Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Alena Chapman | Inner Critic


Certified Soul Nurturer Alena Chapman is a 2-Time International Best-Selling Author, a speaker, a Spiritual Thought Leader, and a Shaman who has dedicated her life to helping others discover their true desires and create happy, fulfilling lives by helping them discover the true gifts of their soul. As she helps people to understand why they are stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled, Alena’s clients begin to identify what they are here to achieve in life. Tune in to find out how Alena was visited by an angel during her childhood, what it means to have good spiritual health, her holistic approach to healing, how our “inner critic” holds us down, what is a soul retrieval ceremony, and much more, for an incredibly enlightening and insights filled interview with a truly remarkable woman!


  • How Alena was visited by an angel during her childhood.
  • Alena’s transformative journey to reconnect with her soul, awaken her chakra system, and forgive.
  • What necessitates soul retrieval.
  • What it means to have good spiritual health.
  • How our inner critic keeps us stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled.


  • What did the angel that visited you look like?
  • How does good spiritual health help to positively impact healthcare outcomes, create strong relationships, and embrace emotional well-being?
  • How do you help people to discover the true gifts of their souls?
  • What happens in a soul retrieval ceremony?

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Alena Chapman: Do You Have an Inner Critic Holding You Down, Keeping You from Reaching Your Full Potential?






I hope this finds each of you so very well. I could not be more delighted to have the pleasure of interviewing two-time international best-selling author, speaker, spiritual thought leader, shaman, and certified soul nurturer Alena Chapman. She has dedicated her life to helping others discover their true desires and create happy, fulfilling lives by helping them discover the true gifts of their soul.

Through book writing, building a spiritual growth community on Facebook called Soul Manifesto, her company, Chapman Life Institute, her shows on radio, podcast, and YouTube, and conducting online group and one-on-one coaching sessions along with retreats, forums, and summits, Alena, who will be speaking to us from Sale Creek, Tennessee, joyfully works with clients around the world from a space of compassion, non-judgment, and love. She has been a guest on ABC, CBS, PBS, iHeartRadio, and Law of Attraction Radio, plus many conferences, interviews, and events.  Her numerous articles have appeared in Natural Awakenings, Best Self of Hay House, Glo Magazine, and many others.

As she helps them to understand why they’re stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled, Alena’s clients begin to identify what they are really here to achieve in life. Her quest to help people heal, connect to their soul’s purpose, and foster abundance is beautifully in sync with the mission of the show, which is to educate, enlighten, and present healing choices to end suffering and transform lives. I’d also like to add that I have had the honor of being interviewed by Alena on her Mystical Muse Podcast.

I’m looking forward to talking with Alena about being visited by an angel during her childhood, what it means to have good spiritual health, her holistic approach to healing, how our inner critic holds us down, what is a soul retrieval ceremony, and much more for what is surely going to be an incredibly enlightening and insights-filled interview with a truly remarkable woman.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Alena Chapman | Inner Critic


Truly, from my heart, welcome.

Thank you so much. Thank you for having me here. I’ve been so excited about this.

Visited By An Angel

This will be so much fun. We got to really enjoy each other when I was on your podcast. It’s double the pleasure and double the fun. Here we go. Let’s get everybody to start to know you from the beginning. I want to ask you about these spiritual experiences you had as a child, including being visited by an angel. What did that angel look like? Share how people tried to shut you down.

I was born as what people would call strange. I knew from such a young age, and I don’t know if it’s because my mom left me alone so much. She was in the house, but I was left to do whatever I was doing. I don’t know if it was that, but I knew. I was not good at taking naps. I was three years old when I would look up at the sky, talk to God and the willow tree, and know it heard me. I would put my little dolly cribby thing on its side and talk to everyone about the universe. I was three years old. Why is that?

Maybe you came into this lifetime still with memories and still so connected to the other side.

That’s what it was. My mom was scared to death of that, so that didn’t start us off really well. When I was seven, I was going to a Catholic school. We were Catholic. We had moved to Vermont. I wasn’t getting along with the nuns, so I played hooky a lot. The nuns were so harsh. They didn’t get me, so I played hooky a lot. I was at home playing hooky for the 100th time and was sitting in my bed when this angel came to me and said, “It’s time for you to have your gift.” I’m only seven. I said, “Okay.”

What did the angel look like? How did the angel appear to you?

It didn’t have big giant wings. It didn’t have any of the stuff you see in the fairytales, but it was glowing. It started weirdly. I had three pictures on my wall of these ballerinas with big heads. Do you know how they used to draw those?


I had three. At first, I was sitting in my bed and their lips started to move. I’m not kidding. All your readers are going to think I’m nuts.

In this show, you’re not nuts. Go ahead.

Their lips started to move, and I kept saying, “What are you saying? I don’t get it.” I was never afraid. All of a sudden, there was this being of light and beauty. The love that emitted from it was so strong. It said to me, “It is time for you to receive your gift.”

