GAR 110 | Near Death Experience


Andrea Courey is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, and sound healing meditation guide who became a caregiver to her 28-year-old daughter Chloe when she fell ill with cancer. About six weeks after Chloe’s death, Andrea sat down to write her a letter – the kind of letter a mother writes to help express her grief. Fully expecting to burn the letter upon completion, her world changed when Chloe answered, and there began a five-month-long conversation touching on everything from what Chloe was experiencing out-of-the-body to 12 Steps to Bridging Across the Veil. The result was Andrea’s first book, Conversations with Chloe: A Mother and Daughter Dialogue Across the Veil. When she wanted to understand more about how grieving mothers handle this huge loss, Andrea joined Helping Parents Heal, and from those conversations came her second book, the book she wished she could have read when Chloe passed, titled: Magical Thinking…Not!



  • How a near-death experience kindled Andrea’s connection to Spirit 
  • Getting validation from her grandmother who passed 
  • Andrea’s conversations with her daughter that birthed the wisdom in her first book 
  • The power of apology and forgiveness 
  • What happens during a sound healing meditation event 
  • Andrea’s Life To Afterlife workshop 
  • Andrea’s tip for finding joy in life 



      • How did your near-death experience change your beliefs and augmented your abilities to connect with and hear the spirit world? 
      • Tell us about Chloe and why do you call the year she died both difficult and blessed?  
      • What happens during a sound healing meditation event, and how are each the same yet slightly unique? 
      • Do people who have sound healing access their loved ones and spirit? Are they able to have this miracle happen and get messages, too?  

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        Andrea Courey: Her Near-Death Experience And Her Daughter’s Passing Stoked A Deep Passion To Help People Reduce Their Fear Of Death






        Our next interview in this series is with Andrea Courey, a Master of Education who is an award-winning entrepreneur, an author, a speaker, and a sound healing meditation guide. In 1997, Andrea founded Grandma Emily‘s Granola in Montreal, Quebec. Starting from her home kitchen, she grew her company and its product line to include granola, cereals, bars, snacks, and gifts.

        A single mother with three children, little money, and no child support, Andrea’s business plan was one line, “Don’t give up.” Eighteen years later with sales from coast to coast, the company was sold. Andrea, imagine lazy days of retirement ahead, filled with nothing but time, but a larger role awaited that of caregiver to her daughter, Chloe, who was ill with cancer.

        After a difficult year, Chloe passed in 2016. She was 28 years old. About six weeks after Chloe’s death, Andrea sat down to write her the kind of letter a mother writes to help express her grief. Fully expecting to burn the letter upon completion, her world changed when Chloe answered back. There began a five-month-long conversation touching on everything from what Chloe was experiencing out-of-body to twelve steps to bridging across the veil.

        The result was Andrea’s first book, Conversations with Chloe: A Mother and Daughter Dialogue Across the Veil. Wanting to understand more about how grieving mothers handled this huge loss, Andrea joined Helping Parents Heal. From those conversations came her second book, the book she wished she could have read when Chloe passed, titled Magical Thinking…not! I’m looking forward to talking with Andrea about her near-death experience, her automatic writings, and her two wise and wonderful books, and I can truly say from my heart that they are, the ways her group sessions help people to heal and more for what is going to be a fascinating, warm, and uplifting interview. Hi, Andrea. It’s such a pleasure. It’s so wonderful to welcome you to the show.

        GAR 110 | Near Death Experience

        Conversations with Chloe: A Mother and Daughter Dialogue Across the Veil

        Thank you. Thank you for that introduction.

        My pleasure. Your connection to Spirit was kindled by a near-death experience several years ago. Please describe it to us and tell us how it changed your beliefs and augmented your abilities to connect with and hear the spirit world, which is so amazing. How did this happen for you?

        A near-death experience. It’s interesting because it’s something that fundamentally shifted my whole life. As soon as it happened, yet I didn’t share it or talk about it for 25 years. It was so precious to me that I didn’t need to share it and have anybody else question its validity, but yet it changed everything. In a nutshell, very quickly, I woke up one morning and as I was waking up, I had a vision.

