am Back Pain, just like I am Irene.”

As soon as you do that, Back Pain will share its story. I want you to notice there’s no regression. Back Pain is here right now. Even if Back Pain was going to tell me her name was Marie Antoinette or some other royal in revolutionary France, she’s here right now. There’s no such thing as regression and because there’s no such thing as regression, you don’t have to do anything more to prepare anybody by saying, “We have to resource you.”

The only resource you need, if you have any witness function whatsoever, is to become that sensation that’s here right now. I’m going to tell you a story from revolutionary France, or I’m going to tell you a story from fifteen lifetimes from now. Somebody’s coming back to give me a warning or some little green woman from Alpha Centauri is putting a rod in my head. They’ll share who they are and why they’ve come. Their story will be your healing.

You’ve got a great story of a woman who killed her chronic depression, anxiety about death, anxiety about speaking in front of crowds, chronic neck pain, and alienation from God in one session, which is what you’re talking about. Do you want to tell us that story? That’s a great way. It’s a great graphic way for people to understand what you’re talking about.

I can tell you the story. I can do it in a quick way. It was an amazing story. It was a fortunate story, too. There’s a behavioral health conference called NICABM and a lot of your readers might know of this. I was there doing a breakout session and I was doing a demonstration of this work. This woman came up and the first thing she says is, “I’ve been in this major depression for years and nothing has touched it.”

She had tried cognitive behavioral therapy. She had tried behavioral medicine and energy therapy. She had tried psychodynamic therapy. She had tried medication. She had tried everything you could imagine and nothing was touching it. Here’s how she described her depression. She said, “I feel weighed down. I feel helpless. I feel hopeless. I can’t move.”

I use a process of determining what’s going on called kinesiology. I asked if that was the most important thing to work on and it said no. She starts to literally hyperventilate in front of 125 people in an amphitheater. She says, “It must be my chronic fear of crowds. It’s crazy, but I know these people are going to really hurt and kill me. Everyone’s told me this is irrational, but I still believe it anyway.” I find out. I determine, “Is that it?” It says, “That’s not it either.” She says, “I don’t think I know what it is.” I found out that was true.

We have this framework and within it are these mythic stories that are these universal stories that happen over and over again. It turned out her story was what we call a death wish. A death wish can be 1 of 2 things. It either means something so terrible happened that you wanted to be dead or you had such a terrible death that you couldn’t handle the death at which point, you dissociate. The part of you that leaves the body knows you’ve died but never experienced dying. It’s experiencing, “I want to die,” which for it means I want to experience dying. That turned out to be her situation. I said, “When you really allow this part that’s experiencing, ‘I want to die,’ what happens in the body?” She’s very kinesthetic.

Please define kinesthetic for those who are reading but don’t know what kinesthetic is.

There are three perceptual modes, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. You hear, you see, and you sense or feel.

Kinesthetic is sensing.

She wasn’t seeing pictures, which would be visual. She wasn’t hearing the story like when she was reading a novel. She started to live out the story. She literally started to live it out in her body by choice, because she became Neck Pain. Suddenly, she’s violently wrenching her neck violently. She had a story about chronic neck pain, a whiplash. Now we know why she has whiplash because that was a way of trying to remember what had happened 250 years earlier.

You could say accidents are not necessarily accidents. It’s when we realized that they are not accidents at all, but there’s something we unconsciously, in our soul, co-create in order to remember this stuff where something crystallizes. She’s wrenching her neck violently. Suddenly, she’s screaming at this point. She said, “There’s a guillotine coming down on me.” They put her face up with nothing covering her face so she’s watching this thing coming down on her.

They’re going to decapitate her but not from the back, from the front. She’s watching it and she’s weighed down. You certainly should hear her depression. She’s helpless. She’s hopeless. She can’t move. She’s in front of a whole crowd of people who are screaming things at her and she’s screaming out. You can hear this because it’s 1999.