It was glowing right in front of you?

Yeah. It was white. It was like a cloudy glow. It was there. She then said, “You’ll receive lost souls who need to go to the light and you’ll open the light for them.” At seven years old, I said, “That’s fine.” I was very accepting. I know that that’s what I even do on the other side. I’m the one who finds the lost souls and brings them into the light there. Maybe that’s why it didn’t scare me.

Needless to say, our house then became haunted all the time. My mother was scared to death. When I went down to tell her that this was the case, she flipped. She told me, “You can’t tell anybody this.” She brought me to the priest. The priest said, “That child has an active imagination. She’s going into evil. You have to save her,” which is such a crock.

I don’t have anything against religion. I was in religion for a long time in my life with music. I know that there’s always love at the core, but the people involved close themselves off so much to the doctrines that that’s what causes the problem. They miss the key components. My dad even did that. That’s how I started. My mom didn’t know what to do with me, so I learned to be very independent. I made my own life. I went everywhere and met lots of people. I was always very well-liked. I was really loved, but I was never in.

Especially in your home, was it hard for you not to be fully accepted by your mom for who you were? It doesn’t seem like it affected you that much.

It didn’t affect me until I was older. When I was younger, I didn’t want to be with her. I used to really admire her because she was very artistic. I loved when she was doing the art, but I was always in trouble. It wasn’t even fun. I have little glimpses of fun things that she did with us, but it was very few. I have more of my dad, but he wasn’t home a lot. He was trying to make his way.

I ended up going down with the neighbor who had eleven kids. It was like a city in itself. I loved it. We took the old dog to get his bone at the store, played on the playground, and then I’d hear my bell and think, “I got to go home.” I’d run home. That’s what I did. I was on the street doing stuff. We lived in a nice place. It wasn’t like I was in Brooklyn or something.

It didn’t really affect me until later in high school because, as part of being this spiritual being, I never felt that there were limitations. I didn’t understand all these rules everybody always wanted to make. That’s why I didn’t get along with nuns. I was like, “Why are you making rules? We’re not supposed to have all these rules. These are stupid.”

It was like, “Why are you so controlling and rigid?”

I was like, “Why are you trying to control everything I do?” It then started happening. My dad had always been the person who said, “You can do anything. You have to want it and then you go for it and believe it.” That’s all he told me.

Your father really resonated with you more, it sounds like a lot.

When I got to be in high school and turned out to be a girl who was very attractive supposedly to people, then all of a sudden, he started to change and said, “You can’t do that because you’re a girl.” I said, “What does that matter?” We got into World War III. That’s where my rebellion came out. That’s what happened. I kept going as what I call an unconscious competent because I believed. It wasn’t until I got married that I saw how many people live. When I got married, there were so many expectations and so many rules because of how and where I married. I married into something that I didn’t even understand.

What was that something you married into?

I was there to make my husband at that time legit because he was gay and I didn’t know it. That’s a wide awakening.

That’s a whole other interview.

That’s a whole other show. A lot of restrictions were put on me. They also had a high place in society. I was not supposed to work. l thrive in that world. I was finding everything was being stripped from me, and I went through an identity crisis. It wasn’t even put as a rule. It was more of, “This is what is expected of you,” which was something I had not heard. It threw me for a loop. For a little while, I was pretty not happy, but everything has a gift. During that time, I got four gifts. I got three beautiful boys who are incredible young men, and then I learned what it was like to live in what I call, and I’m not trying to put anyone down, that mundane world. I know. I understand how heavy every day is and how the head doesn’t stop buzzing with crap.

You help people to leave that mundane world. You help people to come more in touch with the reality of their existence or about who they really are.

Spirit wanted me to see what it was like to do that so that I could help people out of it because then, I had to find my way back. I went back to my magic. I went back into meditation and everything else. I tried all the new things. I never had to meditate before because I was connected. With meditation, I laughed for the first time.

That’s how you had to learn because you use it to teach other people, right?

Spirituality is about the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love. Share on X


This was your path. I talk about my early days, too. I can see how they all led up to what I’m doing. You have all these experiences. How did you build up to being interviewed alongside Elizabeth Gilbert? What happened to bring you there? She’s the author of the very famous Eat, Pray, Love. How did that become a spiritual experience for you that brought down your wall? That’s all connected. You’re married to this guy. It’s not a good marriage. Were you still married to him when you met Elizabeth?

No. I was divorced.

Bring us up there and tell us about your experience with Elizabeth.

Here we are with Elizabeth. Someone on my team knew her and said, “You’ve got to meet her.” I said, “I love that movie. I have got to meet her,” because I watched that movie. I still watch that movie. I love the movie Eat, Pray, Love. She came.

Was it at a conference?