        It wasn’t a dream because I could remember every detail of this vision. I didn’t have any trouble remembering it and I saw an accident. I saw my husband and I walking down a snowy sidewalk. I saw a car. I even saw the color and the make of the car come from behind and hit us. I heard my husband speak and scream, and then it was over. The scream went blank. I got up and I had my whole day.

        That night at past 10:00, we were coming out of reception. The timing of it was incredible. Anyhow, down the steps, we went down this very snowy sidewalk. I live in Montreal. There was a big snowstorm. It was December, and it’s exactly what happened. As I was hit from behind, I never saw the car, but I knew and I had been prepared for it. I was like, “Andrea, let go. Don’t worry.” I even heard my husband scream the exact words I had heard that morning. It was like, “Time is elastic. There is no such thing as time.”

        What happened with your husband?

        It was interesting because he went over the car, smashed the windshield, and went into a snowbank. I was hit. I went the other way, 35 feet down the road. It was a very large boulevard, but luckily, no other car hit me. I stopped in the middle of the road and I came out of my body. All of a sudden, I was about 9 feet above looking at this scene, and there was a party going on. I looked back at the house and I saw all these people coming out of the party.

        A near-death experience fundamentally shifts your whole life. Share on X

        There was panic. It was pandemonium and all the women were in their nice Christmas wear. I’m watching them coming out to help us, and I’m trying to tell them, “Put a coat on. What are you doing?” Nobody hears me. I look at this body on the ground and I recognize the coat. I said, “That’s my red coat.” I’m seeing myself and I said, “I’m here.” I was completely and fully my consciousness 9 feet above my body. The scene didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. I felt myself enveloped in this magnificent cocoon of peace. Nothing hurt. I had no pain at all. I moved away from the scene, and the scene didn’t matter to me anymore.

        You were ready to come?

        I was ready to do something, but I was asked. At one point, I ended up somewhere and there was this magnificent figure in front of me, and I would say it was maybe 10 feet high. It’s hard to describe because I didn’t see a face, but I could feel this incredible presence, and then they spoke to me. The first thing He said was, “Andrea.” I was like, “Do you know my name?” I was amazed. “How could you know the little old me?” He says, “Do you want to stay or do you want to go?”

        I had three little children. My children were 1, 3, and 5. I said, “I must go back.” He asked me again, “Do you want to stay or do you want to go?” I said, “I got to go.” I’m making this short for the purposes of this, but the point is that it blows your mind completely that it changes you forever. I was thrown into this vortex and I could feel that I had hands and feet holding onto this thing because it was spinning so fast and so hard. I said, “I’m going to get thrown out of this if I don’t hang on,” and then it slammed me back into my body.

        All of a sudden, you probably felt pain.

        Yeah. I woke up, but my first thought was, “Please, Lord, don’t let me forget this. Don’t let this be wiped out of my memory because this is too incredible.”

        What happened to your husband?

        We both ended up in the ambulance with the neck brace and the this and the that. They did all the X-rays and all the tests, and neither of us broke a bone. The car was totaled. I had a lot of rehabilitation. It took me a whole year. My body was black and blue. Two weeks after that happened, as they were loading me into the ambulance, I said, “Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to warn me and to protect me. I am not going to live a life without love,” and that was it.

        That was the message in a way.

        I have heard since then from my other children, “Mom, why did you have to get the crap knocked out of you for you to know that it wasn’t the way you should go?” It’s not that simple when you are a mother, you have children, and obligations, and you think, “Until death do as part.” I said, “I did die. This is a new me. This is a new life.”

        You were rebirthed.

        I asked him to leave two weeks later, and he did. It didn’t mean that it was an easy road. It was a very tough road. That’s when amazing things began to happen such as my grandmother coming to me. Her was voice in my head. She had passed and she said, “Go get my books.” I’m like, “What books are you talking about?” She explained to me exactly where her books were, where they were, and whose basement and that I should get them and I should read them. I found these books. I started reading them.

        What were they about?

        It was called Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East.

        You are like, “What are you trying to tell me, Grandma?”

