GAR 109 | Eye-motional Processes


Amanda Lynne is a Certified and Registered Kinesiologist with the Australian Kinesiologist Association and a Professional Specialized Kinesiologist of the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists. She assists clients to identify and transmute their past, present, and sub-conscious emotional blocks, helping them to move forward as they find freedom, experience joy, embrace love, and create empowerment in their lives.



  • Practicing kinesiology on herself when she was desperately ill helped Amanda to recover and led to the development of her new Eye-motional Processes App.
  • Amanda’s amazing cancer forgiveness story, including how she forgave her uncle who abused her as a child, and who later murdered his young family and pregnant wife.
  • The six simple, easy-to-use and profound Eye-motional Processes featured on Amanda’s new app that combine kinesiology, meditation, and vibrational techniques to remove blocks to manifestation potential.
  • When a person’s emotional energy is vibrating at higher levels, it is then that co-creative energy flows and boosts the Law of Attraction potential.


  • What is kinesiology and what is muscle testing?
  • What are the 4 gifts a person can receive from forgiveness?
  • What are the 4 emotions that act as roadblocks to forgiveness?







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Amanda Lynne: Kinesiologist, Creator And Founder Of Eye-motional Processes (EMP)






I hope this finds each of you so very well. In this episode, I’m speaking to you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey. I’m delighted to have this opportunity to interview Amanda Lynne who will be speaking to us from far North Queensland, which is a state in Northeastern Australia. Amanda is a Level 4 Certified and Registered Member of the Australian Kinesiology Association and a Professional Member of the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists.

She holds a Bachelor of Education, a Certificate 4 in Aromatherapy and she has trained in five modalities of Kinesiology since 1999. Amanda is the Creator and Founder of Eye-motional Processes also known as EMP, a unique method which combines Kinesiology, meditation and vibrational techniques. The six processes on her Eye-motional Processes App engage the audience in guided eye movements, auditory processing and other embedded Kinesiology methods.

Through these unique methods, listening to Eye-motional Processes assist individuals in easily identify and transforming conscious, unconscious and subconscious emotions that are blocking their manifestation potential. It creates clarity around an individual’s co-creative emotional energy mindset and enabling that person to make lasting positive changes to the energetic vibration and therefore, to his or her story, no matter how painful that story may be.

Amanda believes when a person’s emotional energy is vibrating at higher levels, it is then that co-creative energy flows and boosts the Law of Attraction potential. Amanda calls EMP a manifestation game-changer. Her mission is to assist others to move forward as they find freedom, experience joy, embrace love and create empowerment in their lives.

Full disclosure, in 2020, I had the great pleasure of being asked by Amanda to participate in a special micro summit event that focused on grief and finding a meaningful connection with loved ones who have passed. A few weeks later, Amanda graciously facilitated a healing session for me regarding some of my own issues. Now, I am so delighted to be sharing Amanda with all of you. I’m looking forward to asking Amanda many questions about herself, Kinesiology, her new Law of Attraction app and more.

Amanda, it is so great to be talking with you again.

Irene, how are you?

I’m great. It’s so good to see you, even though you’re in Australia and I’m here in New Jersey. It’s a pleasure. Please explain to everyone, first of all, because when I first met you and you asked me to be a part of that micro summit and you told me you were a Kinesiologist, I was like, “What in the world is Kinesiology? That’s what I haven’t heard about.” Please tell us about Kinesiology. I know you use a lot of muscle testing for it. What drew you to it in 1998? That was a while ago, so you’ve been doing this for quite a while.

I have been doing it for quite a while. With Kinesiology, we all have muscles in our body and we know this. When we have stress and tension, for example, if we took our shoulders, our shoulders get tense and they hold tension. It takes a while for it to calm down. Kinesiology talks to the muscles and uses the muscles as a language to the body to find out and discover subconscious, conscious and unconscious blocks in the mindset and emotions that might be stored in the body. How it does it is it gently tests the muscles.