She’s part of my program on my website called Unabashedly Me. It’s a beautiful program. She’s interviewed along with others, but hers is the major big one. It’s pretty long. We didn’t hit it off like I wanted to, to tell you the honest truth. I don’t know why, but we didn’t hit it off. I really liked her, but we started talking. She triggered me. That’s why.

We’re sitting up there and we’re both being interviewed by someone else at this point in the program. She’s very creative. They were asking her, “Where do you get your creative spirit?” She starts talking about how this little elf comes in and tells her all the secrets. If she doesn’t want to do that project right away, that little elf will leave. That’s a common ideal of every artist in some form. Hers is a little elf.

I started to say she was glossing over all that and not talking about the spiritual side that brings the ideas. It’s your inner knowing that’s coming into the world to show you. I got triggered by it. Afterward, I went to lunch with my team and said, “How dare she not share all this stuff?” I got on my little trigger, and then they looked me straight in the eye and said, “Why do you know all this?”

It was opening the door.

I was like, “That was because of wine. I shouldn’t have said all that.”

In the spiritual world, we accept ourselves and we forgive ourselves. There is no judgment.

I said, “If I tell anybody, they’ll tell me to shut up. They’ll think I’m weird. I’ll be really strange as I always have been. I’m incognito.”

Soul Healer

You had this big transformative journey. As all this happens, you have this awakening. You had some journey to reconnect with your soul, which you teach other people, to awaken your chakra system and forgive. How did this ignite your calling as a soul healer? That was a pretty ballsy thing to say, “I’m really going to do this out-of-the-box and understatement thing to help people and put myself out there.” Tell us about this.

We’re flying out of the box. We’re not stepping. We’re gone. There is no box in front. I started asking questions. That book, Hello Soul, was when I was in the car and said, “I’ve already connected with my guides and everything. I want to be able to say, “Hello, soul,” and have an answer. How do I do that?” Do you know that thing where teachers will appear? I met with a shaman friend in my area. I said, “I know my guides there. I love my guide, Joan. I do everything with her. That woman has saved me so many times in the spiritual realm, even now when I’m helping souls to the light.” Archangel Michael is another guide that’s helping me. If you don’t believe in Archangel Michael, it doesn’t matter. I was like, “I want to know my soul. How do I do that?” He started to teach me.

Do you want to know something cool? He taught me about the first chakra, which is who I am, what my world is, and how I see myself fitting into it. That’s the first chakra. We were changing everything there. I’m going to Los Angeles and I meet a sage. What does he deal with? The second chakra. It was like the spirit was bringing people in to work on the chakras and clear things out as I was going up the chakras with different teachers and shamans. Usually, they were sage, a mystic, or a shaman.

I was called to be a shaman. I said no the first time. People are like, “Can you say no to the universe?” We do it every day. The universe has what it says, “You need to be, and you will become it because here I am, a shaman.” It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? I was working up through these chakras. You’ll see a lot of people say, “I’ll attach you. You can get into your inner knowing. You can be connected. Now, you can be guided by your intuition.” That’s the big thing.

I’m here to tell you something. If you haven’t gotten rid of the crap that keeps you from accepting what’s true, that’s why you can listen to 1,000 channelers. If you listen, you’ll hear all their belief systems blocking their channeling. You have to get rid of that crap if you really want a true connection where you can go into yourself and say, “Hello, soul. What do you think about this decision I’m making today?” You hear it clear as a bell. You’re like, “Why am I here?” You hear it clear as a bell.



You got to get rid of lots of stuff.

You have to get rid of the stuff that you’ve been taught. That’s all. Is it hard? Not really. Is it really fun? Not always, but it’s not bad either. I always tell everybody, “What you’re doing is you’ve got a closed bud of a flower. All you’re doing is you’re opening one petal at a time. Before you know it, you’ve got this beautiful, as Buddha said, lotus flower. That’s you. You got to get rid of the things that are holding the pedals in place.”

Spiritual Health

At some point in this interview, I want to talk to you about, because I know we have this in common and you had it with your mom, how we handle when we’ve come to this place where we’re very spiritual and the people around us think we’re woo-woo crazy. They’re giving us a little flack for that. We’re honoring our truth. We’ll talk about that. Tell us what it means to have good spiritual health because you talk about that and how it positively impacts health outcomes and creates strong relationships and emotional well-being. Could you talk to us about that?

Yes. We live from inner to outer. We also live as above, so below. What you live in the spiritual world, you have to bring down. Your values of that spiritual world, you bring it down into this life. In other words, you don’t sit there all day judging. You don’t sit there all day criticizing. You don’t sit there all day, allowing that toxicity to be with you. You either fix it or get rid of it.