If you have a tape recorder, you can play it. She’s screaming. She said, “I’m never going to be in front of a crowd of people again.” We know why she has chronic neck pain because the only thing she can move is her neck and she’s violently wrenching her neck. She’s screaming at God saying, “I was a good Catholic. I was a good Christian. Why have You forsaken me? I’m never going to believe in You again.” Four problems, chronic neck pain, major depression, anxiety about being in front of crowds, and alienation from God.

It’s understandable, considering what she endured.

Who would think, when someone like that comes to therapy? God forbid, the man that she loved was there. She looked at him and knew she had betrayed him. She’d have betrayal in relationships. It’s amazing when it happens. Those are the stories that look like miracles. She’s screaming and then, in this tone she says, “I must have died.” Do you know what her problem is? She didn’t know she had died because it was so emotional and physical. The anticipation of the pain was so great.

She said, “I got to get out of here.” Part of her left and that’s the part that says, “I must have died,” but it didn’t know. I said, “Now we know what your problem is. You didn’t know you had died. You’re still playing out that death. Your major depression is trying to help you remember your fear of crowds, your alienation, and your chronic neck pain. You think the neck pain is because of an accident, the whiplash. It’s just an echo of what happened there that you unconsciously co-created.

We’re going to solve the problem because this is a lose-lose proposition. It wants to die and it thinks if it can kill you off, it’s going to solve its problem. Unfortunately, that happened in its consciousness 250 years ago so it’s not going to help very much. You’re miserable. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to tell that part to come back right before you die.

We’re going to do a Buddhist practice. You’re going to fully come back into the body and this time, you’re going to choose to let yourself fully die and go out through the crown of your head which is a simple Buddhist practice. Do you know what she says at that point? Do you remember? She says, “Which head, the one that’s rolling down the hill or the energetic one?” She then said, “I know which one. It’s not the one rolling down the hill. It’s the one that is the energetic one.” It’s funny. It’s on the tape. It’s interesting.

She goes up to the crown of her head and she consciously leaves the body behind. She looks up and says, “There’s light.” She even knew. She said, “I’m going to that light.” She lets the light of heaven embrace her and envelop her. She was raised by the light. She says, “I am the light.” She has this beautiful smile on her face and she says, “I’m done.” That took about 30 minutes.

I’m going to tell you what happened. This is a great story. She’s now done and people start to ask her questions about what it was like for her. We’re in an amphitheater. She’s like, “It’s a half moon.” Somebody is asking her a question on the right and she turns her head all the way this way. Somebody does it on the left. She turns it. She says, “This is not possible. I can’t move my neck like that. If I could, I would be in excruciating pain, but I’m not feeling any pain.”

After a little while longer, she says, “This is also impossible because I’m having the best time with you guys and I should be thinking you want to kill me, but I don’t think that anymore. I don’t feel weighed down, helpless, and hopeless. I feel lighter and I can even feel the presence of the Divine. I keep coming to these conferences hoping I’ll find the presence of the Divine. Everybody else does it. I can’t do it.” She’s done and I know it held because usually, I see people in an ongoing way. She comes back to the conference the next year and said, “Pretty much all of that held,” which really is a miraculous story.

It’s amazing. A lot of times when we have physical things that we’re going to all these doctors and people, it could be from past life trauma that needs to be healed. It’s manifesting in our bodies to tell us to pay attention to it.

That’s why I say, “If you can do a good diagnostic, determine.” Do you want to do something that started in this lifetime at age three? Do you want to do something that happened in the womb? Do you want to do something like a past-life reincarnation like that woman? Do you want to do something that happened to your great, great grandfather four generations ago or everybody and it’s coming through the blood? Do you want to do something that started in another alternative dimension? All of those are possible and all you have to do is open to all possibilities.

Andy, do you do this also online also? Do you do this via Zoom with people and all? They don’t have to go to Waltham, Massachusetts, do they?

I can muscle test them anywhere because it’s the same idea. If you’re feeling anxiety and I say, “What’s happening in the body?” You say, “My heart’s pounding fast.” I say, “Choose to bring all your attention to heart-pounding fast so much that you are heart-pounding fast because you and heart-pounding fast are the same life force.” You can choose to become that like an actor choosing to become a role.

