Grief and Rebirth Episode 8: Carolyn Parrs – Women as Game Changers

Show Notes: Carolyn Parrs is a certified Business, Marketing and Life Coach who is also the co-host and producer of the online summit “Women As Game Changers.” In this episode, Carolyn talks with Irene and Stephanie about the immersive entrepreneurial training and coaching program that she and co-founder Devi Records designed for women who are dedicated to transforming the world through business and organizations.

You’ll enjoy Stephanie’s lively conversation with Carolyn about how Women as Game Changers can be helpful to many of the dynamic women business people Stephanie knows and you’ll also want to hear Carolyn’s fascinating “reveal” about how she finally learned to “let go” when she almost derailed her women’s leadership conference with Nell Newman (Paul Newman’s daughter and CEO of Newman’s Own Organics) due to a life crisis.

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Contact Info: cparrs@mindovermarkets.com505-231-2342

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  1. Marilyn Steele, PhD March 27, 2018 at 12:08 pm - Reply

    What a powerful pleasure to discover this Podcast, and to “meet” Stephanie and Irene, and Carolyn Parrs. Trusting the process of a seemingly chance attraction to Carolyn’s work. Finding my tribe. And the soul of my brand! Maybe Wild Women Wayfinders? A Jungian psychologist for 35 years (the inner game) I was determined to redefine the psychology of the self from a woman’s point of view rather than seeing her as secondary, derivative, inferior to all those exalted masculine characteristics. Since closing my private practice 2011, more and more drawn to the outer game, feminine power and women’s leadership. Isn’t this an incredible time? I am especially passionate about the role of “Primetime” women (50+); also reclaiming the Wild Feminine – our native genius, gifts, power long exiled. I was also drawn to the title of your podcast, as early loss of two siblings definitely cracked my heart wide open…and led me, slowly, wobbling, to my life path. Thank you for the important work you do. And finding more amazing women transforming the heart of the world.

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