We call it these days muscle monitoring. Kinesiology has been around since 1932. When people say, “What’s Kinesiology?” we’re like, “We’ve got to get the word out there.” With muscle monitoring, we gently test the muscle or put a little bit of pressure on the muscle up against something that may or may not be stressful to the client. The pressure of the muscle monitoring is no more than we would put on a closed eyeball when we are wiping our eye. It’s that gentle.

We put it there for two seconds and monitor how the muscle of the client responds to stress or something that’s not stressful. The reason that matters is because we unknowingly carry stress in our lives. We carry it in our body. It’s delivered and held in our body due to proprioceptors, which are the nervous system, communication system to our brain, organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments and so forth.

Muscle monitoring seeks to get in and inquire upon a human body what the story is that’s holding them back from educational difficulty, an emotional barrier, a goal that they’re trying to achieve, a health concern and nutritional issues. There are many things muscle monitoring and Kinesiologists can discover upon a client.

GAR 109 | Eye-motional Processes

Eye-motional Processes: Muscle monitoring seeks to get in and inquire into a human body what the story is that’s holding them back from educational difficulty, an emotional barrier, a goal that they’re trying to achieve, or health concerns and nutritional issues.


What drew you to Kinesiology?

Being very ill.

You were sick and you found Kinesiology helped you?

Yes. Towards the end of 1997, I was taken to hospital with a very severe asthma attack. I’d had childhood asthma all my life. I was pretty much on every goat cheese, sheep’s milk, and gluten-free thing you could imagine that was available back then. When I got this asthma attack and had to go to hospital for ten days, I’d missed my school holidays. I was a teacher at the time and no teacher wants to miss their school holidays.

Here I am in the hospital going, “Something’s bigger than goat’s cheese and sheep’s milk. Let’s go and explore that when we get out of here.” I found my way back to my normal health supplier of those products and having to stumble across a lady, Robin Clemson, who’s a Kinesiologist on the Mornington Peninsula and the rest is history.

I went along and I was astounded with what she knew about my body, my history and the information that was coming up. She knew dates, ages and situations. Not so much in a psychic way but from what my body was holding stress and telling her as muscles were monitored to against certain questions. I went away feeling super-duper light. What I loved about it is I didn’t have to speak my painful story. I loved it. I kept going. In 1999, she said, “I’m doing a course. Would you like to join?” The rest is history and I’ve kept going.

You’ve created this Eye-motional Processes which assist individuals to easily identify and transform their conscious, unconscious and subconscious emotions, which you’ve been talking about, that are blocking their manifestation potential. Could you give us examples of conscious, unconscious and subconscious sabotaging negative emotions? Tell us how they’re transformed through Kinesiology. How long does the process take to help a person transform?

Basically, going back to the muscles. When it comes to Eye-motional Processes, as we know, our eyes have got muscles and ligaments. They’re embedded in that framework. They support what we see and how we visualize our world and how we react and respond. For me, being a Kinesiologist in the last few years, I’ve started to embed myself into the eyes and the muscles of the eyes and the ligaments and the stories that those things hold for us.

When it comes to conscious awareness, if we took a person who has a mother-in-law whom they don’t get along with, consciously, they know that, “I don’t get along with my mother-in-law.” In fact, they might come and say, “I hate her.” Now that’s a very low-vibration emotion. We don’t want to be sending that out into our vibrational energy field. We want to transmute that. That’s the conscious awareness.

The subconscious awareness is this person is driving away from the Christmas day spent with the mother-in-law. This person is yelling and carrying on in the car because they’ve had this emotional flare-up at how difficult that experience was. That’s the subconscious reaction and action based on the conscious awareness of the emotion.

This is where I love Kinesiology. The unconscious awareness that comes up in Kinesiology says, “Why is that person got that? Why that reaction? Why anger and frustration? Why not unworthiness? Why not jealousy? What’s the emotion that drives this particular individual to feel that way about this one experience? Several other people have mothers-in-law on the planet and they all have different versions of how they feel about them.” It’s cool, isn’t it? That’s an individual’s interpretation of what they feel in that one experience that millions of others experience.

Somebody could have an obnoxious mother-in-law and go, “That’s who she is. It’s not bothering me. Someone else is driving her crazy.” That has roots in other things that have happened to this person.