You are to life what heart-pounding fast is to you. If I can touch into the template in the same way that I say, “Become heart pounding,” I can do that. I can become Irene because you’re dense energy. In the template, I have access to everything.” Theoretically, I practiced and practiced this because I didn’t want to do it.

When I could muscle test you in my office, which is what I do, and then go outside, I could only do a single-blind study, but I would get the same answers, whether I was muscle testing you or just muscle testing you surrogately. I’d say, “I can now essentially focus on Irene so much that it’s like when I’m muscle testing what looks like myself, I’m really muscle testing Irene.”

At this point, I can do sessions with you no matter where you are. You could be in Alpha Centauri. I could do a session with you because the information doesn’t travel. It’s all happening simultaneously. That’s why you say, “How can something affect something that’s more than the speed of light away, squared, but we can measure there’s an effect?” The answer is that it’s all happening right now. As soon as you know it’s all happening right now, you can just deal with it and not have information about it, which makes it information, it’ll go back into its pure form. We’ll be who we are, which is infinite vibration.

Andy, I want to ask you about the death wish pattern. Before I ask you about that, talk to me about timing because you’re saying it’s all happening right now. On the other side, when you’re dealing with spiritual matters, there’s no sense of time, is there? We’re feeling everything is happening to us now and there’s to be a clock. That has nothing to do with the healing. When you say everything is happening right now, the past life information, the stuff that’s translated to what we’re going through now, it’s all brought together, right?

Of course, because when she brought all her attention, that was a death wish. You want to know about the death wish. That was a death wish. Notice, she had neck pain now. That woman from “The French Revolution” is here right now. It’s not like I regressed her to the French Revolution. I said, “Your job is to bear witness to someone who’s here now.”

If I was working with you, I’m not working with Irene. All I’m saying to Irene is, “Don’t identify with Irene. You can choose to identify with Irene at one point and at the next point, you can identify with neck pain whose name is Sophia.” We’re all multiples and you just happen to be the multiple right now who gets to choose. You’re just part of a soul community. It’s no more about you than it is about them except for the fact that you’re the one who’s here right now.

You’re the one that manifested into, that’s it. If you can heal your stuff, then that affects all of mankind because you’re no longer whacking everybody else over the head with your backpack full of whatever that was.

I’ll tell you what’s even more amazing about it because this was a powerful example of this. I won’t go into the story much, but I was seeing a young man who had real issues around repressed anger. It turned out that it was on his mother’s side about five generations ago. Something was playing out something. His mother’s in the waiting room. His mother is very highly attuned.

I do this piece of work with him about his anger, about what happened on her side, which will be four generations back for her. They’re walking out and she said, “Did you just do something on my family tree? I feel different now than I did when I came in here. I feel lighter and I have a sense.” Literally, we are everything. When you change, everything changes.

We are everything. When you change, everything changes. Share on X

It impacts everything around you. I have to say, though, it may impact everyone around you, but some people may choose not to be impacted. They stay where they are. Other people go towards that light.

It’s co-creative and it does affect them. Everything gets affected, but that doesn’t mean we’re conscious of it, but we’re all in it together. We all have to make our choices. It’s a both and neither/nor proposition.

Andy, I know people who I believe have gotten sick because they do have a subconscious death wish. Can you teach us about that? As we were talking about with this woman, it can manifest as mental hopelessness, suicidal intentions, emotional despair, depression, and physical illness. Do you want to tell people a little more about what a death wish pattern is? A lot of people are walking around with all these symptoms and they don’t know they may have this embedded within their subconscious.

The first way to know if you have it is if you’re willing to be true to yourself and you let yourself experience, “I want to die.” Even if it makes no rational sense to you, it’ll resonate with you someplace. You’ll say, “I don’t understand this, but it resonates with me someplace.” As soon as you say it, you’ll feel something in your body like that woman did. When I had her say out loud, “I want to die,” because I did our diagnostic, I determined that the core for her was not depression. That was a symptom of this or the fear of crowds. It was this experience of, “I want to experience dying,” because I left the body. I lost my soul partner. I dissociated.