        I couldn’t read them. I didn’t understand them. The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, and there was a series of five books, and all the books were scribbled with my grandmother’s notes throughout, and I couldn’t understand them. I said, “Sorry, Grandma. I don’t know what to do with this stuff.” I put it away, but then I went back to it two years later.

        You probably understood it.

        More and more, and I’m sure if I read it now, I would understand it even more.

        It was a validation that she was with you because to give you that message to go and find those books was amazing.

        That was one of many things. I will give you another crazy valid. I had no money, but my divorce cost me $1,100. I know that’s crazy. I was thinking, “How am I going to pay this $1,100 bill?” My mother had resolved and finished my grandmother’s estate. I get the bill. Two days later, my mother calls me and says, “We have finished up the whole estate. We have given all the money out to everybody that grandma as per her wishes.” She said, “I don’t know why, but I think that this last little small amount you should have.” She hands me a check and it’s for $1,109. It was exactly the amount of my divorce. I took that to the bank and I was crying all the way to the bank.

        Grandma came through.

        This is the grandmother who also in 1997, said, “Go get a picture. Take that picture. Go make a logo. We are going into business.” That’s Grandma Emily, and I said, “What are we going to do?” She knew before I knew that I would need to be self-sufficient. She knew before I knew that my ex-husband was going to get into some financial difficulties and stop all child support. She said, “We are going to make granola.” She had always made it, and I had always made it, and so we did, and I started the business. People always think that I was some cracked entrepreneur.

        I love that part of your book because you are so real and you talk about what a struggle it was and how sometimes you had to deal with rejection because you would bring your granola, which was better than anyone’s, they’d say, “We have a deal with a big company.”

        He’d showed me a pallet of oats and granola and say, “We love your product, but guess what, we can’t buy it because we got this pallet for free from Kellogg’s.” How do you compete with that? You can’t, but you keep going and keep going, and that’s it. I started that business because she pushed me to do it.

        From Quebec became worldwide.

        Not worldwide, just countrywide. The whole thing was amazing because I incorporated the company. I created a logo, I had the product, and then I had no idea what to do. What’s the next step? How do you go into business? I go to the vet with my cat and I see a woman there who looks at me and we did yoga together, and she said, “I’m putting on an event at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel,” which is the largest hotel in Montreal with 1,100 rooms. She said, “We are doing a breakfast, but we don’t want to do croissants because it’s a healthy breakfast. We are looking for a great product.” I thought, “I make a great granola if you want it.”

        I figured out I needed to make 80 kilos, which is about 50 pounds of granola. How was I going to make 50 pounds of granola? Anyway, I did. I made the granola and I brought it to the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. I was there that day when they served it and people were asking me, “Where do I buy it?” I’m like, “You can’t buy it. I don’t know.”

        That’s when the light bulb went off in my head. I’m like, “Grandma, I get it. I see. This was the next step.” It took me two weeks. I screwed up the courage and I called the chef. I called the executive chef in the biggest hotel in Montreal. It took me a while to get him on the phone, and he said to me, “Andrea, I hated it. Come and see me tomorrow morning at 6:00.” I knew he didn’t hate it, but I knew that was my first test. It’s like Spirit opened the door, but then I had to walk through.

        That’s true. That’s the way it is. I got the message podcast, but I had to execute it. We have to do the work. Now I have to ask you about your precious daughter, Chloe who’s such an important part of this whole conversation. Tell us about her, which I know is a pleasure for you, and why do you call the year she died both difficult and blessed?

        I had finally sold my business. Imagine I worked day and night. I used to sleep so little, and then in 2015, I sell my company. Hallelujah. I put a knapsack on my back and I’m in Italy, and then I get a call, “Chloe is sick. You have to come home,” but I had sold the business, so I had time. That was a blessing.

        In a way, it’s divine timing.

        The blessing was I could take care of her. We went up North and I was with her for the last year of her life. Her brother had been away at school and he said, “I can’t study Geology when you are with Chloe.” He came back too, and we had a difficult here because it’s tough. She was dying and she was doing chemo.