Spot on. That’s the unconscious stuff that Kinesiologists seek to explore. This lady would say or man would say, “Mother-in-law’s frustrated me this Christmas. I’m going to come and have a Kinesiology balance.” That’s what the process is called. They come and lay on the table. We would go in and go, “What’s driven that?” We might go back to an age where this person was seven and the divorce of the parents happened.

Suddenly, it set them into a situation where they had a stepparent who unknowingly reminds them of their mother-in-law. The energy frequency that’s driving the frustration is driven from this seven-year-old that was frustrated in this experience that they could not get free of because they were little. We start to go back in time across upon the muscle monitoring. Taking that person back whilst we diffuse certain pathways, neurolymphatic points, meridian spaces and chakras. It might be a nutritional situation because that person might have decided, “I’m going to emotionally eat at that period of my life.”

Those things are what we look at. As we do them, we clear the energy vibration of it. For Eye-motional Processes, it is an app that gives people Kinesiology methods to do at home while they think about all those negative emotions they attach to their mother-in-law. In this case, this person will do Process Blue, which is frustration, anger, irritation and impatience. That’s one example.

I would imagine that, depending on a person’s blockages and what they have to work on, Kinesiology can take a different amount of time for each person as they work on their issues.

Yes, it can. I go back to my experience when I first met Robin. It took a good eighteen months before I was ready to explore a space where I would go and learn this. I was in a far better place. I’m not saying that’s a regular occurrence. That was probably once a month and it was a remarkable period. In the Kinesiology framework or in healing modalities, we talk about one month to every year that we’ve held that emotional frequency or that mindset damage, if you like.

That one month is essential toward unpacking a part of that year in our mindset, muscles and nervous system. When we relieve that stress, we start to find that this person can go to Christmas or take the grandkids over and see the mother-in-law and not react because they have tools. They might do a lot of tapping or eye movements or rubbing this and tapping this and affirmations here to get to that stage on that day, but that will be diffused.

They won’t suffer the way they had in the past. What are the six simple, easy-to-use profound Eye-motional Processes that combine Kinesiology, meditation and vibrational techniques? You explained about eye movements, why they’re used to release low-vibration emotions. Do you want to talk about how you combine these three modalities?

Basically, the Eye-motional Processes are the six processes. They’re on an app available with Apple or Android. They’re Processes Red, which is the charts behind me. I’m going to give just a small summary, which is no choice and powerlessness. Process Orange, which looks at emotions like sadness and grief. Process Yellow, which looks at regret and unworthiness, shame and blame. Process Green, which looks at jealousy, criticism, and pessimism.

Process Blue, which looks at hate, anger, rage and revenge. Process Indigo, which looks at overwhelmed, burdened, doubtful and worried. Those emotions are in Process Indigo. When we are vibrating at a process color and we are not moving that, we are going to keep attracting to ourselves under the Law of Attraction premise the same experiences just in different frameworks in our lives. If we’re a Process Blue person because I find over the time I’ve been with this material, people have a process trait that drives a lot of why they do what they do.

What are those traits like?

If you’re a Process Blue person, it’s like we’re ready to wire, to be frustrated and angry straight up. That’s how we rock. If we are set off, up it comes. If we’re a Process Yellow person, we’re ready to feel shameful and blamed for everything around us. We take responsibility for it even though we’re not seeing we are co-creating these. Somebody else has some 50% responsibility too. We jump in there and we might go under the covers for a weekend and not want to come out and see the world. It’s like personality processes.

What occurs is in how the app works. When you download it, there’s an emotional processes chart of emotion, which is behind me, but it’s also on the app. You go, “I’m going to my mother-in-law’s. I feel this emotion. We take responsibility. I’m going to listen to Process Blue.” That’s a 22-minute Kinesiology meditation, which will guide you to gently move your eyes while your auditory processing, which when combined with eye movements in Kinesiology as well as words, increases and enhances emotional release.

How many people who want to go visit their relatives for the holidays and they’re usually people that trigger them wouldn’t love to pick up their phone, look at the app and say, “Let me lessen the degree of emotion that I know is coming into my life in about an hour or so when I get to that front door?” That’s great.