If you don’t know how to determine it, which we do through muscle testing, there’s a pattern. The main core of that pattern is, “I want to die,” or, “I want to let go,” which is the same thing as, “I want to die.” There are other elements to that pattern sometime too, which is, “Someone who’s supposed to love me wants me dead. That’s about projective identification, if you know that term. If you don’t, it means sometimes, for example, there are things our parents can’t accept in themselves and they project it onto us. We’re a kid. We have to take it in because we want their love. If they want to kill in themselves something that they can’t manage, they will put it on you. Your best way of protecting them and yourself is to say, “It’s true.”

You’re living that. You’re manifesting that. We’ve already talked about why it is so important for people to heal and evolve. Tell everyone whatever you’d like everyone to know about The One-Hour Miracle, the book. At the end of the book, you have ways that people can help themselves to start their healing process and help them find the root cause of their suffering. Tell us all about it, Andy. Why should they get the book? What is it going to do? It’s a wonderful reading. It’s very enlightening. I have to tell everyone. What would you like everyone in our audience to know about it?

What I’d like you to know is there’s a path for them. There’s a path to evolution. The one choice we have about free will is, “Do we want to go kicking and screaming, or do we want to go more with a sense of equanimity?” If you want a sense of equanimity, whenever there’s something that you’re suffering about. Trauma and suffering are the same thing, because what’s trauma? Something you can’t handle. When you can’t handle it, you suffer. If there’s no trauma, you might feel pain, but you don’t suffer anymore because you’re not identified with the pain. You’re identified with the one who’s there with the pain.

GAR 77 | Self-Healing

Self-Healing: Trauma and suffering both causes suffering if you cannot handle them. But you can avoid suffering if you are identified with the one who’s there with the pain, not the pain itself.

That’s the main message and it’s very simple to do. It’s so simple to describe how to do it. I’ve been doing it for many years, but I’m still learning stuff. We had a kid who was seventeen who went to a weekend and was with someone like you, a very senior healer. The person looked at me and said, “You’re going to send me off with her?” I said yes because I muscle-tested it. She came back an hour and a half later and said, “This is the deepest feeling I ever had.” It had never occurred to her that her body sensations were living independent beings. It had never occurred to her that her trauma could have been what we call a past life. She says, “This is amazing.” Do you know what the 17-year-old girl says? She says, “I can read a protocol.” It’s the same thing.

Anyone who buys your book can start to try to heal themselves according to the protocol in the book.

People who don’t want to be practitioners. It’s called Guided Self-Healing. It’s guided by something that is really life. Self-healing is the healing of the little self by the higher self. What is healing? It means you’re going to remember what was dismembered. That’s all it is. Healing says, “I’m going to become whole to remember healing and wholeness is all the same things.” It’s easy to do in its pure form. Whenever you have anxiety or are judgmental about anything, find the body sensation, become it, and let it share its story. Any discomfort, go there and say, “What have you come to share?” If that’s all you did, you get there. You cannot do it at which point, you will wallow.

You cannot do it, you read it, you try it and all that, and you say, “I need an extra tweak,” and then they can contact you.

I like doing it with people. I’d rather do it with anybody. I can do it on my own, but I’m an extrovert and my preference is to create a field. I like being held by somebody else. You can come to us or any of our practitioners and you’ve got a life-centered therapy. You’ll find all of us or you can learn how to do it yourself. We have no limitation to who can train with us. All you have to do is have an open heart and open mind and a willingness and if you’re called to it, come.

Is the best way for people to connect with you and the Life-Centered Therapy Institute to go online, look it up, google it, and there you are?

If they want to get to our institute, it’s If they want to get to me, it’s

If they want to find out about our training, which is on our website, which is Life Centered Therapy, but that is If you want to get the book, you can order it on Amazon and it is called The One-Hour Miracle. This is a lot because of my co-author. I didn’t write this book by myself.

Joan Beckett is your co-author.

She is an amazing writer and editor. Even though I was the first one who did this work, we are collaborators and partners. The book reads unbelievably beautifully because she’s so good at hierarchy and clarity, whereas, I’m a soul psychologist. I want to be poetic.