It’s not brutal. You don’t have to say, “I’m getting rid of you.” It’s by who you are. It’s you. It’s not them. They’re responsible for their own thing. It’s you. Those circumstances that come into your life, you’ve got to take a look at it and say, “How do I want to handle this in a way that is in the best good so that the next time, I never have this happen again?” It’s very simple.

Let’s say you get fired. You can go hog wild for weeks, being all upset and crying, or you can look at it and say, “That job wasn’t meant for me. I was done with it. What am I meant to do now?” Is that a night changer or what? All of a sudden, you’re bringing in your spirituality. It makes it better. You start living in a pathway where you understand that life is happening for you to learn lessons, not to you in attacks. That’s what it’s really about. That goes back to the first chakra. It’s, “Who am I? What is my world? How do I see myself fitting into it?”

Let me ask you, then. Someone comes to you and they want to say, “Can you help me? Who am I? How do I discover the true gifts of my soul? What is this all about?” How do you help people discover this stuff about them? I’m sure they have to remove blockages and do different things. What do you do?

First of all, I never ever criticize them and say, “You’re doing it all wrong,” or anything nonsense like that. I also don’t say, “Your guide so-and-so is right here telling me you’re being awful.”

Do you get that? Do you get a message that the guide is saying that to you?

Yes. I hear all that.

Do you hear, “My soul over here is being crazy inappropriate?”

I do hear that. I’m very oral. I hear more than I see. I’m learning to see, too, but I mostly hear. I don’t do that with a person. I’m glad you brought that up. Everything I do with you is so applicable to just you most of the time. The reason why is because I’m being told what you need. I live a life that I keep open all the time. When I’m talking to you, every exercise that I give you or anything that I give you for that week is from the light or from your guides.

That soul is saying, “This is what my person needs for their growth.” You’re a bridge between a person’s soul and that person.

Their highest part of themselves. Isn’t that amazing?

It’s amazing.

That’s why I get fast results with people, and that’s why people love me and stay even though I tell them, “You really don’t need me anymore.” That’s the thing. I love doing it. I love doing what I do. I work to stay very open to that. I don’t allow stuff to cloud my mind to alter that because if I do, it’s not being a service to you. Also, it makes life a lot less fun for me.

Soul Retrieval

That’s right. You hear what you need to do and the exercises you need to give people. Are there other modalities that you also use when you’re helping people?

Being able to forgive, and giving gratitude, are forms of spiritual practice. Share on X

Yeah. We were going to talk about soul retrieval, and we should.

That’s on the list here coming up.

Can I talk about it now?


A lot of times, people will come to me. We’re strong. We go through a lot of crap in our lives. We don’t understand that sometimes, the way we’re living, or if we do live through many traumatic experiences like let’s say you were bullied in school and you find out you’re bullied later or you go through a divorce that you’re really bullied, all of that adds up. This is very shamanic. Some of you might say, “Come on,” but it’s shamanic.

This is why they’re all tuning into this show. They want to learn all this new information. Go for it.

Parts of your soul will say, “You so are not paying attention to us, and you really are not giving us a good environment to live in. We don’t want it.” They’ll go to other realities or other places and hide. I learned later about this in the shamanic, but it was a psychic I went to during my divorce. I went back to Vermont by myself to try to reason things out so I could be better for my boys during this time.

I saw psychic readings and thought, “I could use that right now.” I went upstairs and sat down. This woman came into the room, looked at me, and went, “What in the name of heaven did you do?” I looked at her like, “What?” She goes, “You have your little boy, a part of you, so angry with you, and you have the little girl part of you crying constantly. There are parts of you missing. What are you doing?”

I thought she was nuts, but when I met a shaman, he said, “You have at least three parts of your soul that have left.” I said, “Why?” and he explained it to me. Parts of your soul don’t have to stay with you. I once met an assassin, not by choice. I looked in his eyes because I could read people’s souls, but there was nothing. There was no soul in there. Isn’t that amazing?

It’s amazing.

He can’t deal with the life he’s living.

I want to ask you. People have an oversoul. The sliver of that oversoul is in them as they live this human life. In the oversoul and the sliver, what parts are leaving?

The parts that are leaving are part of that sliver soul. We are very big, our soul. You’re right. That soul is part of the universe. It will be part of the Source or God. Remember. Meister Eckhart, in the 11th century, said, “The soul can become God, but God does not become the soul.” I contemplated that for two months. I’m not kidding. That is such a cool concept. I understand it.

They say the part of your soul that is here is your ego. It’s your soul. The things you laugh at, the things that, in the private moments, are you, your creativity, your desires, your want to do something so special, and the love you want to find, that is all your soul right here. It is here to celebrate. There’s a bigger part of you. There are parts of your soul that are linked to other realities, and they are all linked to the universe and God. It’s amazing that you don’t understand how big you are.