It’s a pretty cool tool. I’ve been working with this app and I am finding a bit of a block. There are still blockages. They can come and see an Eye-motional Processes Kinesiologist and have a session, so they can do a bit more deeper delving or a Kinesiologist who will work with that with them.

Do you work with people online? If they can’t fly to Australia, how would that work? Full disclosure, everyone, Amanda worked with me on the app. It’s very easy to use and it’s great, but say, I felt I needed a little more of a tweak, do we work on Zoom or whatever?

We would go on Zoom. I tend not to do one-on-ones with this material because I’m pretty busy. Allow me to scope out and provide the material to individuals. I do group courses that are fifteen people at a time. One is called Past Regrets and one is called Future Fears because a lot of people fit into that. It’s not a place where we share stories because when we share our story and speak it into the ether, we’re adding value to our Law of Attraction, which will give us what we want even though we don’t want it. We speak our stories into the app by moving our eyes and listening and doing the process and thinking through those negative feelings.

You’re giving yourself a reset.

That’s it. That’s right. The emotional processes Kinesiologists, they’re the ones that can work online one-on-one with clients. That’s why they’ve been set up, so I’m rolling that out.

Do you want to say anything else about your take on manifestation and the Law of Attraction?

I’ve thrown it in there anyway, but I go back to when we talk about forgiveness and that is this episode’s theme. That’s why I’ve thrown the mother-in-law in because some of our biggest places we have to forgive is in our family situation. That’s where our density most occurs. We’ve all got an uncle or a stepmother or something that needs forgiving.

Some of the biggest places we have to forgive are in our family situation. Share on X

If we are sitting in a vibrational frequency of, “I feel unworthy or I feel powerless at this family function,” we are not forgiving the past. We will keep reverberating that emotional charge and attracting more of it to ourselves. Every one of those experiences, even if that person’s no longer in our lives because we’ve set a boundary in there, the mind will play its games and the vibration will go out.

Suddenly, we are powerless at work because that’s what we’re sending out of our vibrational antenna way back here from our past. We’re powerless in our mortgage or with our friends. It’s this vibration that we set ourselves up for coming out of this past story that we’ve still held into our eye muscles and ligaments in my world. That still keeps going and we see things that way. That’s the Law of Attraction in its essence.

Basically, by removing these blockages and all through Kinesiology and with what you do, you reach for a higher vibration and attract better into your life.

If somebody goes in this powerless, “I have no choice. I can’t forgive my government for this particular situation or healthcare system,” or whatever it is they’re feeling, they might jump up the chart. They go fairly quickly into a place of, “Now I’m feeling angry about that.” They do that one because when we are no longer down here and powerless, we are up in anger. Anger’s a pretty cool emotion because it gets us moving.

Powerless keeps us stuck in bed. We don’t want to get into here so that we can then get into the violet of, “I’m feeling love, hope and that things can change here. I’m feeling I can trust,” Even though that situation hasn’t changed yet. We’re up in this vibration, so we start to attract to us, “That just happened at work. I got a promotion. I didn’t think I was worthy of that.”

It’s because you are changing and you’re attracting better things to yourself.

The inner world has the answers to the outer world.

The inner world has the answers to the outer world. Share on X

I find it fascinating. I did not know originally about you that you had cancer. You had a double mastectomy, a lymphadenectomy and you received quite a message as you meditated after your surgeon recommended even more surgery and treatment. That’s one story. Would you like to share that with us?

I would love to because it links into Eye-motional Processes I’d already created for myself. There’s a video on my website about how they came to be. It was created again from the space of I’m not well physically. That point in my life in 2012, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a muscle disease, which is genetic in my family.

That was a warning flag that I didn’t listen to and I knew better. In 2013, two of my dear friends, Mark and Bob said, “Amanda, you know better than this. Your skills as a Kinesiologist, you’ve got to start to shift this.” I thought, “I’ve heard it twice in one week and I’m going to do that. How will I do that? I’m a good Kinesiologist. I know my stuff, but I am so unwell. I can’t go to a Kinesiologist because I don’t have the money.”