        There were so many things about it that were so hard and but there were things about it that were blessed. I said to her one day, “What would you like to do?” when she was still mobile. She said, “I want to have a normal day,” and that hit me. She wanted to have a normal day. I said, “What’s a normal day?” She said, “I want to get dressed. I want to put on makeup and I want to go to the mall.” That was no small thing. The wheelchair in the mall and the parking, but we did it. That’s why it was a blessed year.

        She also got to connect more with her brother who came in. I would think that would be a tremendous blessing and probably gave him a lot of closure when that time came. Tell us about how this is amazing. I read the book and I loved your book. It’s so wise and I recommend it to people. Tell us, first of all, how automatic writing came to you and then you did automatic writing. You have this five-month-long conversation with Chloe, and then here comes your first book with all this wisdom that she channels to you. Could you tell us about that?

        When you look back and you connect the dots, you realize the whole thing makes incredible sense. I was off to work one morning. It was 2010, and a voice in my head said, “Do not go to work. Close that door. Come back, sit down, and start writing.” I was like, “I never missed work.”

        You did work hard your whole life.

        My whole thing was to provide for these children. I closed the door, sat down, and started writing. The words would come, but the coolest part is, it’s not like you had to be in any crazy trance or do some whole complicated ritual. No. I sat down and I started writing. I could take a break and I could have lunch and I came back, and I could keep writing.

        Did you ask her questions or the information?

        That wasn’t Chloe. This was in 2010. Believe it or not, I know this sounds crazy. The first person who came through was Abraham Lincoln.

        I remember reading about this.

        He gave me 6,000 perfect words. I never corrected a word, and I have it because it was pen and paper. It wasn’t like I took it on the computer, and then other people came. This went on for two years, and then it stopped. I was like, “Somebody cut off my right arm. What did I do?” I thought maybe I didn’t publish it or share it. What happened?

        I heard, “Andrea, you have done it. That was training. You don’t need it anymore.” I said, “That is wise.” I didn’t know what was going to come next, but I had faith. What I had to do was build my faith and let go of doubt, because they are there to talk to us. They love us and they want to communicate, but we have to let go of doubt and that’s hard.

        GAR 110 | Near Death Experience

        Near Death Experience: Build faith and let go of doubt.

        Let that all come in. Get rid of that skepticism. Now I have to ask you how Conversations with Chloe came through, and then, she channels you twelve steps of bridging across the veil.

        I’m teaching entrepreneurship. I’m teaching at a university, and I’m thinking, “There’s no way I want to let this get out there. What are people going to think?” Five weeks after she passes, I’m writing her letter and just as I’m about to burn the letter in my little wood stove, I hear her. She says, “Mom, you are so easy to find. It’s a joke.” It’s exactly her voice, tone, sarcasm, and sense of humor. She said, “You know what, Mom? You pray a lot. When you pray, your light shines and we see your light.” With every prayer, they see the light. She said, “You pray so much. Your light shines.”

        That’s a beautiful thing for people tuning in to the show.

        Our prayers are real. I said, “You mean the prayers are real?” She says, “Yeah.” She said, “You know what’s so cool? Open your laptop. We are going to start.” She said, “You are not allowed to change, edit, or touch my words. You can do whatever you want with your words, but you can’t touch my words.” I said, “They better be perfect. If you are giving it to me, you better give it to me good.” Another thing she said was, “Try this, Mom. You can type with your eyes closed,” and I won’t make any mistakes.

        Did you try that?

        It did work. It was crazy. It’s something. She would dig her chin. It was an annoying habit she had when she was in her body. She would dig her chin into my shoulder, which hurts, but that would wake me up at 4:30 in the morning, and I’d say, “Hi, Chloe.” I’d open my laptop and then we would start. One day, I said to her, “This is the most extraordinary healing and amazing thing that has ever happened to me in my life.”

        The near-death experience was amazing, and my grandmother was amazing, but nothing comes close to this. I said, “How do we help?” That’s the first thing we want to do. It’s like how do we help other people experience this too? She said, “I’m going to give you the twelve steps to bridging.” It took five days for me to take down that material, and I am a super healthy eater. For those five days, I ate Tostitos and chips and I needed salt.

        No granola?