When you’re living in this part with this soul in your body, if you’re ignoring it, not caring, only dealing with your ego, your critical mind, and what people expect of you, living like your parents tell you to live or like you think society tells you to live, and mostly creating relationships, desires, and fun. You are starting to grow and go back home. Get yourself to grow and go back home.

That is why you came here, which is to learn and grow. It is so that your soul can evolve to a higher vibration.

The whole universe goes higher. It’s important that you evolve because you elevate everything. You. When parts of your soul leave, it hides. When I had a shaman do the retrieval on me, and I was so fascinated with it and wanted to learn, he found my soul and said, my God, you are such a beautiful soul in general. This one part of you is hiding under a seashell in the ocean. You have to work with him to bring that soul back in.” It’s a change for you because that soul does not have to come back. You have to be able to honor it and make sure you’re providing a life that is using your soul. You can’t go back and still go into toxic relationships or still be in the job you hate. You have got to change.

Inner Critic

Don’t people have an inner critic that keeps them stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled? It’s like, “My soul is here, but I’m so imperfect.”

You’re imperfect in a good way. You’re imperfect as far as you’re going to go for that desire and you’re going to make a mistake. Big deal. That’s our imperfection. We’re going to fall for that guy who was everything and find out he’s a total loss. That is what we’re supposed to do. That’s where we learn. That is the cool stuff. Where we get lost is the inner critic. That’s different. That’s a whole different ball game. That’s not imperfection. That is conformity. Conformity is a box. It’s a hard box.

The inner critic is you’re criticizing yourself because you do not fit into that box anymore.

You do not fit into the box of the friends, the parents, and the expectations. We’re seeing that. As a person who can see over this and see the vibrations of the world, I see more people who are living in that box. I see people on all social media who are saying, “This is happening.” They’re getting all worked up in their anxiety and they’re stuck in their heads. They’re like, “Nothing is like it’s supposed to be. What do I do? I can’t  get an apartment and make a living life so easy.” They stick in the box, but they don’t get out of the box.

How can you get out of the box? By doing their healing work?

First, they have to recognize they’re only looking in a box and that the illusion that they’re living is in their head. That’s what I help them do. I do it with guidance. To be honest, half the time, they don’t even understand they’re leaving their box. All of a sudden, they look back and say, “That’s how I was.” It’s a loving spirit. It’s not going to treat you harshly. That’s not the whole goal. That’s not what it’s about.

I had a very successful woman who was so full of anger. It was really bad anger. She was known for her blowing up. She saw me and said, “I got to study with you.” I said, “Okay.” She goes, “I don’t know what to do with this anger.” Do you know she was over years of anger in two weeks? It was positively gone in a month. I took her in stages.

The world could use that. That’s the whole reason that you and I are doing this. Many people are so stuck in that anger or anxiety.

They’re stuck in sadness, depression, or anxiety.

It cripples them from being able to fully enjoy, learn from, or have this life. Do you want to say something else? I want to ask you about that story about your mom.

It’s an old story and I’m trying to remember it. I remember hearing it. It’s about the fly who’s at the window. It’s going out that window and hitting the window over and over. I can’t remember the name of the book. The door’s open right behind it, but it will never find it. That’s the person who’s stuck in the box. The door’s right there.

They don’t even know how to listen or look for the opening.

That’s why we have to look. I went to the shamans, the sages, and some people that I adored. I’m the person that if you have something to teach me, I’ll travel to the ends of the earth to find you. That’s how important it is for me. That’s how much I want to learn. I say to people, “You have to know that you have these teachers you can go to who can help you to get out of that box.” It’s hard to change patterns that have been your whole life. The mother who didn’t treat you right or the father who beat you down all the time, you’ve got to learn how to get past that and need some help.

I liken it to that you’re holding onto it and it’s like a backpack that you’re carrying all the time. You can’t be free to look beyond it until you heal and drop that backpack. I’ve lived that. It’s heavy.

It keeps you up at night and saying, “Did you know this too? You can’t do that either.”

Mom And Brother

I know you have a wonderful story about helping people when they’ve transitioned. One of them is your mom. I love that story. Would you like to share a couple of those stories with us?

That was the first time. My mom and I had the most unique life.

Especially about your mom, we know where she was when you were growing up. You helped her transition, so this is very interesting.

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It was so hard. There are two. When she was transitioning, my mom wanted to die.

How old was she at that time?


In my world, she was young.

In my world, she’s young. I think 76 is young. I always did. She wanted to die, and then when it was coming, she went into her full-blown, horrid panic attacks. She was awful. She was going. It was time. Also, I have to preface this. My mother would not accept what I did forever. When she was lying there, she called me and said, “I’m really scared.” I said, “You don’t have to be scared.”