Each has your gifts and you brought them together to create a book.

It’s a sacred marriage.

Let it rip Andy. What is the spirit telling you to tell everyone about your important tip for finding joy in life?

My tip for finding joy is this. We think our head runs the show. It’s not true. We have everything top-down. It’s supposed to be bottom-up and inside-out. If you want to know something, put your hand on your gut because your gut knowing is the part that knows what’s true for you. You put your hand on your heart, which says, “Given whatever I know is true for me, what do I desire or aspire to?” The head helps out and says, “Now that I know, I can help figure out how to get there.” The first thing is that.

If you want to know something, put your hand on your gut. It just knows what's true for you. Share on X

If you know what is true for you and what you desire and you start to open to manifesting it and discomfort comes, you know something’s blocking you. According to the law of attraction, you’re going to attract what you need to attract in order to heal and grow. People say, “I want $5 million or whatever,” which is egocentric or whatever. Whatever it is, if something’s blocking it, then you’re going to manifest the block. You’re not going to manifest the thing until you get to a place where there’s no block. You have a path.

You say, “I want to be someone who opens the world to life.” Let’s say you said that’s what you want to do. If you said, “I’m feeling sick to my stomach.” You know something is still keeping you from it. If nothing’s keeping you from it, then you’re going to have a good feeling in your body. What I’d say to you is, “Choose to become the good feeling and then it’s not like you’re imagining something. You’re experiencing it literally in the here and now, as though it’s already happening. It’s not just your mind. It’s your whole being. Always go back to the body. It knows the truth. When you’re stuck, it knows where you’re stuck because it’ll show you.”

The bottom line is to heal yourself so that you become free to experience joy.

You’re free to experience whatever you’re to experience because everything becomes the joy. That becomes the point. You have to not be attached to what the joy is. Look at the most famous person in history, Jesus. What was He doing right before His crucifixion? He’s saying, “Why have you forsaken me?” Not joyful. What did he say at the end? He says, “I give myself over to You.” He says, “They can do anything to my body. They can kill my body, but I’m still alive.” The key is to know that no matter what happens, you’ve had your challenges and so have I. The question is, “Do you say, ‘Why have You forsaken me?’ or I’m going to feel the grief about it because grief is healing?“

Do not let yourself be identified with your pain. You may grieve, but that’s not your whole story. It is just cleansing. Share on X

GAR 77 | Self-Healing

The One-Hour Miracle: A 5-Step Process to Guide Your Self-Healing: Change the Story, Re-author Your Life

Anyone who says, “Get over it,” I’d say, “Get over saying get over it because grief is healing.” At some point or another, you say, “There’s something here that’s trying to reveal something to all of us. Teach me. I’m not going to be identified with the one who’s going to be stuck in excruciating pain. I’ll grieve, but that’s not the whole story. That’s just cleansing, so I can be free to open to life.” I’d say, “Life will reveal to you if you don’t get in the way. It’ll tell you what you’re supposed to do.” It did. In your case, it told you with a voice. It’s like, “Do this.” Really? The key is once you open in that way by getting rid of all the blocks, you say, “All right.”

I made a choice and it’s part of the choice. I went out of my way to heal a lot of things so that I could continue on with what was my path. Andy, here is my flowery conclusion to our lovely interview. All those, for sure, who read your uplifting and hope-infused book, which it is, and it is still the true miraculous one-hour healing journey. By the way, everyone, he has so many great examples of how people healed from this One-Hour Miracle.

Our readers will find themselves believing in miracles after they read your book and become inspired to create a miraculous healing journey in their own lives. The One-Hour Miracle: A 5-Step Process to Guide Your Self-Healing provides an extraordinary new way of understanding the suffering that enables people to heal and evolve. Sometimes, the true miraculous transformation simply takes just one hour.

Thank you, Andy, for another important and enlightening interview on the show. I thank you from my heart for all you are doing to help people heal and end suffering in this world. It’s truly important and appreciated. Here’s a reminder, everyone. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and especially YouTube. Be sure to subscribe, hit notify, and get these wonderful healing interviews coming your way. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.


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