Back then, I was vibrating at that level of lack and loss and all that stuff that divorce loves to provide people with a mindset of. I was thinking, “I’m going to start to muscle test my way through what I need, what hand modes, which are the language of Kinesiology, what I need to do, what I need to tap, what crystal I need to put on my body, what I need.” At that moment, I was also taken through muscle testing into eye movements, which was all part of the training I’d had and the manuals I have here. I thought, “I’ve got to do those. How can I do those and lay down?” I was very unwell.

You had operated it already or not?

Not at that point. I am getting to that, but it’s important I let you know. It’s like the feeding system. I was thinking, “If I invent this and record it on my iPhone, I can lay down in a meditation setting every day and listen until my vibration shifts.” At that point, I was pretty angry about my divorce, the family court system, and ex-husband. I was very Process Blue.

In that, I was regenerating this experience that kept me in that court for 10 years, but by this stage, I’ve been in there for 7. The issue I’d had was what I was most angry about is that the judge was the brother-in-law of my ex-husband’s barrister. I felt that was pretty unfair and it stayed that way for about five years. I was pretty angry about it because I wasn’t getting far and neither were my lawyers.

When this experience happened and Mark and Bob said this to me, I thought, “I’ve got to shift that anger.” I didn’t know what was going to come of it, but I did know I needed a new judge. I didn’t know the Eye-motion Processes was going to deliver the way it did. I spent much of a month in 2013 doing my Process Red, which is powerless and the Process Blue, which was the anger and frustration.

Every day, I laid down in my unwell space of fibromyalgia and did these things. When I got to court a month later, here’s this judge, this brother-in-law. I’m thinking, “That’s cool.” My emotional energy’s much higher now and I was in a place of hope in the violet area of my chart. A couple of days before that, I must go back, I was bending down to pick up a towel and I get this flash in my mind that I’m getting a new judge, but it just flashed in my mind.

I thought, “That’s interesting.”  Off I go to court two days later and this brother-in-law judge there and he’s talking and doing his thing. Right at the end, he says, “By the way, I’m being transferred and you are getting a new judge.” I moved a mountain from my eyes because I went to that courtroom and saw hope. I didn’t see anger and I didn’t see no choice.

We move along to Breast Cancer Day, so 2014 and I kept doing my eye movements, but things were still difficult for my little girl in that setting. I still was dealing with underlying anger. I hadn’t quite tapped into that part of it yet. Here’s my iPhone with all this going on. I’m listening and so here I am. I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer stage three and just had a double mastectomy.

They’ve taken what we call two lymph nodes out, tested it and two days later, my surgeon came in and said, “Amanda, we’re going to need to take 70% of your lymph nodes because there’s cancer in them. We’re going to need to do six months of chemotherapy and at least two years of this particular invasive drug as well as radiotherapy. I need to go back in tomorrow and I need your consent.” I said to him, “Doctor, please give me some time. I need to sit with this.” I went into my meditation space and I wasn’t doing my eye modes. I was in my meditation space.

What is your meditation space? You just got very quiet and tried to clear yourself?

Yes, because when the mind chatter slows down, it’s good. When we’ve got that mind chatter, we can’t get into that space where we can connect with source energy’s messages. Eye-motional Processes clear it off, then go meditate and you’ll get your answers. I’ve done that. I’ve done the Process Blue and then went into my meditation space. Process Blue didn’t give me the message. The meditation space did. I was laying there and I said, “God, what is this about?” I get this amazing message, “Deep resentment at three men.” I had the answer and I was like, “Okay.”

GAR 109 | Eye-motional Processes

Eye-motional Processes: When we’ve got that mind chatter, we can’t get into that space where we can connect with the source energy’s messages.


Immediately you knew who these three men were?

I knew who they were. I didn’t know what the word resentment really meant. I added that into my Process Blue on my iPhone and I started to work with that as I unpacked this level of resentment and lack of forgiveness I had towards these three men. One of them was my ex-husband, my father and my uncle. I said to my surgeon the next day when he came back to see what we were doing, “I’ll have the surgery. I’ll try this all out, but until I deal with my resentment and forgive these people, I won’t heal this.” He looked at me like he had birds around his head and that’s cool because that was my truth.