I sat down with her and held her hand. I did this instinctively. You know I’m used to this other side, but I’ve never done this. I held her hand, closed my eyes, and said, “Mom, you’re safe. It’s going to be fine,” and then I saw her soul start to leave her body. I said, “The light is right there. The light is all love and all goodness. You will not be judged.” She would reach out her hand, and then she’d go right back into her body. I said, “You have people waiting for you.” I guided her into heaven or light, or whatever people want to describe it on this stage.

What a beautiful thing.

I’m sitting there, holding and watching her. Her mom and dad came, and they held out their hands to her. She finally took it. She started to walk and started going to that light. I couldn’t catch my breath. It’s like my breath disappeared. It was the weirdest experience. I caught it, but I saw her go completely. I also took my brother to heaven. I took him there.

Your brother has transitioned, also.

Four months later.

Did they have some kind of vibration or connection?

No, they hated each other. I don’t know what happened. He was horrible because his death was weird. He’s younger than me. He wasn’t supposed to die. I remember I took a friend down to get his stuff since she liked my journeys. I brought my drum. He was haunting me. He would not go to the light. He wanted me to avenge his death.

Was he murdered or something?

It’s not categorized like that, but it was very suspicious. He was an ex-cop who wanted to get rich quickly and got mixed up in the wrong crowd. That’s what happened. When they found out who he was, they erased him. That’s what it was. His life was erased. It’s really weird. We’re coming back and staying at this hotel together. We shared a room.

I sleep through everything. If the house is on fire, good luck. Try to wake me. When we woke up in the morning, she said, “Did you not hear it?” I said, “Hear what?” She goes, “Your drum was playing all night long.” I said, “It’s my brother. He’s been haunting me. He doesn’t want to go to the light.” I finally said, “Steven, we got to take care of this.” I started talking to him.

I always call in Archangel Michael. I said, “Archangel Michael, he’s finally ready. Can you take him to the light? You can take him to the light. I don’t think anybody else is going to be able to get him there.” Archangel Michael says, “He only trusts you. You have to take him.” I said, “I might not come back. I know it because I’m happy to be there.” He goes, “We’ll tug. Joan will be with you.” I walked the path.

What did that path look like?

I want to preface this again. It’s what your mind will accept. Even after you go, a ghost is a ghost. It’s the same as Joe the neighbor. Joe, when he passes, is not in that highest realm of his soul yet. That’s the light. Sometimes, you get caught because you can’t accept what it is. My mind is pretty open. Whatever I receive, I accept.

I took his hand and we walked on this path. It was the most beautiful path. I’d love to say it was gardens and everything. It was an incredible light. Everything was soft. That’s how I felt. I felt this softness. The best part is when you get there. You guys don’t have to believe me, but this is what it was. I was there with my brother. All of a sudden, I saw this big white cloud but not. All of a sudden, that cloud broke into millions of souls that was Source. Source broke apart into millions of souls.

That’s what you call God.

That’s what you call Source. That’s why when we evolve, the whole universe evolves. Everything clicked in my mind. Everything made sense. There was so much love and acceptance. They were all around us, loving and bringing us into the fold. It was so beautiful, and then I felt the tug. I said, “Okay,” and I came back down to do more work here.

Have you heard from your brother since that happened?


Does he come through and say, “Thanks, sis.”

He does. He also tells me that he’s in his highest self. He’s telling me that we have lived many lives together and we are linked. We are joined in many ways.

He learned a lot from this lifetime. There were probably a lot of corrective things going on. He had quite a life review.

My whole family had so much karma. It’s amazing I got through it.

Alena’s Books

I want to tell everybody that you’ve got these amazing books. One of them is called You Can’t Escape from a Prison If You Don’t Know You’re In One.

That’s a good book.

That’s a good one. You wrote Hello, Soul!: Everyday Ways to Begin Awakening Your Spirituality.

It’s working through the chakras.

Tell everybody about your books. They’re going to want to get them.

You Can’t Escape from a Prison If You Don’t Know You’re In One is a great starter. It’s a great starter to get down the tools you need to get out of your head and that box and into a life that is like, “There’s a life out there,” kind of thing. That is what that book is for. It’s great for when you’re getting out of a divorce or you are getting out of your toxic situation, or you want to know, “How can I be happy?” That’s a great book. Hello, Soul! is my journey, little old Alena Chapman.

Are you seeing the angel from the beginning up until you get to where you are?

No. It was when I was getting divorced and I understood illusion. I started going to the shamans and the sages. I was finding my way back. It’s when I started that journey of, “I want to talk to my soul. How do I do that?” It starts there. What you’re going to get is a story where you’re like, “Alena is a lot like me in some ways,” which I am. I’m sorry. They’ll laugh and cry. In the end, I always say, “My way is one way, but here are some other ways. Here are some other exercises to help you get to where I’m trying to get.” You follow me along. I also have it on audiobook. Guess who’s reading it?