        No granola, which is very unusual. All my kids ate so much granola, but that’s what I did. I took this down over five days. I love to do workshops on the twelve steps of bridging. If you permit me, I would like to read you number one because she told me, “You can say them all in and you can do them all in any order you want, except for number one.”

        Number one has to be first and is the toughest one because when you have a child that passes, you don’t even know how to deal with the pain and grief. You don’t even know how to handle it. It’s like your heart is open and bleeding. It’s like you don’t know. When she gave me this, I’m like, “Whoa.” Number one is, “All is as it should be.” You have to be there in that space.

        That sounds like acceptance.

        She says, “Fundamental to this initiative is the understanding that all is as it should be with the world. There is much evidence to contradict that statement. Ignore it. This is the toughest step. It’s called acceptance,” and then it goes on. All is as it should be. This applies to all things in life and death. Not only are there no mistakes in life, just lessons, but there are no errors in death, and it goes on.

        GAR 110 | Near Death Experience

        Near Death Experience: In life, there are no mistakes, just lessons. There are no errors in death.

        I took it all down, and number 6 of these 12 steps was, “Raise your Vibration.” I have been doing a meditation class with a few people right after I had my near-death experience. I had been sitting in a room with a crystal ball being hit, and the relief and the peace that it brought and the connection to Spirit was amazing. When I took this information down, she said, “Go for it. Go do it. This is what you can do to help people.” I became a sound healing practitioner.

        We are going to talk about that in a little while and tell her when about that. There’s something else she talks about that is so important. She talks about the power of apology and forgiveness. With the reality that normally the physical body is discarded, can you tell us about the importance of that? Many people do not want to apologize. They are holding on to their grievances and they don’t want to let them go. Forgiveness is letting it go.

        It’s more. It’s finding peace with what’s happened and digging deeper so that you catch the lesson and you can then let go. It’s not just letting go. It’s finding peace with it. It’s forgiving. It’s interesting because my father came to me after he passed and he wanted to apologize for something. I said, “You are telling me now. Why didn’t you tell me when you were here?” He said, “I didn’t have the same perspective. I didn’t know what now. I didn’t see what I see now.” I thought what a shame that is and it’s often like that. There’s also some solace in that for us because our loved ones, once they cross, will know us in a way that they don’t know us now. They will see into our hearts.

        Forgiveness is about letting go, but it's more about finding peace. Share on X

        They get the big picture, don’t they? They see it from a universal perspective.

        That’s right. The forgiveness piece and do it now. Don’t wait until you cross and then you are trying to make the connection and then you say, “I’m sorry.” No. Do it now. Plus, that way when you leave, you leave. You are free. Do your work while you are here.

        The other thing Chloe states is that both big and small acts of love matter. That love makes us whole.

        AOL, Acts Of Love.

        Tell us about that. That was a return to love.

        My partner John and I, this is the gentleman that I write about in the book. We do that sometimes like, “How many AOLs have we done for each other? It’s only 9:00 AM and you already made me coffee and I already did this, and you did that.” AOLs matter. It’s the most important thing. Do you know what I used to say to myself a lot? I used to say, “Don’t be afraid of tomorrow because God is already there and God is love.” Don’t be afraid. It’s letting go of that fear and it’s a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight.

        You have to be conscious. It’s about becoming conscious.

        It’s like a muscle you develop every day.

        Now we are getting to the sound healing. Your presentation to Helping Parents Heal is titled Wellness Through Sound Meditation. You learned how Chloe was your catalyst to share sound healing with others. Tell us what happens during a sound healing meditation event and how they are each the same yet slightly unique.

        Sometimes people ask me, “Why don’t you record them?” The ones that I do for Helping Parents Heal we do every month on Zoom, and they do record them. Each session is the same in that it’s very casual. Everybody is very relaxed. I guide them with the different instruments.

        What kinds of instruments do you use?

        I use quartz crystals, which are the bowls. I use metal, also Tibetan bowls, and I use drums.

        Have you been guided to what you are supposed to use?