Did you decide to wait on the surgery?

No, I went ahead. I did the orthodox model, but out of my mouth spilled this statement.

You had the surgery, but you also started to do the release?

I started to do the release with my Process Blue, which had already been created. I kept going and over time, I started to forgive these people. They were hard to forgive.

I’ll bet they were very hard to forgive. That’s incredible. You got the benefit of that. It had nothing to do with them. It was about you. That’s amazing. Let’s talk about forgiveness because you were involved with forgiving these three rather unforgivable people. You say people can get four gifts from forgiveness. Would you like to talk about forgiveness and about those gifts? We all know how difficult it is to forgive people who have hurt us. Forgiving is not letting them off the hook, either.

That’s right. Forgiveness is about setting yourself free. For me, forgiveness is freedom from the emotional tapes that run in your head because those tapes will keep you stuck. Those tapes, in the world of Kinesiology, will embed in your nervous system, body, organs, muscles and how you present in the world.

Forgiveness is about setting yourself free. Share on X

To forgive, we give ourselves the gift. It is our gift. I must say, when I forgave my father, the expansion and love I felt for this man, I understood his journey and why he did what he did, which was to walk away when I was one and live his life. I got a deeper awareness of that by forgiving him by changing the energy frequency into a space. We have a relationship now and that’s pretty cool.

Were you able to call him and talk with him after all?

Yes. We’ve had some healing. I’m not saying we do that with everybody, that we have to forgive because I certainly didn’t do that with my uncle and my ex-husband. I’ve reached a different space with them because every person with forgiveness needs to go into a different category to keep us safe. That’s the first gift. The other one is the expansion of consciousness, of our own awareness of how we can present in the world.

I’m going to add in there, when I forgave my father and I loved him unconditionally, even though he’d done that, I then began to love those in my world at a deeper, more compassionate and more aware level. They’re the ones that mattered to me because they’re the ones that deserve my love, not my irritation.

The big benefit was your daughter because she had a happier, lighter mother.

Correct and my mom. These people all reverberated into this energy of wow. More expansion means more Law of Attraction premise, more things to love and come into your life. You start to see them more often. The other part of that, as I said, the increase in your relationship. The fact is that because we are vibrating at an emotionally high level, in my case, up into the violet, we start to co-create the life we’re here to live because we are not coming from this space of anger and resentment. How can I do what I do now if I’m vibrating at anger and resentment in Process Blue? I can’t. I’ve got to go to the violet to reach.

You say that there are four emotions that act as roadblocks to forgiveness and they are bitterness, judgment, anger and resentment. Do you want to talk about how your Eye-motional Processes app assists a person? We’re talking about how they release it. It’s on your phone. Where can you go for that?

You go to my website and you download the app onto your device that suits you. It’s free to download and when you get in there, the six processes are $30 Australian. That’s it.

It’s not expensive at all. It’s nothing. You’ve got your therapy right there on your phone for yourself. Here comes a holiday and the whole world opens up their phones to deal with their mothers-in-law.

Also their uncle or brother. I’ve been the single mom. I couldn’t scratch together enough money some days to get a chai latte. I love chai lattes. My best friend Maggie and I loved those. I make each one of the processes $5.99 because if you can afford a chai latte, you can afford one of those. Buy the bundle for $30. That’s much cheaper. Each process is $5.99. If you can only do that, then you just do that.

Start there and add on as manifestation potential arises in new life. You get on and you go. It is about being self-aware, Irene. If you want to shift your stuff, you’ve got to be self-aware. The spiritual journey is not an easy journey. It’s not butterflies and rainbows and unicorns. It’s tough. It’s hard if we want to transmute our conscious, subconscious and unconscious conditioning into a place where we are the higher vibrating being for the benefit of our own life.

The spiritual journey is not an easy journey. It’s not butterflies and rainbows and unicorns. It’s tough. Share on X

You’ve got to say, “I’ve got this gear. I’m angry at my boss. I’m unworthy with my mother. I feel frustrated with the fact that my mortgage can’t get any lower and my repayments are high. I feel overwhelmed by the amount of work I’ve got to do.” Any of it. Identify it. Don’t stick with it. Jump on the app, transmute it in 17 minutes or 18 minutes or 22 minutes, depending on which process you choose.