Your soul brought you here to re-connect to the magic of life. Share on X


Me. That is very fun. That was hard. You’ll hear me laugh in it and everything. If you’re one who likes to listen, you can get the audiobook. Hello, Soul! is a really good book.

When you say, “Hello, soul,” to your soul, do the answers come in clairaudience? Do you use a pendulum? How do you access your soul?

I love using those tools so much, but I don’t. I do, but I don’t. I don’t have to. When I first started, it was hearing. I would talk to my soul and then I could hear. People are like, “When you say you hear, what does that mean?” I do know a lot of people don’t understand. It comes in certain ways. Sometimes, it sounds like a voice. Sometimes, it comes in as a thought that you know isn’t yours. That’s how I hear my soul. How do I know it’s my soul? It’s because it’s my soul. You can tell. It’s not like one of the archangels, one of the Indian guides, one of the guides from beyond that has come, or your power animals or spirit animals. It is more personal, and it’s right there. When I meditate, I can see my soul. She’s so wise.

Is she beautiful? She must be beautiful.

She is.

How does she appear to you? Does she appear to you?

She seems sometimes so serious and other times so fun. Isn’t that interesting?

That’s like you.

I guess it is because I live by my soul. I really have integrated the soul in. That’s why I stay. I’ll watch what’s going on in the world. I look over it.

Witnessing In Life

You’re seeing it more. Let’s talk about that. It sounds like you’re seeing the world more as a witness where you’re not personally invested in what you’re seeing. That witness being can help in a lot of different situations in life and our relationships also. Can you educate us about choosing to be more of a witness in our lives instead of investing in the dramas that are going on all around us?

Yeah. You can’t do that. I’ll tell you why in the end, because it’s very important. Everyone who says they’re on a spiritual journey really needs to get to the point where they are a witness. I call it an observer. It’s the same thing. The witness is a person who sees everything, but you’re looking above the trees. You’re looking at it. You’re not attaching all the drama to it. It’s like you’re watching a Broadway play. You’re watching everything play out. What does that do for you?

Number one, you start to see things that aren’t readily available. Let’s take the example you used earlier when we were talking. You go to a family function and you see this guy who everybody loves because they’re a good joker or whatever in the family. It doesn’t matter. You are above, and that person used to trigger you. You decide, “I’m not going to get triggered. I’m going to watch.” You call it the witness. When you’re sitting there, all of a sudden, you start to see things. You see that that person’s telling jokes, but in the quiet moments, they’re very sad. You start to see the other people laughing, but they’re uncomfortable. Whatever it is, you start to see the overlying story.

In the world, you start to notice every three days, there is a new exciting thing for us to get upset about. It’s like clockwork. You start to see that. I’m not going into conspiracy theory. Don’t even go there. Don’t even bother with that. That’s another thing. This one, you’re watching and saying, “Isn’t that interesting?” Isn’t that interesting how that’s playing out? You’ll start to see how everything is not making sense. That’s what you’ll see. You’ll see that there are so many dynamics that are not making sense. We all want the same thing, and how we’re going about it is what is causing all the problems.

The spiritual people who are on the spiritual journey, this is where we come into play because we are the people. We’re like, “I got this. I channeled this this morning.” We are the people that are supposed to bridge this. That is our job. We can’t get caught up in one side or the other. We have to be the ones who see above that so that we can see the commonality and bring people together on the commonality.



Also, we have to be the ones to bring light to the situation when everybody else is going into the darkness.

That is the light because you’re bringing love in. You’re bringing acceptance. You’re bringing tolerance. All that disperses the chaos, the darkness, the hate, and the fear.

Offers And Socials

That is all over us. Since everybody wants you to help them find their souls and find everything that they can do to live this life better with more quality and more joy, tell us how you integrate the wisdom of shamans and the sages of old. You have magical guided journeys. You have spiritual healing journeys. You have a soul ascension workshop. Let it rip. Tell us all that you offer.

I’ll make it easy. is my website. I’ve made things affordable, too. If I wanted to be a millionaire, I chose the wrong profession. If you want to awaken, I have a course in that that helps you get rid of all that toxicity. If you want to say hello to your soul and you want to get to that point, then you’ll want to do the Hello, Soul! Everything is priced by the month, so don’t worry If you want to study with me privately, then we’re talking pricey. If you want to be in a class, it’s good.

If you want to learn the true magic of that spiritual world and bring it, affecting this world in good ways of the light, healing other people, and changing a bad situation into good, true magic that you can do, then you join me in the third class. If you want to be a member and you want to be on for that guided meditation two times a month or you want to be in that group that gets channeling and be able to ask questions, I have memberships on that. We have a little active program going here. If you want a book, you can get a book. If you want crystals to help you, I’ve got a little shop there. I’ve got a healing packet of crystals. This is pretty cool.

Tell us about that.