        Totally. Sometimes I do something called Light Language. I didn’t even know it had a name. I have been doing it for so long, and then I heard that it has a name. Light Language is the coolest thing. That’s when you trust and you let yourself go. You let Spirit come through you and sing. Sometimes it’s so loud and powerful. It even scares me, but I do it with a drum and sometimes I do it with rattles and sometimes with chime.

        You are being told all the time what to do and where to go with this.

        When I do live sessions, I can often feel who needs what in the room. It can be very harmonious and peaceful, but then I feel, “Somebody’s energy is stuck.” You know how you can tell sometimes, people start rubbing a joint and maybe there’s an ache. That’s when I will bring out a percussion that maybe doesn’t have that gentle, harmonious sound, but does that move the energy. They will tell me afterwards, that exact moment when you did those rattles, everything began to flow. That’s why each session is the same.

        It’s different because you are feeling the needs of the people who are with you. Sound healing, you say, helps people to access deep peace, increase their well-being, and raise their vibration. Do people who have sound healing access their loved ones and spirit? Are they able to have this miracle happen and they get messages too?

        It’s not a miracle. It’s the fact that we are raising our vibration and they are coming down ever so slightly, and then we get together. It’s amazing. It’s happened to me. When it happens to somebody, you never forget it. It’s extraordinary. It is something. I used to think, “Who am I that I could try to guide people to have these incredible encounters with their loved ones,” but it was happening.

        Even on Zoom, and even with somebody maybe who was in England and I was in Canada. It didn’t matter They feel it and they get that heart activation that opens up and they see their loved ones. Sometimes they might see their parents and the dress their mother always wore and they might speak, hug, or smile at them. I have had all kinds of things happen.

        Tell us about all your workshops because you offer several workshops, don’t you?

        I do. Everything I do, I never charge, believe it or not. There’s no charge ever for anything related to sound. I ask people to pay it forward. If you liked it, you had fun, pay it forward, and let us know what you did. Let us know who you helped or how you channeled that experience into helping somebody else. It’s so fun. It feels like it’s the right thing to do. I love to do the twelve steps to bridging. That’s fun.

        Tell us about that.

        We get together and we go through them, and people spend time on each step. Sometimes we might do some psychometry too, which can be fine depending on who’s in the room. Psychometry, let’s say, without looking, everybody puts a piece of something that they own like a piece of jewelry in a basket. You will pick out a piece of jewelry and talk about the person.

        It’s to help to raise everybody’s sensitivities. I can do other exercises where we fool around because people don’t think they can do it, but they can. If they let go of the doubt, they let go of the worry and stress and have fun. It’s like, “Tell me who’s in the room with you, what they are saying, and what they look like.” They are reading somebody else and it ends up they are right on because they are not thinking, they are not caring, and they are not trying to prove anything.

        Let go of the doubt, worry, and stress, and just have fun. Share on X

        How enlightening and amazing for them. Tell us about your Life To Afterlife workshop.

        It’s more like a lecture. It has bits of sound. I always will bring my sound things to the lecture. After about twenty minutes of speaking, it’s like, “You have had enough listening to me. Now you get to experience.” I will bring in sound and then I will go back and I will talk about some of the material in this book, and then I will bring in sound, and we do it that way.

        To me, it’s so blessed that you are channeling all of this and it’s coming through you like there’s so much healing. I know that you recruited parents from Helping Parents Heal to share their stories of resilience, love, and signs of life after life. They contributed to your second book, Magical Thinking…not! How about sharing some heartening stories?

        GAR 110 | Near Death Experience

        Magical Thinking…Not!

        I will share one of how I got the title. We were sitting around a dining room table on a Sunday, all these Helping Parents Heal moms, and their stories were riveting. I said, “Ladies, do you mind? I’m going to push record on my phone and we will see what happens.” The signs that they received from their children, the grief, and the healing journeys were extraordinary.

        One of the mothers lost her three children in a car accident. Her eldest’s name is Andrea. When we met, there was an instant connection between the two of us, and she showed me something. Two years after the accident, there was a report that she had to do. She had to go visit a psychiatrist for the insurance company.