It doesn’t take long. It’s true.

You jump up immediately and if you don’t jump straight to the violet, you’ll jump up another layer. You find you’ll dance all over the chart once you start getting into this groove.

Why do you say it’s important to have an accountability person on your forgiveness journey?

It’s hard.

Who was your accountability person?

I had a very dear friend, Margie, and another dear friend, Barb and my other girlfriend, my best friend from uni days, many years of friendship, Ray, who kept saying, “Are you doing okay?” That’s what you need to hear. When you are coming from, if you are back down here in no choice or powerlessness, it’s going to take a while for it to start to transmute and get into a belief system where you’re up here and you’re starting to navigate that. You need someone to say, “You’re doing great. Look at the growth you’ve done. Look at how you responded to that. You didn’t react.”

It’s like they’re your witness, a witness to your progress.

The thing is, when we hold all this emotional energy, we don’t move forward. If we want to change it, we’re going to need somebody to remind us that we trust who loves us dearly and deeply and unconditionally. They will deliver that truth and say, “You’re doing okay,” or “You dropped a whole heap of anger ball on the ground over there. How about you go pick that up and sort that?” That’s somebody that has to be loving and say it in a way that’s delivered, which is praising to raise your vibration.

GAR 109 | Eye-motional Processes

Eye-motional Processes: When we hold all this emotional energy, we don’t move forward. If we want to change it, we’re going to need somebody to remind us that we trust who loves us dearly, deeply, and unconditionally.


They’re in your corner. That’s your fan. That’s your person. That makes so much sense. You, of all people in the world, tell us what your message is about the importance of healing that you’d like to share with our audience.

When we heal, we give ourselves a better life. I can say I’ve sat in a very large resentment space for so long and it kept accumulating. We can’t heal when we accumulate one level of emotional vibration upon another. That healing may take the space of energetic healing, physical healing like it did for me, emotional healing, mental healing, educational healing or anything. Anything that blocks us from co-creating the life we’re here to live because we are all here with a gift to share to our world.

If that gift is, “I’m going to be a wonderful mother to this little person and be a great mom,” and not sit in these other low-vibration emotions of criticism or judgment and deliver this little person into the planet that doesn’t learn to be that, then that’s your gift. You have to do that. You got to shift that stuff before you can be that person.

If your gift is to write a book and you are feeling unworthy, you’re not going to heal that part of you as you deliver your book to the planet. The planet will give you the same response. You’ll get knocked back by publishers. You’ve got to get up into the vibration of violet on the chart, hope, trust and things start to flow. Healing allows you to open an expansive space into your own co-creative manifestation potential. For me, I’m also very mindful of words.

Before I got breast cancer, I used to say in an angry fashion, “I’ve got to get this off my chest.” I ended up getting it off my chest. The universe will deliver even if you don’t want that experience. If we can heal and be mindful of our words and our emotions, we start to co-create an experience that delivers just that.

I know everyone now wants to connect with you. Tell everyone in our audience how they get your app, which you’ve talked about. How do they connect with you and would you like to tell them a little more about your classes and online events?

That’d be great. All the links that you need are on the website, so the eye-motion because that’s what we’re doing. I’ve made it simple just like I’ve made my app simple because it’s got to be kept simple when we’re trying to expand. You can get on there. You’ve got the links to the Apple device download. You’ve got the links to the Android device download.

On Instagram, I do daily posts to keep people in the vibrational frequency so they manage and remember what they’re here to do. Here’s a quote. You might start the day with that quote feeling fantastic. I guarantee you, by the end of the day, things have come along. You are starting a question and your vibration shifted already, so get on the app. This is Instagram and Facebook. I have a private Facebook account, Amanda Lynne Kinesiology.

Amanda Lynne Kinesiology is a closed private group of people that are already using the app, already clients who want to get extra information. They come in and ask questions and I’ll answer them. I tend to answer the questions in there rather than in Messenger because Messenger gets too full. I can guarantee if you’ve got that question, someone else does too. Pop it in publicly in the private group and I’ve got my public Facebook as well.