It’s a little pretty packet. I see all these people go in and say, “This is such a pretty crystal. I’m going to take it.” The crystal calls to you. If you need healing, there are specific crystals that are so strong in healing that I know. I thought, “Why not put them together, and why not get them into a form?” They’re larger. They’re in the rough form because that’s the purest form. They haven’t been tumbled and messed up. They have a little bit of me putting something over them, and they’ve also been cleansed by the moon. Those go in. I give you ways to meditate with them, how to carry them through in your day, and how to use them in your day. I help you so that you can truly start to heal the chakras. You do heal the chakras. You put them on different parts of your chakra when you meditate.

That’s wonderful. You’re taking away toxicity like crazy.

That’s the job, getting rid of that toxicity.

True Gifts Of The Soul

Someone’s sitting here and saying, “I got a soul. I can find out all this stuff.” In Alena fashion, why is it really important for people who are here with us to heal and discover the true gifts of their souls? Why is that so important?


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Alena Chapman | Inner Critic


That’s why you’re here. We disguise it as creativity and experience, but it’s really you healing. It’s going through those karmas and changing past lives or whatever it is. If you do it in a drudgery way or you resist doing it, or you keep falling into the same crap, you are not learning. We are supposed to be finding our way home. If you are not doing that, you Are wasting your life, and you’ll have to relive it.

That’s karma or the lessons not learned.

You have to get over these things in order to evolve your soul. Your soul has to evolve. If you don’t do it in this life, you’re going to be coming back down and doing it again. Let’s get off our little butts and say, “I want to make this the last time I ever go through this. I want to be onto better things.” Plus, the bonus is you really do start living a life where you find happiness and joy every day. You don’t need to have someone give you the joy. You are the joy.

It’s coming from inside of you.

It’s because you’ve gotten rid of all the stuff in your subconscious mind that tells you you are someone else. You see everything, so there is incredible joy. There’s true magic around you. The veil lifts. How can you not be joyful? That day was a bit of a headache, but then you stepped back. We’re supposed to have emotions here. The thing is, you don’t sit in it for a month.

I had a day where I wasn’t thrilled with that day. At the end, I said, “Why aren’t I thrilled?” It really did turn out okay. I talk to Spirit all the time, right? I said, “It’s because I didn’t like this process.” They said, “Next time, change the process.” I said, “You’re right. Let’s let this go.” Isn’t that a lot easier to do that than to get all upset, go drinking, and cry in your seat?

Achieving Joy

That’s the size of everything that’s going on instead of learning how to process it differently. Letting go is a huge part of learning, healing, and getting in touch with your soul. Many of us, and I’ve been one of them until I healed and let go, hold on. You can’t let go of your anger with that person. You can’t let go of that story. That can be something that was, but it’s not something that is. You can let it go.  With that, I want to ask you this. You’ll also say that life is too short and to do something that doesn’t bring you joy. Do you want to talk to us about that?


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Alena Chapman | Inner Critic


Yeah. We’re not here very long. That’s why I say it’s so important to find this joy, this happiness, and this acceptance. That’s really the acceptance of who you are. That’s what brings it. It’s so important to have that in our lives because that’s how we can navigate everything in this. We are the ones who bring it to other people who are in dire need of it. We’re then, all of a sudden, a light by being that joy. You don’t know. One time, I got lost. I’m always getting lost.

Do you mean that with all your abilities, you don’t have a sense of direction?

No. Part of me likes getting lost. I was supposed to end up in this hotel, but I ended up in this geriatrics center or a retirement home. How I mixed those, don’t even go there. I walked inside, and in about three minutes, I had them all laughing and feeling lighter. That is my joy. I didn’t have to do anything special. I didn’t try. I was me. I told them how I got lost. They thought that was hysterical. Before you know it, everybody was talking. The whole room changed. That’s what your joy does. It’s incredible. I used to have someone say, “When you walk into the room, you change everything.” That’s joy.

We are truly in control of our thoughts, actions, and destiny. Share on X

Closing Words

I can so relate to that. That is so beautiful. In closing, I have to say you’re not just a healer. You are such an inspiring and knowledgeable soul nurturer. You really guide people who are seeking transformation. It’s such a beautiful thing.

Thank you.

I personally want to thank you for helping people to heal, connect to their soul’s purpose, and foster abundance from a divine space of compassion, non-judgment, and love. I want to thank you from my heart of hearts for this healing, enlightening, and divine interview on the show.

Thank you. I adore you. You’re a shining light. You have so much to give to people. I’m so honored you wanted to have me on.

We have so much synergy between us.

It’s fun.

There’ll be more to come, for sure.

When I’m in Jersey, we’re having coffee.

I’m voting for a bottle of wine over a great dinner.

I would love that.

I am so appreciative of you. I want to tell everyone to make sure to follow us, and you have to like us, on social, @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get your show, including YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Thank you so much. Many blessings. To be continued.


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