There’s nothing like taking some downtime for some personal growth and healing on a warm summer day. Reading is a great form of relaxation, and meditation for some! Not only do you take a few minutes for you, but you learn something in return. So find a big shade tree, cool corner of the pool or beach, and cozy up with one of these incredible spiritual reads for summer.

1 – Kristi Peck:  Coming Home: A Love Story

Celebrating her life experiences, Kristi inspires us to own our own powers, become authentic and savor the moments in our lives.

2 – Edy Nathan:  It’s Grief:  The Dance of Self-Discovery Through Trauma and Loss

A tremendous book for those in grief or anticipating an event that will bring grief into their lives. In this book, Edy embraces grief in all its forms, teaching us that that grief is a tool for self-discovery and personal growth, leading to transformation.

3- Pamala Oslie:  Life Colors: What the Colors in Your Aura Reveal

A wonderful read about the meaning and power of your aura colors and how they apply to your life, your relationships and your soul purpose.

4- Nancy Canning:  Your Soul’s Calling: Answering the Question “Why Am I Here?”

This insightful and engaging book helps us to know what our life purpose is and if we are fulfilling it.

5 – Daniel Kennar:  Room for Grace

This touching memoir reframes our daily struggles,  allowing us to transcend and conquer mortal fears with dignity and room for grace.

6 – Jennifer Monahan :  This Trip Will Change Your Life: A Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution

Jennifer’s award-winning, endearing personal story shares her transformation from a modern western professional to a Mayan centered Shaman with inspiring authenticity. 

7 – Lisa Winston: Your Turning Point How to Break Free from a Life of Limitation and Break Through to a Life of Miracles

What if you knew for certain there was a world you could not only access, but create, that would bring you more love, joy, and opportunities then you ever thought possible? A world of daily miracles where things just fall into your lap and you’re left in disbelief… What if you had the tools and mindset to successfully begin the process of getting to this place and then, following it through to actually living it daily?

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