Tell us about your online events especially because some of the people reading may find that interesting and like to take part in that.

With my online events, once a year, I do a micro summit. I’m either a guest at a summit or I run one. I always talk to emotional threads. I was a guest at The Happiness Retreat. We talked about raising your vibration into a space of happiness so you can create that life because when you’re in all these lower vibrational energy frequencies of emotion, you’re not happy. That was a fantastic event. That’s available on the YouTube channel, Kimberly Trefz. I’ve got a link to that on my website.

I also do, every April, the How To Connect With A Loved One Who Has Passed Micro Summit. You were on this and you are my beautiful guest. Connection doesn’t have to be through like you do yourself, connecting with the spirit. It can be just creating a loving energy so we can hold memories and improve our vibration where grief is concerned. Those are my events.

GAR 109 | Eye-motional Processes

Eye-motional Processes: Connection doesn’t have to be through connecting with the spirit. It can be just creating a loving energy so we can hold memories and improve our vibration where grief is concerned.


What have you got to say about finding joy in life, Amanda Lynne?

Finding joy. I’m going to say this. You have a guidance system. You are given that guidance system. It’s your soul. It sits in your solar plexus. It’s your gut feel. It talks to your heart. It’s underneath your heart. Know your guidance system. Get to be a friend of the guidance system because when you don’t listen to that, you get yourself involved in all sorts of messes.

That, my friend, is going to give you the biggest joy. When you are vibrating like unworthy or pessimism, you can’t tap into that guidance system. You can’t get the answers because source will cut it off. The energy won’t be there for you to access. You want those messages. You want to have that gut feel or if it’s a tingle up the spine, know how your guidance system responds so you can navigate your world like a vehicle as to, “Is this choice okay? Is that choice okay?” We get free will. We know this. Our decision is based upon choices. We find ourselves where we are from choices. We often find ourselves in the most damaging places because we didn’t listen to our guidance system and we well know it too when we work out, “I didn’t think of that one.”

We often find ourselves in the most damaging places because we didn’t listen to our guidance system. Share on X

Basically, your tip for finding joy is heal yourself, clear your blockages so that you can hear your guidance system and feel joy from your good choices.


Amanda, when I participated in your micro summit, which focused on grief and finding a meaningful connection with loved ones who have passed, I had no inkling of the very admirable ways you’ve used your deep knowledge of Kinesiology and other modalities to help you heal yourself during your health crisis. Now, how wonderful that you’re paying it forward by sharing what you have learned through your app, your online courses and events and more, gifting so many with this manifestation game-changer.

Thank you from my heart for this incredibly interesting and informative interview and also for your devotion to helping people on their healing journeys so that they can find freedom, experience joy, embrace love and create empowerment in their lives. What a true blessing, Amanda. Here’s a reminder. Make sure you follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings and bye for now.

Everyone, one more thing. After the interview was over, Amanda and I were having this amazing conversation about the incredible things that she has forgiven in order to find joy in her life. She told me about these three people who she had to forgive, which is mind-blowing that you were able, through your processes and what you did for yourself, to forgive these people and to be the light and loving person who you are. Would you like to tell everyone what you’ve managed to forgive, which is so amazing, Amanda?

I can do that. Everyone, I want to say if you want to get joy your life, forgiveness is a big pathway. For me, I forgave a father who abandoned me as a child, as a one-year-old girl, and went and raised another family and we now have a relationship. I forgave an uncle who abused me as a young girl and then went on twenty years later to murder his own family, his pregnant wife, a little three-year-old, and a family that still has a relationship with him.

I forgave my ex-husband that took me to court for ten years in a relationship that was quite unhealthy. If I can forgive those things, I know you can forgive what you need to forgive, too, for your own benefit and your own joy. You’ve got loved ones around you that need you to be in this high emotional vibrational level as much as you can so you can share and embrace and enjoy love with your family and your chosen friends. That’s all I want to say, Irene.

I’m so glad we came back for you to say that.

Thank you.

You’ll be so commended for what you’ve accomplished in your life. It’s wonderful.

Thank you.

Welcome. You’re a blessing.


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