        In this report, it says, “Mrs. J seems to be relatively fine, but yet she’s insisting that her children are around her and that she’s, in fact, being guided by them. Notwithstanding this magical thinking, we think that she will somehow make it through.” It’s not magical thinking. It’s a fact. That’s why I called the book Magical Thinking…not! It’s a fact. They are alive.

        Her children have communicated with me many times for their mom, and it’s happened to me also. The first time it ever happened to me way before Chloe passed was in 2006, and I was brushing my teeth. Often, you get communication from spirit when you were out of your mind. If you iron, which nobody does anymore, but brush your teeth or vacuum, it’s a great time.

        For me, when I got the first message that Saul had to go, I was washing dishes.

        That’s one of the best spots. When you have your hands in dish wash, that’s true.

        I was like, “What am thinking?”

        I had this young man come through and he said, “Tell them I’m fat and happy.” My first clue was that it wasn’t me. He kept repeating that phrase. I put down my toothbrush. I said, “Who is this?” He told me his name, and I went, “He had passed two weeks previously.” He said, “Would you do me a favor? Take a letter and give it to my mother.” I said, “Okay.” I did a five-page letter and then, what do I do? How do I call his mother and tell them?

        Did you know her?

        I knew her from a distance, yes, but I didn’t know her. One of the neatest things was he told me and showed me a movie in which he was mowing a lawn and he mowed the word fat into the grass. When I said this to his mother, she said, “That’s weird.” She said, “It’s true. He always felt he was too skinny and wanted to be bigger.” Anyway, we had a communication that went on for quite some time, and I would call her and it gave her a lot of solace. He said to me one day, “You have to call my brother,” and this was a few years after the fact.

        Did you also know his brother?

        I didn’t know his brother at all. I called his brother and I told his brother about the lawnmower and about mowing the word fat into the grass. He drops the phone. He says, “Andrea, I was the only person there that day.” We went to the cottage. The grass was long. He mowed the word fat into the grass, and that’s why I had to speak to his brother because he needed to know beyond a doubt that he was fine.

        I remember when he told me, and he explained this accident because he was killed instantly. He said, “It was walking across the threshold of a room.” That was it. He said, “I went from this room to that room. It was that simple.” I also asked Chloe, by the way, because I heard her so clearly right until the last day, and then it was finished.

        I said, “How am I hearing you? Where are you? How is this possible?” She showed me. She said, “Let’s say this is the universe. This is the whole thing. You are there.” She said, “Right now, I’m right here. I haven’t crossed over yet because this is my mission to write this book with you.” I said, “I don’t want to write a book. I want to have this conversation. This is the most amazing thing. Let’s keep doing this.” She said, “No way. Are you kidding? You think I went through all this for you to renege on me?” She got upset with me, and that didn’t feel good.

        That probably felt familiar.

        We have such a close relationship with the girls. That’s it.

        Now tell everybody. How do they get ahold of Andrea Courey and how do they avail themselves of all of your services and what you do?

        Every week, we do a sound session. We do a live session. I know it’s a weird time, but it’s because I have lots of people who come from all over. Every Wednesday at 1:00 Eastern, people can join in. You can get the link on the website or send me an email. If you want to send me an email, it’s

        Do you have an important tip for finding joy in life for you that’s important?

        There are so many things. Keep it simple. Love is all matters.

        Don’t get tripped up by all the tough stuff.

        You don’t need fancy rituals. You don’t need expensive anything. Keep it simple. When you feel down or when you feel you need a boost, pick up a rose. Pick up a flower and put your nose in that flower. That’s it. It’s that simple.

        It’s that easy. I love this quote from your book, Conversations with Chloe, “Death is truly a renewal of life, a continuum of the journey. There is only life after life because everyone encounters death.” I want to thank you, Andrea, from my heart for all you do to help people access peace, increase their well-being, and connect with their loved ones and spirit through sound healing, for your wise and wonderful books, and for this very high vibration interview.

        Death is truly a renewal of life, a continuum of the journey. There is only life after life because everyone encounters death. Share on X

        Here’s a loving reminder everyone, make sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On YouTube, please be sure to click subscribe, and that way, you will never miss an episode like this with Andrea. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now. Thank you, Andrea. It’s such a pleasure.


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